The Whistling Kettle in Ballston Spa, New York
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I wanted to give this place 5 stars, but there were too many mishaps during a recent trip with my mom.
First, was the mold floating in the simple syrup. When we mentioned something to the waiter, they almost had an attitude about it. Umm i’m pretty sure it shouldn’t have green things floating around in it. Then they featured 4 tea of the days. I ordered the Harvest peach & strawberry. It was so delicious i wanted to buy some. So i asked about buying it, and they don’t sell it. The other 3 tea of the days they sold, but not this one. It was a ‘special’ tea, and they didn’t know how long they would have it and didnt know if they would ever get some in stock. Which is weird because they have a huge 5 gallon drum of it brewed up, so you had to have had a substantial amount of it ordered to be making that much. The good part of the trip was the food. It was so very delicious. So on to their ‘tea room’. If you can even call it a room. More like a tea cubby. It was about 3 feet wide, and with my mom and i standing together, it felt like i was constantly reaching over her to grab some samples. We wanted to try some teas, so we got a bunch of different samples, which were decently priced. But then i get home and look up some reviews online and it seems as though this place just repackages the tea. Two flavors that come to mind are angels dream and mango amazon. If you google them, many other tea places carry these flavors with the same flavors and descriptions.



Hi all! I’m new to the whole loose leaf tea world and boy was I missing out. I’ve gone from a world of cheap tea bags and gasp McDonald’s $1 sweet tea, to a whole new world of variety and flavors, along with all of the added health benefits.
Thanks to my wonderful mother, dhart1214 I am now addicted to tea :)

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