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Sipdown 30

Sweet and slightly floral. Slight stone fruit thing going on. Just okay and not really memorable, but certainly not bad.

Flavors: Floral, Honey, Stonefruit

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Sipdown 28

I actually really disliked the last couple of couple I had of this, and I’m glad it’s gone. Too weirdly buttery.

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Sipdown 27

On a role with the sip downs at work over the last couple weeks. I really enjoy the balance of lavender and blueberry in this blend.

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Sipdown 26

Slowly sipped through my 50gram bag at work over the last couple weeks. Such a delicious black tea.

Flavors: Dried Fruit, Sweet Potatoes

Martin Bednář

This note makes me blush.

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drank Sakura Houji by Lupicia
1723 tasting notes

Sipdown 25

The teabag I have was labeled ‘8810’ with no name, and I had thrown it into my wok tea stash. Trying to sipdown my work stash, I blindly steeped this up. Wow, this is salty. I wasn’t expecting it, so the salinity hit me and it wasn’t super pleasant.

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drank The Pensieve by Grimoire Tea
1723 tasting notes

Sipdown 24

Apparently I haven’t logged this, even though I just finished off a bottle. I miss Grimoire’s bottles. They’re so cute.

This was nice- lavender and freeze-dried marshmallow. Not something I need to purchase again, though.

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Mmmmmm. Still love this. It’s creamy vanilla goodness.

Flavors: Cream, Milk, Vanilla

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Working on sipping through a 25g packet. I actually have lot 925, but I didn’t want to make an entirely new listing.

This tea is interesting. When it’s still piping hot, it’s delicious. As soon as it cools, it tastes like nothing. Because of the weird flavor phenomenon, it does better steeped gongfu rather than western style.

Flavors: Flowers, Lilac, Peas, Snow Peas, Spinach

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Most should pu’erh just isn’t really for me. I try, but I can’t get past the fishy, compost smell.

I was hoping to find more of a deep, molasses flavor with this, but it was just the typical wet earth and slight fishiness. Sorry little gingerbread man.

Martin Bednář

Aww, that’s shame. I have one Mini received yesterday and I was/am looking forward to it. Maybe I will let it age a bit.

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Hello! I live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and 3 cats [+however many foster cats I have at the moment]. I’m also obsessed with all things spooky.

I became obsessed with the world of tea through DavidsTea years ago. I love to try new brands, so I’m constantly on the look out for new-to-me companies.

Favorite Brands:
Whispering Pines
The Necessiteas
August Uncommon
Jolie Tea Co.

Favorite flavors:
Sweet Potato

Red Rooibos

Though, I’ll taste anything once!

I mainly brew western style.I like my tea extremely strong, so I tend to use wayyyyy more dry leaf than suggested.


Los Angeles, CA

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