39 Tasting Notes

drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

Not gonna give a note to this one since that my first and only matcha at this time.

I find it good but without anything to compare that just a opinion my experience with matcha got a bad start. Green matcha trigger seasonal allergy in me ( like during the summer puffy and itchy eyes and all the other symptom that goes with it ) I’m not exactly sure why that happen no other green tea does that i will follow advice from fellow steepster and try white or black matcha ( thanks Azzrian for that i wasn’t even aware than non green matcha existed )


Happy to help :)

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drank Vanilla Rooibos by TeaFrog
39 tasting notes

The smell of that on is divine even more for me since it smell like the pipe tobacco my uncle and dad was smoking when i was younger its a smell that will always be in my memory that probably why i’m a little disappointed don’t get me wrong it does taste great and vanilla a good sweetness in it but not kinda sweet just natural sweet.

But because of the scent the taste is tainted by my memory

I drank the last cup of it putting fresh ginger and mint because of my cold it was surprisingly real good for everyone wanting real vanilla taste without the tartness of some vanilla flavor that on may be for you

i did over steep it because of the ginger and the mint the bag say 6 minute and that probably enough

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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drank Bamboo Shoots by TeaFrog
39 tasting notes

Got that one in my sampler a while ago i don’t really know what to think about this one it’s not bad but it have a weird taste that hide all other taste ( maybe the bamboo shout ) a taste i can’t really recognize .

I was hoping for more since it’s contain Genmaicha and that one of my favourite tea i still drink it since i hate to throw away tea but i will not get more i like my genmaicha nature or with matcha in it.
180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Banana Nut Bread by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

ohhhhhh did i wish to have read all the taste note before making that one first because of the steeping time 7 minute ( as written on the bag ) is no where nearly enough to have anything other that coloured water but the one i should really have read was the suggestion to use t-bag >< lucky enough my Steeper is easy enough to clean but still a pain with that one not gonna make that mistake twice that for sure

Overall it is good but do not taste what i was hoping for ( ya i know wanting it to taste like my grandma and mother banana bread was a dream but hey i dream about what i want ! lol )

Steeping time was nearly 12 minute for me before it’s begin to taste enough but i like my tea strong ( ya i know there is no tea in that one but you all know what i want to say ) Gonna do some try with this one and update that note after that

Update: 14 minute steep and nearly double quantity for this try ( already that remove it from my buy again list better tasting banana tea exist already for me to worth it waiting 14 minute for a tea that have no tea in it and that need way to much quantity )

That time it’s was really tasting banana and a little hint nutty i do see the weird oil on top of it that some people already mentioned it’s just not worth it in my opinion my organic banana oolong taste better and wont cost me a fortune from needing way to much leaf for tasting something

Boiling 8 min or more

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First time i opened my bag i could not resist eating some of the little white goodness hoping the tea will taste the same and it does!

That one really good i love how the marshmallow dissolve to give a good sweetness to the black tea maybe even a little to sweet for me as i don’t put sugar in anything but as a dessert tea it’s perfect.

The only problem i could see ( and that probably just me lol) is since the marshmallow dissolve re steeping not gonna taste the same like many other tea with powder or ingredient like that but i love marshmallow too much i hope that one will become permanent or i have to make reserve

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
Autistic Goblin

Wonka should’ve made an everlasting marshmallow instead of the everlasting gobstopper :D (I do like the gobstoppers though)


haha that would be so cool someone really need to make a everlasting marshmallow or some marshmallow tasting gum could work. I do love gobstoppers too :P they should make a tea with gobstopper powder in it could be real good


LOL Helena!

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Received this one as one of my free sample from my online order was really happy since cocoa and cinnamon are 2 of my favorite thing so how the 2 combined can be anything but good? well it is not. Not that it is bad it’s just don’t taste nothing the sample they give is for one cup so i put it all in my mug. The water does take the color of cocoa but that’s all just the color not even a little hint of cinnamon that could make it a flavored water

Really disappointed i was really hoping to like it but how to like something more complicated to make than water but taste the same?

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin, chai or even black tea sooo you could ask why did i buy this one ? good question indeed first it smell really really good and we must sometime try new thing if not how would we find what we like or not ? im not really good at tasting all the different thing so i just note on the all package

I do taste cinnamon and some other flavor i can’t identify overall it’s good but don’t have a enough pronounced taste but that probably my own fault ( not enough steeping time and/or leaf ) as it’s getting colder the bitter taste of the black tea come out with strenght maybe trying it latte will be a better option for people like me who don’t like the bitter taste of black tea i will try it again that for sure with more leaf this time and drink it faster

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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received this one in my green tea sampler beginner pack the more i drink green tea the more i like them and that one was no exeption with the matcha in it i did find it really good even if with the second resteep no matcha left inside it`s still pretty good since i don`t really know green tea yet im not gonna give it a note i made it with the instruction they give me so boiled water but used 1 minute since the 30 seconde they suggested was not enough for me

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

Got this in my starter pack what to say The smell omg the smell!! it’s smell so so good but all the magic is shattered when the time to taste come because well.. Where the taste ? Getting so much good comment on this one i was hoping for divine flavor maybe that the problem? I tried every thing more time, more leafs, diferent temperature, cold brew, hot brew pouring on ice after can’t seem to get anything except colored water out of this one

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Name is Guillaume or William for the english version of it :p

Reading, movies and music are mostly my only hobby ( they take most of my time but lucky me i can drink Tea when doing all of them ! :D) i am a technology addict and at the same time love old thing ( i shave with a straight razor )

Like most people here i suppose tea as become a obsession really fast how can it not be with so many tea and teaware available? it is a conspiracy i say !

Tea lover for a couple of month now it’s the only hot beverage i can drink ( i hate coffee and the like ) thank to having a DT near my house and to Den’s for the 3$ for tea novice

I’m way behind in my tasting note but it will be done ! Bad note from me does not mean the tea was bad i try to explain what i did not like but that just my opinion I’m no expert on tea i like what i like and that all.

I mostly drink green tea i found black tea to be too bitter for me since i don’t put sweetener in anything flavored black tea are ok if they have something already sweet in it

Rooibos and herbal are ok all depended on the flavor they are

I love most white and oolong just have yet to find one i really like

everyone as different taste but there tea for every taste


Near montreal, Canada

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