141 Tasting Notes

drank Pour Maman by Nina's Paris
141 tasting notes

Man, I can’t believe my winter break is almost over. At least it has been a nice one, just wish I was a bit more productive. At least my room is not a disaster anymore. Plus for Christmas my parents got me my first smart phone, NOW I AM PART OF THE FUTURE! I love it so much (its a LG G3)! It is like having a mini computer in my hand. You can edit the interface so much too!

Anyways after getting a few samples from Ninas tea I finally got a review up for it. This one was my favorite out of the three; though they all were really good.

I have tried black and green mix teas before and they were….. ok. It’s tough to mix different types of teas, especially ones with totally different types of brewing temp like green and black. But that is what intrigued me about the tea. I love weird and experimental stuff. Plus just look at it! It’s so pretty! Not to mention it has strawberry and vanilla flavors. Not sure what type of black tea is in it, but I am sure that the green tea in the mix is a Japanese one by the looks of it. I was pondering what temp to brew the tea at for best results and I decided on 190F; hot enough to bring out the black tea flavor, but not hot enough to totally bake the green tea.

Oh man was this tea good. The black tea flavor was not over powering, but had a ligh­t, malty flavor that complemented the tangy “green” flavor, with hints of floral bits from both; though that could be from the pretty flowers in the mix. The flavoring is perfect as well. Nice strong, sweet, fruit flavor with a supporting, not overpowering vanilla flavor. Once again the flavor added seems to last forever, even into the 3rd steep. I didn’t even bother really with adding sugar. It tasted so good without, like it had real fresh fruit in it, and didn’t taste bitter at all.

Overall: 5 out of 5

The full review with the other teas is here:

Flavors: Floral, Green, Malt, Strawberry, Sweet, Tangy, Vanilla

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Oh steepster. I really have been missing this place; reading peoples review, tea chatting, ect.

Anyways I got this in the steepster box, and WAS I EXCITED! When I saw the flavor announced I got really excited until my wallet said no, but YAY steepster box.

Leaf: It looks like a pile of finely crafted autumn leaves that have been roasted.
Smell: A little woodsy, hints of smoke
Liquor: autumn orange; or Sam Adams oktober fest beer color

This tasted so good! I kind of reminds me of that one tea Verdant had that was a smoked black tea from wuyi. (the one with the really long name) It has a nice rich, but not heavy black tea taste with woody notes and hints of malt; the grassy notes keep it from getting to thick. There are also wisps of spice, but more of a wood spice than spice spice.

Honestly this tea reminds me a lot of Sam Adams Oktober fest when I drink it; which is good cause that was a good beer. I have just one more brew left out of the sample which I am saving for that ultra craving for it.

All in all, it was an awesome tea the seems like the the tea version of Sam Adams Oktober beer.

Flavors: Autumn Leaf Pile, Cedar, Dark Wood, Malt, Smoke, Spices, Wheat

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

yep…lala sent it to me and i ordered a tin the same day i tried it lol


That sounds right up my alley. Gonna have to give it a try!

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Rant:Ugh, I can not wait for this freaken week and semester to end. I spent the night in the art build finishing my final 2d art project. Started around 10 pm and finally went to sleep around 4:40 on a bench in the building; my class starts at 8:30. At least it seems like people liked it.

That being said, I have com to the conclusion that when you are running on 2.5 hours of sleep food tastes 30% than normal; though McDonald’s would still suck. I am not even going to go into the laborious details on how crappy my time at [REDACTED] has been here, but I am so glad I am never coming back and will be able to get a better education at my old school; it is now offering my degree.


I have been getting a lot of my lunches at this pita place on campus. They let you get a combo with small side salads and a choice of drink; obliviously went for the tea. I don’t know what temp their hot water contain maintains at, but I have never gotten a bad cup of tea for any of the bags I have tried; and I tried a lot of brands. Today I mixed Twinings Darjeeling and a bag of Twinings pomegranate-raspberry I think is what it was called. The clean floral taste of the Darjeeling blends well with the fruity flavors, the latter of which is the dominate flavor.

mmhhhh, food.

If you have a chance to try that combo, go for it.

3 min, 0 sec

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Ugh, today is so not how I planned it going. I ended up trying to help my moms friend get Anti virus ware on her computer. Long story short Vista is evil and I will get service pack 2 on there. Got some awesome new Asian ware though from her. She has the coolest things.

Well I had this sample and decided to give it a whirl. The smell of the leaf kinda smelled like earthy dirt; sweet earthy dirt. Or like when you are out gardening flowers…. it is a good thing.

The brew itself is ridiculously blue! I mean it almost looks like it was full of blue food coloring. I can see how this was used for dying.

The flavor is kinda different. It isn’t what I was expecting. It taste a lot like peas, and earthy taste. There is a sweet forla bit, but it isn’t very strong; not like most perume floral teas. Now I don’t like peas….. AT ALL! Seriously I hate them, but this taste kinda good. The texture is very smooth too.

I then put some honey and a bit of orange juice in it (had no lemon). It turned from deep blue to an indigo purple color. I don’t know what science makes it down that, but it was cool. I liked it a bit more. It kinda filled out the flavor and made it taste less earthy. I tried it iced but I like it more warm; it looses that smooth texture and some flavor when it is iced.

Apparently this stuff helps with eyes, which I definitely could use. Ever, since late October my eyes have not been the same. They get itchy, irritated and sore easily now. It’s not allergies. I wish I knew why they do that now, but at least since I got computer glasses they have not been as bad.

Overall I enjoyed it. I would be nice to mix in my herbal teas to help with my eyes.

Flavors: Earth, Flowers, Peas

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

Somehow I missed out when everyone was drinking this a couple months back, or at least skimmed over the part where this tea’s place on the colour spectrum was mentioned. Wow! The flavours look interesting too.


It was interesting. You would expect tea made from flowers to taste really floral, but it wasn’t really at all. Still good though.

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drank Butterscotch Banana by 52teas
141 tasting notes

So after looking at Steepster this morning and afternoon and now seeing this….. I have mixed feelings. I like the over all look update, being able to add brewing specifics easier in our notes, the tea ware rating, and even getting notified about tea becoming back in stock…. but….. I just don’t like the page for each tea that much. I mean it has some good aspects about it and the additions are great, but I am not digging the page layout.

It kinda looks like it is a single div or something were all the info runs strait down the center. I have to scroll really far down to get to the all reviews. I just…..hmm. I feel like there are some blank spaces that could be better utilized, but that is just me. Maybe I will draw and post how I would adjust it one day.

BUT OVER ALL! I like it. A lot of the added features are great! I always use to have to hand type out all of the specifics on how I brewed my tea, but now I can do that on the module. I loving being able to see the number when rating, the revamped look is sharp, clean, and neat, but not sterile. I also think they added a couple of sorting options to our tea logs, ratings, and cupboard; ME GUSTA! If anything this only makes me want to quickly learn PHP and Java so I can make an app that can let you post reviews, but also has tools like a tea randomizer, timer, and cupboard analyzer. Maybe even a tea suggester based on the preference that you put in.

Now I just need my semester to end so I can actually spend my time learning and enjoying it. >__>

Tea: Ok on to that. I bought some of franks tea last friday when they were on sale; and I finally have money back in my account. YAY FOR NOT HAVING SCHOOL EVERYDAY SO I CAN GET HOURS AT WORK!

I made it enough for me and my mom; Concentrated brew, combined the two steeps, and added hot water to the mugs to equalize it. OMG IT WAS GOOD! I can’t think of one banana tea Frank has made that has sucked; and this one is no different. I even did some more steeps later on for myself and found there was still a tone of flavor left. Even around the 4th steep! Glad I picked this up.

Now I just have to wait a couple weeks to buy some of the awesome re-blends frank has done; or pounce on them when the numbers get too low: I will get more Banana Fosters tea.

P.S. sugar is recommended, but not always needed. Oh also this taste good warm or cold.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

It was like watching Pikachu evolve into a Raichu haha.


HAHA Exactly!

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Frank….. why? Why must you re-blend a bunch of awesome tea around the same time that I bought A&D shtuff and a Music Theory book that I needed. resists temptation internally The funny part is that I was thinking about how I wish I could have some Banana Foster Tea again. I guess I have to play the creeper and watch till the stock gets to low for now.


This was part of the 3 month free trail sampler from Yunomi.

Steep 1: Classic smooth green taste, but with a bold roasted note and hints of mesquite.

Steep 2: Similar flavor as before but stronger and now has sweet undertones with hints of butter.

Steep 3: The butter flavor is not as present. The roasted mesquite not is stronger now and isn’t as sweet; there is also some mild woody spice notes

Steep 4*: Has a similar flavor as the second steep, but the roasted notes are stronger. There is a slight astringency and a light menthol like mint in the after taste.


A nice sweet and slightly savory roasted Japanese green tea. It doesn’t have a strong smokey taste, but instead has hints of mesquite wood spice and a small undertone of mint; depending on how long you steep it.

Full review: http://tunesntea.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/tea-obubu-tea-10-houjicha-light-roast/

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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drank Black & Green by Tetley
141 tasting notes

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How does this magic tea not have a tasting yet?

Anyways I broke my tea hiatus and got some more Southern Boy ice teas, a couple of tea flavors (including this one), that swirly blue Ru Kiln cup, and that blue gaiwan that I have been eyeing for a couple of months now. I was planning on buying it after I got all my school stuff straiten out, but with it being on sale plus my $10 coupon I could not resist.

On to the tea flavor. This is pretty much what happens when you use a tea ray on a root beer float. The smell of the dry leaf is intoxicating. It smells like strong fresh root beer. After I brewed it, sweeten it, and put it on ice I was blown away. I wished though I didn’t sweeten it as much as I did. It has a pretty strong natural sweetness to it. The flavor was just so strong and vivid. When I added a touch of creamer it tasted even more like a root beer float; right after it has been a few minuets and the ice cream has melted a bit and formed this creamy bubble broth. I bet this would taste good with some club soda mixed in. I am so glad I sprang for this.

Water: 2 5oz batches combined
Leaf: 1.5 teaspoon
Time: 2:30; 3:00
Sweetener: 3 teaspoons of sugar; though one would probably do.
Cup: 16oz cup with ice

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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I have been drinking and makeing tea for me and my mom for most of my life and have been starting to get into loose teas.

I like fruity, spicy, strong teas, Chai’s, Black, and Rooibos. I have recently been trying and getting into Oolongs…

Just love it and might keep as a staple
Really liked it, and makes a above average cup
Is good, but might not have a lot of complexity or wow factor. Is pretty average
It’s ok, but not great. Might need added ingredients or tweaking, and is below average.
Would only if nothing else was available. Would not recommend to someone.
Below 50
Bad tea is bad


Melbourne, FL



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