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This is probably one of my top 3 favorites of all time, and I’m almost out.. :-(

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drank Rooibos Tropica by Teavana
5 tasting notes

I’m going to be honest here and say that I’ve never tried this on its own, because I first bought it as a blend with Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls. (Yes, I DID have to look that up to remember the whole name. Thank you for noticing my dedication.)

I really do love this blend. It’s brilliant hot or iced, and the green jasmine pearls help to balance out what could be a much fruitier tea. It’s great for when you want something light and refreshing. This would also be a good candidate to add powdered caffeine to when you want the pep of soda without the sugar or carbonation.

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drank Pear Luna by Teavana
5 tasting notes

I’ve just never really enjoyed this tea, despite the lovely scent. It’s just always been a bit anemic and boring to me. So it’s been sitting in the back of my cupboard for about 2 years now, getting no love whatsoever.

Now, however, I’m on an iced tea kick, and trying to creatively use up my old stash.. I mixed it with a blend of Teavana’s jasmine pearls and rooibos tropica. I like it more this way. The flavor does come through a bit, and it adds some complexity to the dominant flavors of the other two.

Still not one of my favorites, as I don’t necessarily want to HAVE to blend my teas to enjoy them, but if you have some sitting around, try it iced!

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drank Chocolate Chai by Wegmans
5 tasting notes

LOVE! I’m almost out of this, and last time I made it up to Wegman’s in MD, they didn’t have it..:-( It makes an incredibly good iced latte.. There’s just something about the coconut that makes it better than any other chai.. :-)


Just got it yesterday at the Wegmans in Hunt Valley!

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drank Vermont Maple by Teavana
5 tasting notes

Honestly, I’ve never really love this tea hot. It’s sweet and slightly maple-y, but it seemed like there just wasn’t a lot of complexity to the flavor. So it always kind of sat there on my counter, waiting for some attention.

A few weeks ago, I decided to use a lot of the teas that I don’t adore to make iced tea. I thought it would be a refreshing way to move through some of my stash.

I mixed it half and half with a basic oolong that I got at the farmer’s market. SSSSOOOOO good!

The oolong adds that complexity I was looking for, and really backs up the maple and apple flavors. I love it now!

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