64 Tasting Notes

drank Sweet Lily by Teavana
64 tasting notes

And another from TeaEqualsBliss (I’m going to be saying this a lot for awhile, I think!).

I think I had enough leaf for three cups, but I threw it all into two because I’d rather have two strong ones than three weak. Smells tasty!

cough cough Astringent. Very floral and… odd. Cardamom? Really, Teavana? Not sure I love that choice. Looks like this one got discontinued, and I can’t say I’m disappointed.

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drank Vermont Maple by Teavana
64 tasting notes

Thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for this one! I wanted to try this but didn’t get a chance before it was discontinued…

It’s all right, but I would have like a more maple flavour. Definitely more apple than maple, and I really love maple.

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Interesting, smoky, sweet. A complex leaf. Another winner from Andao.

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I got something I had a hard time putting a name to in the nose… Something fruity, somewhat sour, and a wee bit floral. Chrysanthemum, perhaps?

But the flavour, oh the flavour! Butter and corn make perfect sense here. The aftertaste in sweet and lingering – something I really value in a good tea. The flavour is quite off-track from what I’d consider classic first-flush Darjeeling, so it may not be for everyone, but I think I’m in love! It isn’t quite smooth but it isn’t harsh. It’s got some bite and leaves my mouth feeling somewhat dry. Hint of bitterness just for a moment after I swallow each sip. I’m definitely starting to think chrysanthemum was the right choice. An incredible depth of flavour and aroma.

Bottom line: Different, but good. I thought at first that getting the Lochan sampler would save me some money because I could try some first flush without having to sink money into large amounts of any of them. I was wrong. Might have to get the husband to hide the credit card.

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Light, realistic, amazing iced. I caved and bought this when it was on Steepster Select, and I am very glad I did.

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Not my personal cuppa, but worth a try, especially since ATR has samples. Definitely very interesting. I finished off my sample (each teaspoon steeped twice), but I wouldn’t buy this for myself.

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I thought I just didn’t like chocolate teas/herbals because I’d never had one I liked, but this changed my mind. Bold, balanced, beautiful.

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Smooth, smooth, smooth. Not the same experience as drinking a first or second flush single-estate Darjeeling as it isn’t nearly as intense, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. A great beginner Darj or day-to-day black tea. Love it.

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Good, though not my favourite flavoured tea from ATR. Great base tea, though. Definitely a quality blend and refreshing to boot.

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The best TGY from this past year I tried. Diamond, indeed.


I LOVE Norbu!!!!!


Norbu has the best oolongs

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