I had high expectations after reading the other reviews but my experience is for some reasons a bit underwhelming. I’m getting a lot of camphor, medicinal and honey flavours that don’t like so much and don’t get often mentioned by other reviews. The tea is strong and vibrant, not particularly complex but anyway I found it entertaining and I liked the qi.
This tea reminds me of Bowmore 12 whiskey.

Smelling the wet leaves I get welcomed by a bomb of smoke and camphor. Bittersweet. Herbal medicine. Wood. Honey.

I get some nauseating overly sweet apple/raw potatoes puree aroma.
Light smoke. Astringency, honey aftertaste. Tingling in the throat.

Very sweet honey and medicinal herbs. Heavy. Raw potatoes.
Honey aftertaste in the throat, heaviness in the head. Forehead tingling, loud and slow heartbeat.

Herbal reminds me of yerba mate.
Strong honey.
Liquor more full-bodied and interesting. More acidity spreading around. Brown sugar, gentle aftertaste. Relaxing, grounding. No bitterness

Forest. Hyppie camping. The smell of wet nature, cloudy day, a campfire.
The liquor is very sweet and vibrant. I feel I can get easily tired of this type of sweetness.
The base is still herbs and honey.
I feel relaxed and comfortable. I forget about everything else.

Same as before plus Incense.
A vague feeling of black pepper and ripe fruits.

A bit more astringency and Cooling sensation. No big changes. Slightly dry finish. Still relaxing.

Flavour is losing intensity without adding anything new. Liquor is steady and clean. A bit boring.
I feel some tension. More pepper spiciness.

Camphor it’s been there the whole time and still doesn’t give up.
The tea keeps going. I feel like stopping.

Edit 26/07/21
I had another session with this and I enjoyed it much more. I like the smoke element and the camphor was not overwhelming this time. Maybe I’m developing a taste for aged sheng?

Flavors: Camphor, Honey, Smoke

5 g 3 OZ / 75 ML

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