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If you love rose, steeped rose buds is a must in the cupboard!

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As you would expect Ceylon fannings to be! Robust and dry but hella tasty in the morning with a dash of milk!

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Strong and robust mix of East Africa black teas. Has a weird, almost puerh earthiness to it. Ok, not to my taste.

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Not THE BEST jasmine green tea, but it is ssmooth light, delicate sweet and crisp.

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A hand plucked naturally harvested oolong.

I was being a complete tea snob when I saw this tea… An oolong from kenya… no thank you… Taiwanese oolong all the way for me. An impression fueled by the non-existent aroma from the dry leaves.

But as I left it to steep, a beautiful floral aroma made its way into the air. Taste is weird. Its like someone has blended a Taiwanese oolong with crisp dry black tea. The two flavour profiles encroaching and contrasting so that they start with minerals, switching into dry brisk tang of black tea, then gentle fades into dry florals and a honey sweetness. And the leaves… are a rainbow of greens, black, brown and orange. The whole thing is beautiful and I feel very bad for being a tea snob. I feel privileged to have tasted such a tea.

Although it says steep twice, I found the second cup far less full of flavour and less enjoyable…

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Nice floral earl grey :)

Flavors: Bergamot, Citrus, Floral

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These pearls are fascinating! I’ve tried Black Dragon Pearls before, but they were smaller, pea sized. These are more like cased walnuts! While smaller pearls usually unfurl into free leaves, these are tied with string, making them open into a beautiful flower. It truly is art form!

AROMA: Gorgeous! This is exactly my kind of tea! The aroma is full of sweet, light, malty notes that hint of summer fruits and dried wood.

FLAVOUR: Like chocolate! These pearls have an earthy cacao like essence. There’s lots of deep dark chocolate notes, a slight tobacco, a touch of fruit and a natural sweetness. The flavour combines with a satisfying, thick mouth feel and long finish that makes you feel like your sucking on a melting square of chocolate. These leaves are so good that I steeped them 4 times and they still tasted amazing!


Flavors: Cacao, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Earth, Stonefruit, Sweet, Tobacco

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Aroma: The dried aroma is equal parts grassy and buttery. Once steeped, it becomes clean , fresh and crisp. Think steamed greens, seaweed and minerals.

Tasting Notes: There’s no bitterness in this at all, just a long sweetness! It holds a super spritely, fresh taste, with a long-lasting sweetness.

Flavors: Mineral, Seaweed

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Aroma: The packet scent smells like sweet white grapes, while the steeped scent is toasted and chocolate-y, with muted florals.

Tasting Notes: The whole flavour is rich and complex. With lingering sweet notes of caramel and molasses! The silky mouthfeel adds a nice touch, making this cuppa go straight down!

Flavors: Chocolate, White Grapes

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Aroma: The packet scent is like light chocolate and honey. Once steeped, the fresh honey intensifies and combines with the smell of fresh baked bread.

Tasting Notes: This tea is not what I expected when I read the packet! My experience of Lapsang Souchong is a dark black tea with heavy smokey flavours. I love it! And recently ran out of my stash… However, the only hint of empyreumatic notes is through the flavour of baked bread! Its rich and flavoursome and delicate and light and beautiful. There’s a hint of fruits, making it taste like banana bread in the aftertaste.

Flavors: Bread, Honey, Nut Fruits, Sweet

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Tea Blogger. Exploring tea. Love to help fellow tea lovers discover new flavours.

Tea in cupboard is all tea I’ve tried, not updated to what I actually have right now!

Love: Nearly all oolong, malty black tea, earl grey, most chai, mint leaves, jasmine pearls.
Meh: Green tea, puerh, matcha.

00-25 – Hated it. Would never buy.
25-50 – Disliked it, probably because I just don’t like that tea.
51-60 – Ok/neutral stance.
61-70 – Tasty. Wouldn’t buy
71-80 – Really enjoyed, could be improved.
81-90 – Really loved it, would consider repeat purchase.
91-100 – Fav. Will repeat purchase.

I’m also on Twitter and instagram @tastetheteablog :)





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