35 Tasting Notes

drank Mint Medley by Bigelow
35 tasting notes

This is a very gentle mint tea – a nice combo of peppermint and spearmint. It’s my go-to when I have a tummy ache, and it’s nice in the evening when I want something with a fresh taste, but that isn’t too invigoratingly minty.

I didn’t notice that it had hibiscus until after I read the box recently – I don’t notice it much in the taste. I usually add a small amount of honey to it.

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This is one of my all time favorite herbal teas/tisanes, and it is my favorite out of everything I’ve ever tried from Celestial Seasonings, hands down. I really enjoy hibiscus based teas, and this one blows most of them out of the water for me. I used to enjoy the other Zinger flavors, but now I really don’t drink them – this is so much better! I usually add a little honey to round out the flavor, but it is quite good unsweetened.

It has a smooth tangerine/hibiscus taste, and smells fantastic – almost reminiscent of blood oranges in scent and color. If you like hibiscus/the other Zinger teas, try it!

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I love the name of this tea – it makes me chuckle whenever I pick up the box. It tastes exactly like what the name says, and that’s why I love it. It may not be high grade, top notch stuff, but it reminds me of enjoyable meals in my favorite Chinese restaurants. I usually have this with dinner – it’s very nice with food.

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This tea is a nice mint tea. I like that it is spearmint, instead of peppermint – it’s a nice change! I too, love to sniff the bag/packet – this tea smells fantastic! It’s good for when I want mint tea with some caffeine.

While this tea is good hot, it is EXCELLENT iced. I follow the directions on the box to make it as iced tea (pour 1 cup of boiling water over 6 bags, steep 10 minutes, add to pitcher with 3 additional cups cold water). I’m not a big iced tea fan, but this makes minty refreshing iced tea that doesn’t need to be sweetened, thanks to the natural sweetness of the mint. Good stuff!

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Bigelow Tea

Hey thanks for the review…did you know that Rachel Ray just rated this the best tea in the black tea/herb category?

Thanks for the review.

Valorie for Bigelow Tea


Glad to hear it – it’s definitely a good one in my book, and very popular in my house – my boyfriend drinks about a gallon of it iced a week! :D

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This is one of my favorite bagged black teas – it has a nice nutty/cinnamon flavor. When I first got it I was worried the vanilla might taste fake, but it has a nice ‘real vanilla’ undertone. I usually sweeten it with a small amount of honey, but it’s also good without. I buy a few boxes of this around the holidays every year!

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I hate coffee and I love teas of all stripes (including herbal/tisanes)! My tea stash is getting out of control, so I’m trying to work through it – current count is 152+ flavors/types of tea/tisanes, bagged and loose. Woo!

My ratings:
0-10: Undrinkable. Probably threw the container away in a fit of rage.

10-25: Urgh. Gross. I need to give it away as it is taking up valuable tea cupboard space.

25-40: Uhh…why do I have this? May attempt foisting it onto my boyfriend.

40-55: Kinda funky, might drink it if I’m feeling under the weather and find it helpful, but that’s about it.

55-70: Ok, no great shakes, but I’ll drink it without complaint. I probably wouldn’t buy it again though.

70-85: If I come it across it and I’m in the mood, I’ll probably repurchase it.

85-100: Awesome! I will take extra time to find this again, and cry bitterly if it has been discontinued.


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