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I don’t tend to use tea bags, but I was heading out and the place I was going doesn’t have a great selection of tea. I remembered there was a tea bag included in the sample pack I got from Den’s, so I brought it along. Upon trying it, I was surprised to find that it was quite good. Surprised both because it was from a bag, and because I tend to dislike green tea (though I got the sample pack to see if that was because I had just had bad teas before, or something). It was slightly earthy, but not overwhelmingly grassy. Slightly sweet; I added sugar about halfway through, and that was a mistake.

I barely brewed this. I had heard you weren’t supposed to brew green tea very long, but I didn’t remember to check how long was ideal before I left. I just took a sip when the water seemed dark enough, and liked the flavor so didn’t brew longer.

I also wasn’t in control of the temperature, since everyone was using a communal electric kettle.

I’ll probably buy this regularly. =)

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I love these too. :)


Dens has AMAZING teas!

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This makes a very lovely cup of tea! Very present flavor, but nice and mild. I added a teaspoon of honey to my second cup, as the tea itself smells sweet but there isn’t much sweetness to it. It was wonderful.

The way I make loose-leaf is to put the leaves directly in the pot and let them dance. This is all well and good for the first cup, but depending on the type of tea, it isn’t for the second. It’s not normally an issue because I drink it quickly, but I didn’t this time and I’m working on my fourth cup. It’s still lovely. Slightly – very slightly – more astringent, but not really. I’m raising my rating on this a bit, and might make this a staple in my cupboard due to it’s ability to hold up to long steeping times.

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My local Fresh Market was offering samples, so I gave it a try. I wasn’t impressed. It was extremely weak, with the most prominent (but still not particularly strong) flavor being cinnamon. I’ve never tried guayusa before, so perhaps it is normally weak? Hopefully not.

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Tyler Gage

Hey Caitlin,

Glad you sampled guayusa but it sounds like the Guayusa Spice was understeeped. Normally the guayusa flavor itself is clean, smooth, earthy, and finishes with a light sweet note. I’d be happy to mail you a set of samples if you want to give it a proper cupping. I look forward to following your other reviews!

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Earl Grey has always been my favorite type of tea, but this is the best of the Earl Greys. Bold, smooth, and not too overpowering with the bergemot. It’s good for repeat brews. The aroma is very strong, and the tin it comes in is very well sealed. I do advise caution when opening the lid, though, as I and some of my friends have had trouble getting it off and wound up with tea on the floor.

It absolutely cannot be steeped too long; it’s horribly bitter over-steeped, and honey can’t salvage it. I also think I once got the temperature too high and ruined the tea that way.

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Hey there, I’m new!

I’m a 20 yr-old day-care worker. I’ve been a fan of tea (beyond the sweet tea common in the South of the USA) for about four years, but I never took the time to document what my observations on the various teas I consumed. I look forward to using this space to do so.

Apart from tea, I love reading. I just finished Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, Tamora Pierce’s books in the Tortall Universe, as well as Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens.

I have a small potted garden and a compost bin. I’m moving toward recycling more and toward a more minimalist lifestyle, although I don’t have that much stuff to begin with

I’m just beginning training in Hapkido, and it is exhausting! But also fun. =D

Most of the teas in my cupboard, currently, are just samples. I sent off to a variety of places and am trying to get a more definitive sense of what I like, so that I can have more tea staples in my cupboard than just my Rishi Earl Grey (which I strongly recommend).

I’m always happy to receive teas if you wish to help me extend my palate. I’m going to try to keep my cupboard up-to-date with what I have; feel free to request something in exchange.

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