Ok, first of all.. I havn’t been here for a while.. Been wanting to come here and update and Share the awesome teas I’ve been having, hoping you’ll try them out too…

This tea, I dnt know if I’ll call this ‘tea’, I’ll say why in just a bit. I accidently bought it while looking for tea tree shampoo(ironic much)? Anyway, while buying shampoo, I got sidetracked, by what exactly? You guessed it. I remember thinking how I’d like some Ginseng tea, but not mass produced. How nearly impossible where I was (in a mall) anyway, Some lady recommended it to me.. When I got home, I opened it, and it was woodsy, bits and pieces. “excellent” I said.. I opened it up, and I smelt, literally rain.. I kid you not. I was instantly in love.. What I had was not just tea but medicine and a snack, finely chopped up Ginseng root. Anyway, I chopped it up futher (the finer, the richer th taste) and placed half a teaspoon of it in a cold water pot, then switched to med heat, just before it boiled, I turned it off and let it simmer till it was cool, then turned th heat at max, brought to boil then turned off again and let it simmer down. Got the tea pot out, strainer. Poured it all in.. And I let it cool down a little further (about 1min). I sat down and poured myself a cup in silence and took a sip. The first thing I noticed was it’s rich woodsy, earthy, very faint spicy flavour and it’s smoothness..

It’s quite a potent tea. It is pure Ginseng. Quite nothing like the Ginseng tea farms that mass produce. It’s wild. I was taken away with this tea.. The best way to describe it would honestly be.. Hmmm, let me see.. U know when it rains? And u smell that earthy smell of the soil just after it started raining? Now, imagine having that smell in a cup and drinking it.. Mmmmmm.. Had it not been that I found this tea in a mall along with stacks of others, I would’ve given it a rating well above 92.. None the less, it’s an excellent choice of tea if u want to relax, think and clear your mind. Besides it’s popularity of, you know what…;) I’ll always have a tea like this in my house.. And the best part about ginseng root, you can chew it, like gum.. Like having rain in your mouth on a sunny day.. Yum:) I’ll post a pic of it soon.. Peace peace peace, one love..

I really enjoyed reading this :-)


Awesome:)I’m glad you enjoyed it.. Peaceful tea drinking

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I really enjoyed reading this :-)


Awesome:)I’m glad you enjoyed it.. Peaceful tea drinking

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I’m a God fearing Nazarite silent tea lover…
I’m a painter and poet
I enjoy cooking, I also practice martial arts. I love the earth and animals.. To me, it doesn’t matter whether your’e grey, pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, crimson, turqoise etc… A cup of tea will always restore us to our natural same true colour… One heart.

I rate my tea according to the following criteria..

1:It’s ability to have it’s own unique effect on my mind,body and spirit-Can it heal, sedate, relax, rejuvinate one?

2:It’s ability to inspire me to create

3:It’s scarcity

4:It’s flexibility- can it be experimented with other ingredients?
Can I also enjoy it cold (even though some teas are best when drank hot from the pot)

5:It’s unique taste that will have me addicted causing me to sneak around at 3a.m to brew a pot.

With that said, this is how I rate my tea:

0-20: This was a very bad idea, I should’ve trusted my instincts. Waste of money, time and water. Perhaps this company would be better off purifying fuel. How dare they take chances and sell diesel to us!

21-30- Wow, this is just straight up horrible, not disgusting, just really bad tea.. I’d rather drink warm coca-cola and call it a day. It was nearly tea. Not as bad as diesel tea. I guess I just have to be grateful that I have some form of ‘tea’.

31-40- Honestly, it’s not the worst kind I’ve had, I’ll give the farmers of this tea some credit for their effort, (well tried guys, keep going! You’ll get there one day.)

41-50- It’s good to know that I can add some of my own ingredients to this tea and make it taste better, still not the best tea in the world, but not that bad, I just can’t drink it without added stuff, my day will be ruined if I do.. I’ll just put it at the back of my cupboard, save it for desperate hard times..

51-65- hmmm… This tea is what I would call a textbook tea.. It’s somewhat balanced, does’nt have any strengths, neither does it have any blurring weaknesses.. Perhaps it’s too balanced(rubbing chin with eyebrow up) hmmm… There’s something dubious here… Shall we have another pot and find out what it is?

65-75- now you see, this is some good tea, I would gladly offer my frienemies this tea, it’s livening.. Akward silences can easily be broken jus by mentioning something about this tea, even if what is being said is repeated.. I’d curl up on my couch and read a book with this stuff awesome.

75-85- woah!!! This is just great! So this is what being alive feels like, sure am glad to be alive at this present moment! I feel awesome, Irie and blessed! Let’s go make something! I’d carry this tea everywhere I go, I’d give random people samples.. (Unless it’s loose leaf)

85-95- This tea is quite unique, it is very valuable, I won’t say much about it because that’s how sacred it is. I struggled to find it. Even though it would be practical and wise to drink it sparingly by counting each leaf and measure the water, I slowly slip away.. I might just blow it all!(Face of a tea addict) It’s just too good to be true. Tastes even better with ingredients! It’s best to leave me alone when I’m drinking this sacred tea, rather talk to the trees instead, they’ll overstand you better.

96-100:-This is a once in a life time Loose Leaf Tea. You only find this kind of tea when your’e not looking for it.. I would’nt even dare add extra ingredients to it!! This tea is the off spring of very rare ancient teas. meditate with it in tranquility up in the mountains.



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