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yummy! This tea was so good it made me get back on Steepster after a social networking vacation! I think the chocolate is rich but does not overpower the tea. I added a little vanilla sugar and a small splash of milk…oh my worth a few repeats! I tried this sans sweetner and milk and it is good but the creamy chocolate is helped by the milk.

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I have no idea why I have not logged this tea earlier. It is a main go to for me. It is a clean refreshing taste and a delicious sip! I like this tea best when it is hot, hot, hot. I do not think it gets bitter but the flavors are balanced the best when the tea is hot. To keep it this way I drink it out of a cermic mug with a lid to keep the steam in.

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This tea is so delicious. I had some tea noobs over for a visit and they just loved it. The pear flavor is subtle but it is the perfect pear, not too sweet and not too tart! In the midwest it is well past good pear season so this is a truly exceptional treat! I also really like the cinnamon taste with black tea, a never fail combination in my book! So yummy!

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I upped my rating on this tea after trying it again today. I just recently got a tea thermometer to better gauge my water temp and it made all the difference in the world for me. It did not need honey after all, just needed to be steeped correctly! It still reminds me a lot of the holidays with such a good balance of sweet and tangy!

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5 inches of snow or so today and it is time to decorate a bit…I reached for one of the newest additions to my tea cupboard, Winter Wonderland. The anise is strong in this one but the balance of orange and a super smooth black tea is just awesome! It smells like winter….in heaven! I do think it helps to measure the water temp on this one, not just by feel.

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I am originally a southern California girl so when Chicago gets really cold and the holidays approach it is like a mini vacation. Only thing missing are the tropics so I brewed a little Pina Colada rooibos. I like this tea because the coconut does not overpower the tea and that can not be said for all coconut teas, it is a hard ingredient to work with! A little sweet but also a little creamy like a real Pina Colada minus the ice of course!

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Cleaning today and needed something to make the process suck less. I do love this tea and it is perfect for a day like today where I need to sip, swiffer, sip, scrub and repeat. What I especially love about it is that if it chills from sitting it still tastes good. Also I have rebrewed once and it is still going strong. Well, this did not take long enough…now what to do to avoid the next chore?

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I am starting a new book tonight “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett so I decided to sip a new tea tonight as well. Plum Crazy is super yummy. The plum taste is delicious, just like biting into a perfectly ripe version of the real deal. I like a good black tea at night anyway and the addition of plum is really unique. Re-brewed well too, thankfully because my book is a page turner!

Beth Aguilera

The book is great and I want to try the tea now, too.

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Today I am grading research papers and need a little something to get me through what seems like a never ending pile or papers. I reached for Crannyberry after I realized it had been a few weeks since I have sipped this tea. I really like the black tea mixed with traditionally strong berry flavors. The caffeine is a necessary component to grading and the berries keep me calm.


Needed a warm pick me up this afternoon – and reached for the last of my cranyberry too :-) It’s a great comfort tea!

Sarah Ruthven

I could not agree more!

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This tea is the total pakage, appearance, color, smell (dry and wet) and taste of course. It is a blend of green and black tea which must be hard to balance but it is done well here. In addition there is a strong peach taste and scent but it does not overpower the tea. I do not usually gravitate towards peach teas but I couldn’t resist the green and black tea blend. The flavor is unique and the tea is beautiful. It is quite the pick me up tea!

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I love tea! Since my sister started her tea company I have been exposed to a world of tea I never knew existed! It is really fun drinking new teas and trying out new flavors…and don’t forget the joy of sipping!


Rolling Meadows, Illinois, United States



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