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Flavors: Freshly Cut Grass, Fruity, Grass, Vegetal

145 °F / 62 °C 4 min, 45 sec 27 OZ / 800 ML

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Hello! just a 20 year old obsessed with tea who just joined steepster :D
Here’s an excerpt (paraphrased) from my first follower Kristal who beautifully summarized everything I wanted to say and even gave me some guidelines to judging teas. I hope you guys find my reviews useful.

“When it comes to tea ratings, I usually only ever rate them once. I know a lot of people on steepster do many tasting notes for the same teas depending on their mood, but I prefer to rate once and if my opinion changes, I will delete the old note and rate again. How I rate teas goes as following:

1-25: Teas I won’t buy again. It tastes disgusting/it’s too bland, etc. I’m most likely not even going to finish the tin/bag and throw it out. I would not even give this tea to an enemy because it just plain awful. I would also not want this tea even if it were given to me for free (like in a promotional offer).

26-50: Teas I wouldn’t buy again; I have to force myself to drink the whole cup to not waste it. I will however accept this tea for free.

51-69: I’ll finish the cup and even the bag/tin, but I wouldn’t buy these teas again. Teas of this rating are “lacking something”. I will gladly accept this tea for free but I would still not pay to buy more.

70-79: Teas that are pretty good and ones I might buy again. Usually these teas are ones I have to be “in the mood for” and drink occasionally.

80-89: Great teas! Ones I will drink several times a week and often have in my stash but no rush to restash if I am running low :).

90-100: Favourite must-have teas! So much so that I will panic if I am running low on these and restock up on the asap"

My favourite types of teas are straight teas mostly white tea, green tea and black tea. I don’t enjoy oolongs but I will drink the occasionally. I also love straight chamomile, peppermint, Lavender, rose, spearmint, tulsi, and lemon verbena teas. I also like a few fruit and herbal infusions from davids. And I cannot drink gimmicky teas blends for the love of me like ones with chocolate or nuts (I’d rather eat those haha). I also happen to have the entire collection of straight teas from Davids tea so if you have a question about any just message me :)

On a day to day basis I usually have 6-10 cups of tea mainly because you can re-brew straight teas for multiple infusions. The cast iron tea pot from Teavana on my profile pic is the one I own and use to brew all my straight teas and I use a wine purple nordic mug from DavidsTea for all the herbal/fruit infusions and gimmicky teas.

Besides tea I’m studying Psychology at Dalhousie University working to get my PhD to become a clinical psychologist.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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