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This is a nice smooth and rich tea, with a nice bergamot flavor. It goes well with a splash of cream for an early morning brew. Although I drink this less often than I had in my early tea drinking days; I find this suitable in my cuppa from time to time.

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I had received a sample of this a while ago, but just rediscovered it this morning. I’ve been trying to get used to the 4:30 a.m. wake up time, but it has been difficult. Therefore, making tea during the week can be a chore.

I must say that this was okay. The base was overly bitter/astringent. I had to add a good amount of sugar to kill that astringency/bitterness. As much as the blend had sounded nice, I couldn’t get myself to finish the cup.

I brewed this western style in my 16 oz Ingenuitea tea maker. I steeped it for 2-3 minutes.

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A Liquid Proust tea called, “What the Heck A Nutty Birthday Oolong” that I had ordered with the French Toast Dianhong, Batch # 4.

I must say that the dry leaf/ingredients reminds me of my grandfather-in-law’s pig cracklings that he makes for the family from time to time. It has that bacon grease aroma, which almost made me weary of trying the tea. However, after getting brave last night, I drank this tea for nearly five (the full stock) and ate the roasted pecans/walnuts in the tea. I must say that the wet leaf was different than the dry—it was nuttier and reminded me of a burnt pecan pie. The taste WAS pecan pie for the first two steeps, but it moved onto a chocolaty/slightly maple tea. It was an odd blend, but it was satisfying for the late afternoon/evening.

Oh yes, and the walnuts/pecans are nice for a snack, too. As I’ve previously mentioned before, my wife always knows when I’m drinking an LP blend, mostly because I am caught eating the contents from the gaiwan during the session and/or exclaiming, “You need to eat this…”


I was eating the tea from the Watermelon tisane too. :)

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I received a sample of this with my last order. I decided that it’d be swell to try to drink down my samples, for they’re getting out of control—kind of.

Anyway, I had randomly chosen this tea for this morning/early afternoon. I need to get some stuff done before friends come over for my “Journey of Tea” session. I have a friend who is starting out with tea, and he suggested a few weeks ago that I should host a tea party for a few others he knew, who’d like to get into the hobby, too. Although I’ve purchased samples of tea from companies/others in the past, for him to try, he has yet to trust himself with making tea. So, he occasionally comes over for a tea session.

Now, as for this tea, it is very complex. I’m getting many layers of flavor from this tea: earth, wet wood, honey, and lychee. The sweetness of the lychee really jumps out after the third steep. It meshes well with the wood notes; and gives the earthy minerals a more complex taste. Overall, I’m enjoying this, but I think I can only get a few more steeps from this tea. I’m currently standing at 11—it might last 15-16 total.

Flavors: Lychee, Mineral, Wet Earth, Wet Wood

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From the Puerh TTB # 5
Backlog 25 August 2016

Smokey and floral notes throughout. There’s a bit of sweetness that lingers on the tongue (stone fruit?). There is a slight astringency in the mouth; which goes away after a while. The 9th steep has a slight honey note that arises from the tea. I sure do enjoy Bulangs!


Bu Langs are good stuff!


That they are!

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From LP’s 2016 Group Buy: http://www.liquidproustteas.com/listing/470490943/regional-2016-tea-group-buy
Backlog 20 August 2016

The tea reminds me of wet hay, with earthy undertones; slight malt. Very floral, too, in both flavor (aftertaste) and smell. Dandelions, maybe?

Daylon R Thomas

I got dandelion and a little bit of corn in it myself. I also found it to be the weirdest combo of light and thick in the body, but in a way that only white teas can be.


Yeah, the tea was definitely a light color, but tasted much thicker/darker than it was. I have another session’s worth, so I might see if I can get the corn note.

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From LP’s 2016 Group Buy: http://www.liquidproustteas.com/listing/470490943/regional-2016-tea-group-buy

Backlog 20 August 2016

Purple Leaf Tea from Justea

This was the first tea that I had from the Group Buy. It had a nice sweet vegetal note to it throughout the session. There was a slight bitterness to it on the second infusion, but that dispersed after the 3rd-5th steeps. I noted, “Too hot on the water 175 F. Opps.” Therefore, I went with 140 F on the last three infusions. I also noted that this tea was “an in between of Oolong and a Green tea.” It reminded me of a sweet roasted oolong, but also resembled the vegatal flavors of a sencha.

I had 5 infusions from the tea all at 140 F water, with the exception of the second steep. I brewed it in a gaiwan.


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I decided that a chai would be particularly good for a cool morning such as this morning. The warmth and sweetness that a chai offers is quite desirable on a morning such as this.

Now, I must note, that as much as I do like the occasional chai, I still don’t care for them as much as I do other teas. I guess the best example would be to say that I’d drink Pumpkin flavored beverages only because it is “the season” to have it, so I might as well try it once before it goes away again.

With that said, this tea is okay. I like the minimal spice that this cup brews. It isn’t as strong as the chai that I usually drink, but it IS smoother/lighter than others I’ve had in the past. It reminds me of a watered down Masala chai, with a bit more astringency/bitterness than most. I had to add a bit of cream to take away that astringency, though; otherwise, I would have disliked it altogether. The milk really makes this tea palatable.

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Backlog 12 August 2016
Another tea gifted/swapped with CWarren. Thank you for this!

I shared this tea with a friend, so my notes are subtle, but there are a few details on the leaf color and flavor profile. I had tasted a lot of fig, Asian pear, stone fruits, and earthy minerals. After a while, there were notes of honey and dry grass/leaves. I noted, “This reminds me of an autumn walk in the (maple tree surrounded) woods.” The liquid of the tea became “the color of honey” and flavor reminded me of an “autumn morning walk, with the leaves crunching beneath your feet; the smell of dew covered dry leaves arising to your nostrils.”

I apparently began composing a story after this last note, titled “Autumn Morning.” So having a tea which inspired me to write again is worthy of making a note on here.

Anyway, my friend and I had sincerely enjoyed this tea together. We had many similar notes of the depth, flavor, aromas, and thoughts about Autumn while sharing this brew. It is a worthy treat to have for the Autumn-loving-individual, and it’ll make your mind wander to those lovely morning walks, while listening to the leaves crunch beneath your feet.

Flavors: Autumn Leaf Pile, Dry Grass, Fig, Honey, Mineral, Pear, Stonefruit


When I first began drinkin green tea, I looked for teas that connected me with nature around me. Perhaps a Bai Mu Dan connected me to the grass or hay smells outside. So I find it very understandable that a tea would make you feel like a walk in the leafy woods.

Freshly cut grass is one of my favourite smells. Wet green tea leaves or matcha will sometimes be like that.

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First reviewed tea from Liquid Proust’s 2016 Group Buy.

Well, I’m just going to go ahead and review this since I decided to throw the whole 10g sample into my 200ml Gaiwan without any hesitation; which 4:00 a.m. mornings and hyper children do to one’s mind without napping.

Anyway, I’m currently on steep 7 or 8. I’ve been distracted drinking this, and not writing down each steep; therefore, this review is mostly focused on this steep currently. Sweet cocoa, honey, and malt notes throughout. The maltiness of this tea lingers on tongue after the tea is consumed, but it’s nice. Very nice mouthfeel. It’s a rich and smooth brew, and quite tasty as an afternoon tea.

I might get more of this for my last semester of classes! It’d be a great tea for the two hour course, and nice to brew a lot, since I drink so much during a lecture. I’d even give this a go for the afternoon shift at the Y. So, with that said, I rate this highly.

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Mostly drinking sheng/shou puerh. Gongfu daily; western brew at work.

More to see at the IG account: Madhatterteadrunk

Drinking down a lot of my teas in 2020. I may not observe these sessions as much as I’d like, but I’ll note them, when the mood strikes.


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