2963 Tasting Notes

drank Paris by Harney & Sons
2963 tasting notes

Happy Valentines day!
My goodness, we’re halfway through February already? Where is the time going? Ack!
It’s time to unearth an old favorite. I think I’m always going to like this one, it tastes light and fruity and lovely, and some days thats just all that I need!


Funny o


Oops. Funny how everybody’s seasonal outlook differs…I’m in “spring can’t get here soon enough” mode! I have one sachet of Paris tucked away; I guess I was holding off for a special occasion. February 14 counts, I’m sure!

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I’ve been sipping on this pretty consistantly for the last few mornings, but have not yet had the time to log this tea. Whoops!
Its nice. A solid blend, with a touch of vanilla to smooth it out. I like it. I don’t know that it’s a repeater, but I do like it. It won’t be a problem sipping it down.

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For my last breakfast cup of 2019 is this blend. Its just a nice, relaxing one, earthy and a bit sweet, and lovely on a cold morning.
I cannot believe the year is gone. What happened?


Ahhh, I hadn’t thought of it like that! Kind of bittersweet, isn’t it?


The longer you’ve been climbing, the faster the boulder rolls downhill!


I know… I swear it was only January yesterday… :/

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This is my advent for the day!
I like cinnamon a lot. It’s one of my favorite flavors, but this was almost too strong. Very, very cinnamon-y.

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drank Full Moon Chai by Plum Deluxe
2963 tasting notes

And this is a sipdown!
Impression? It’s chai! jazz hands
Perhaps a more sophisticated chai taster than myself could figure out the subtleties and nuance of this tea, but for me, I found it warming and solid, and it never went cold in my cup.

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drank Spicy Chocolate by Kusmi Tea
2963 tasting notes

I’ve got to catch up with my advent tea logging! Whoops!
I don’t really like chocolate teas, and so this tea works out for me, as I don’t taste too much chocolate.
The spices taste rather bitter to me, so this is not my favorite blend. Not bad to try, but I’m not going to bring it in permanently.

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This was yesterday’s advent tea. It appears to be chai week!
It’s chai! This advent is really showing me how little I understand chai. It all starts to run together. Ah well. It was warm, slightly spicy, and beyond that I cannot provide in-depth tea analysis.

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drank Rise and Chai by The Tea Spot
2963 tasting notes

Advent of the day!

This is a very mild chai, almost more a gentle black tea with the lightest dusting of spices. Not what I was expecting from a blend called “Rise and Chai”.
I don’t dislike it, but it’s not left the very strongest impression.


Rise and Chai! I’m far too easily amused by tea puns.


Yeah, I’m a sucker for clever product names. (Then again, when I’m writing—curriculum and activities for kids—I tend to write the title first and then figure out how make it happen.)

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drank Saigon Chai (Organic) by DAVIDsTEA
2963 tasting notes

Day three of my little advent calendar is this chai, which is new to me.
As I’ve said before, I feel that I don’t have a very sophisticated chai palate, unable to really taste a lot of the subtle qualities of them, but I generally like it.
This is a nice chai! Rather peppery, which is something I enjoy. It’s a good tea for a cold, wet morning like today.
Om nom! This tea advent is proving to be delightfully fun.

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I love tea! I confess that I was a hot chocolate lover for most of my life, but recently a switch has gone off in my brain, and suggested that I might just love tea. And I do!
I’m a bit of a novice, but an enthusiastic one, and am happily sipping new varieties all the time.
I love vanilla, fruity, and caramel flavors, and cant wait to try more.

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