I’ll start off by saying that I’ve tried this tea in almost every way you can try a tea. I’ve had it in latte form, mixed in with coffee, steeped, with agave, with fixings, without sugar, with sugar, with milk, iced, just everything, so believe me when I say I’ve tried the hardest one can try to like it. First off, saying it’s a ‘chai’ is a stretch on the part of DAVIDsTEA. It tastes more like a rooibos, and that may be why I’m so reluctant to say I’m fond of it; it claims to have full flavours, but doesn’t quite deliver on any of the fronts. Almost nothing they say about this tea is accurate, from the spicey note they claim it has to the robust chocolate flavour the name alludes to. The chocolate taste, however, is at least somewhat obviously there. It’s not at all as peppery as the package claims and it relies solely on the mini chocolate chips in the tea mixture to give it any flavour beyond the default ’it’s tea’ taste. There are peppercorns in the bag/tin, but I hesitate to believe they don’t just disappear during the steeping process.
In the end, it tastes like chocolatey mud water, made slightly thick with melted chocolate.

If you’re hungering for a chai, I would recommend coco chai rooibos! It really is a much stronger player. And if you’ve got a hankering for chocolate, ladies, Chocolate Rocket is superior.

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