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(BACKLOG) This is quite good! Thank you to Jaime for the little sample! The smell is overwhelming at first! BLUEBERRY, BLUEBERRY, BLUEBERRY! I love the taste of blueberries and this definitely satisfied my need for a blueberry fix. I don’t know if I could taste the cheesecake, but more of a sour/odd flavor in the background. I was on the verge of saying “no” to the background taste.. but it makes it a bit more interesting. I suppose that I was concentrating on the sweet smell, taste and the blueberries and gulped it down too fast. I think I’ll have to try this one again (SLOWER this time) to see if I can get more of the cheesecake taste and not the cheesy-sour note. This is a pleasant dessert tea that requires no added sweetener. Yum!

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This tea smelled so lovely! Just like blueberry pastries or pancakes. Upon first sip, there is a strange tangy, almost savory taste that I’m not too fond of. The smell makes me expect a perfectly smooth and sweet rooibos blend, but there’s that almost jarring flavor just waiting to pop out! I would have loved a smooth, sweet blueberry muffin flavored rooibos, but this just isn’t it. Thank you so much to oOTeaOo for letting me try this!

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I came home today quite frustrated with the combination of one of my classes + bad drivers. I needed a good cup of tea to relax! Imagine my surprise when I saw that this tea (thanks to oOTeaOo!) had arrived! Dry, this really is a pretty tea: black, curled leaves and a dash of colorful sprinkles thrown in. Delightful! Brewed, this tea has a yummy black tea and sweet, creamy scent. Oh, boy! I’m so excited!
Sipping, this tea has a definite vanilla/caramel taste. It is a bit overshadowed by the black tea. Almost immediately, I get a very dry feeling in my mouth. I wish that the vanilla and caramel could be more present! The black tea could be pulled back a bit.. and this would really be a yummy cup. Is a shorter steep time the way to go? I’m afraid if I do that then I’ll loose the sweetness! Sigh.

3 min, 0 sec

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drank Peach Vanilla by Unknown
618 tasting notes

This tea had such potential to be a delicious dessert tea. I could hardly smell the peach or the vanilla, mostly only the black tea. This was a smooth cup, but I would have loved to taste the peaches and the cream. I didn’t taste either in the cup. I was able to get a few hints of the peach in the smell, but it was very faint.

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Thank you to Frank for restocking this one. I’m so pleased that I was able to get my hands on a bag! :) Scent of the dry leaf is all about the coconut! The coconut smothers everything.. so I don’t really smell much else. Steeped, the tea is a bit toned down and the coconut shifts from scent to flavor. This tea revolves around the sweet taste of the coconut and the cheesecake comes in a tangy/tart aftertaste. I’m pretty happy with this tea, but I don’t love it as much as I thought I would! It’s very yummy, though!

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drank Malted ChocoMaté by 52teas
618 tasting notes

Despite not doing anything at all today, (no class or work scheduled on a Tuesday.. plus, there’s a bunch of snow outside) I’m hitting the afternoon slump. I’ve already had a nice cup of coffee, but I could use another boost at the moment. This is one of the first teas that I ever wanted from 52Teas. Dry leaf smells like chocolate, with hints of banana and sweet grass. While steeping, I’m smelling more of the sweet grass with just a little bit of chocolate.
The taste is quite interesting. It’s very smooth and sweet and I can taste the chocolate. I was expecting the chocolate to be a bit stronger and creamier. Sadly, I don’t taste any malt! This is definitely very tasty. I will have to try the honeybush version of this tea. I think I might like that one even more if it’s creamier and with more chocolate flavor!

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I ripped open the little sample bag of this tea and was so delighted with the smell! The smell was pure, juicy strawberries! I am sipping and taste mostly cinnamon and a sweet background, but no butter or strawberries or PIE flavor. I haven’t added milk or sweetener at all. What did I do wrong? I steeped for 8-10 minutes and was so looking forward to tasting what everyone else has tasted. I haven’t lost hope with this tea yet, I’m going to try another cup to see if I get more strawberry dessert flavor.

EDIT: I have increased the rating of this tea thanks to the steeping tips from liberTEAS. I am getting much more strawberry now and still the same cinnamon finish. I don’t taste crust, sugar or butter, though. Wish I did! This tea is definitely a tasty cup, but I feel that I have to add too much leaf for one pleasing cup of tea. Still yummy, though.


I just got this one too. I can’t wait to try it.


How much leaf did you use? I tend to use a little extra leaf with Honeybush and Rooibos blends.


LiberTEAS, I used 2 tsp for a 12 oz. cup. I’m dying for that strawberry pie taste, but it just tasted like sweet, hot water with cinnamon.


I would recommend adding at least 1 more tsp and steep for at least 8 minutes in boiling water.


Thank you, LiberTEAS for your suggestion! It definitely perked the cup up a bit!


I also found that the flavors seemed more prominent when it was hot. As it cooled I kind of got some crayola crayon flavor. I will also try more tea and more steep time. I also used 2 tsp/12oz/5min.

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This tea has one of the best scents. It’s not at all artificial and seems to have many layers to it. I can smell vanilla, caramel (one scent I have never smelled clearly in a tea before) and nice black tea in the background. It has a smooth taste in the sip with just the nicest bit of sweetness. The flavors blend well together to make a very yummy cup. I bet that this would be an amazing dessert tea with milk and a touch of sugar! The only thing that bothers me is the drying effect that it leaves in my mouth. I don’t think this is something that can be helped, but I would have liked a smoother finish. Otherwise, this is a very delicious blend.


Can’t wait to try this one! I just ordered a sample of it!


I’m sure you will really enjoy it! It’s a solid cup of tea.

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drank Green Tea by SoBe
618 tasting notes

I like this tea, but I have to be in the mood for it. It’s awfully sweet and is best when it’s chilled.

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This is a very interesting tea! The scent is yummy.. sweet, chocolaty and fruity all at once! Brewed, the smell gets even better. Teavana did a nice job of picking these ingredients to make a great scent.. but it seems like they clash a little bit in the flavor. Its flavor is definitely sweet and smooth, but then there is a strange tartness that comes from the fruit. While it doesn’t taste bad, I wouldn’t say that it’s my ideal combination. I’m very glad that I was able to try this (thank you Meghann!).

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