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Now that I have finally found my ideal steeping time for this tea, I am changing the rating to a whopping 90! I adore this tea. The sprinkles, the name, the taste. It’s just great for a morning or afternoon cup. This is definitely going to be on my next Adagio order.. especially since I am out!


Oh that sounds very interesting! Mmmm…


I love this one! But when I just ordered it, I didn’t get any sprinkles. .but its still so very goood!

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drank Almond Cookie by SpecialTeas
618 tasting notes

This is a delicious tea and it’s so very sad that SpecialTeas is no longer around. The scent is of an almond cookie, perfectly spot on! The taste is deliciously nutty, smooth and sweet. I love the bakery-like flavor that is left in the mouth. Definitely dough, flour and sugar. There is also a hint of butter at the tail end! This is a rich, perfectly pleasant tea! Yummy! Now I just have to find a replacement tea that tastes just like this.

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Smooth, toasty, sweet and nutty! This is a tea with nice layers to taste while sipping. A very enjoyable, smooth & light cup. Thank you JoeCool for this tea in a swap!

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The way this tea was described made me think it would be something absolutely delicious! This tea isn’t bad, it’s just a bit strange to me. I taste black tea mixed with an artificial flavor that wants to be chocolate, but just isn’t. The smell is pleasant, though.. a soft chocolate-like smell. I’m glad I was able to try this before I bought a whole box. Thank you to JoeCool!

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This is a smooth, very tasty cup of tea! Sweeter than other green teas I’ve had. Still has a slightly crisp finish, but it’s so smooth! Thanks to Batrachoid for letting me try.

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drank Red Velvet by SerendipiTea
618 tasting notes

The leaf smells amazing. Raspberry and a CREAMY chocolate. An ideal dessert tea! I taste mostly a tart raspberry, but the finish is decadently sweet! It’s almost like a creamy cheesecake at the end. Simply delicious. This is so smooth, I hardly taste the rooibos. Neither a negative or positive as I actually like the flavor of rooibos. I really, really enjoy this tea. Yummy!

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I was greatly hoping that this would be an extraordinary custardy, creamy tea. To me, I just got black tea with the sweetness of strawberry. Where is the cream? Yes, I had it plain.. but I think there should be some creamy aspect to it! This is a decent tea, but I wish I could have tasted all of the dimensions others have mentioned.


did you wait for it to cool down? that’s when more of the creaminess comes through:)

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Had a fresh cup of this first thing in the morning! Dropped the steeping time to around 2 and 1/2 minutes or so. Yes, the caramel and vanilla flavors were weaker, but the black tea wasn’t as strong. This is a sweet and smooth tea. I might be ordering some of this in my next Adagio order! Tasty!

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drank Watermelon by ESP Emporium
618 tasting notes

Wow! This is one bright up of tea! I had never heard of a tea flavored like watermelon before. The actual dry blend looked more like a trail mix than a tea! HUGE hunks of dried fruits make a bright pink-orange brew. Sipping, this tastes almost identical to watermelon.. maybe melon water? True to the flavor of watermelon and very sweet all by itself! The finish is a little strange, I must admit.. Vegetables? Tart fruits? Drying and a little bit funky. Just different. While this makes for a good cup of hot tea, I think it would be just awesome iced! Thank you to JoeCool for sharing some of this with me. Yummy!


I’m glad you liked it! :)


Thank you so much! :)

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This is one of the prettiest teas that I’ve ever had. The color is a dark red and purple. Gorgeous! The flavor is definitely raspberry mixed with a little sweetness (I assume this is supposed to be the Vanilla). It’s tasty, but has a strange flavor in the background. While this is a fine tea, it tastes just a little funky to me. Thank you to oOTeaOo for sharing with me!

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60-69 – Mediocre.
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49 & below – Depending on the more specific rating: Undrinkable. Yuck. Will not purchase.

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