1113 Tasting Notes

Here’s Hoping TTB (round 5)

This has to be the coolest looking blend I have put in my tea pot. This tea looks like something an alien would brew up. Unsure how this would taste, I brewed it up and found out it was semi chai’ish which was quite amusing. An interesting tea, a nice experience, but not something I would call ‘my cup of tea’ but I can assure you that it is bound to be a hit for some (or wait, Verdant is done with blends?)

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drank Oolong Peach by Tea Guys
1113 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping TTB (round 5)

Another peach oolong :)

While I was hoping this would be better than the other one I previously drank, I brewed it up and began sipping. The first taste made me go, ‘yeah right, I’m not going to finish drinking this tea!’
So Tea Guys samples packaging is friendly, but it lacks the thing called ingredients. This is good and bad:
Good: no pre determined thoughts bout the tea
Bad: what is this?

Well, here’s the issue (for me): This blend attempts to integrate black and green tea into an oolong mixture. This is a darker oolong which ensures that a black tea could go well, but throwing in a green tea with a black tea or a dark oolong is risky. Honestly I am unable to comprehend why companies suggest these weird black/green combinations with steeping advice that is something like 212 for 3 minutes. Have they tasted a green tea that has sat in water for 3 minutes at 212 degrees?

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Here’s Hoping TTB (round 5)

Damn… this was just that average tea that didn’t leave me with much to say.
Enough to pass the class, but still the parents are like “don’t you want to do good?”

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drank Lychee Rose by Market Spice
1113 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping TTB (round 5)

Maybe I shouldn’t say this… but, I am quite confident I know how to recreate this with 99% accuracy because this seems to be the same lychee black tea that comes in bulk… let’s just pretend I didn’t say that.

I found it odd to pair rose with lychee, but this was pleasant. Not amazing and not bad, ideally I would drink this while I had some sort of bread item.

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drank S'mores by Della Terra Teas
1113 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping TTB (round 5)

Dessert teas :)

How descriptive was that tasting note?
Anyways, when I get my tea smoker (if I ever do) I already have a plan to make ‘Golden S’more’ by smoking a golden tea from Yunnan with 20-30% strength in mind which means I will get to play with it a lot.

P.S. did you see the smiley face above? It means this tea is good; just thought I would reiterate that.

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Here’s Hoping TTB (round 5)

For such a tiny, twisted , black leaf this produces one strong cup of tea. While the flavor is intact with this tea, it is surprisingly a thin liquid. The malty/choco notes run across the taste buds with a vanishing mouth feel. While the flavor is quite nice, I want some sort of mouth feel and/or aftertaste to accompany the brewed liquid’s flavor. This would be a nice morning cup though to be drank along with breakfast food as it would not leave a taste in the mouth which would change the taste of the food.

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Pretty happy that I was able to locate a small sample of this: This tea sadly is marked as a disapointment for me. The jasmine oolong combination sounded interesting, but at the same time a bit nasty. I drank 3 steeps at work and today I am on steep 2. I just don’t find this to taste good at all. It is very similair to a small dosage of salted jasmine that has been warmed up; if there is such a thing.

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Birthday tea #17

I just had to laugh when I read the description of this tea: “We hope that it will intoxicate the drinker with its sublime aroma and nuanced floral taste”

Anyways: I remember getting my portion of the group buy from Silk Roads and being disappointed because their oolong (which is what prompted me into this buy) looked pathetic. Honestly, the leaf looks puny and brittle. However, one must know that looks can mean absolutely nothing with tea; aka, pu’erh or grades of sencha. Brewing this was interesting because I’m use to high end TGY becoming some huge leaf in my teapot, but this just kind of sat there as it was; sure it opens, but it isn’t ‘large’.

Upon drinking this tea, I was happy :)
This is a TGY that has a beautiful honey nectar taste to it while providing the drinker with the floral notes that make TGY a TGY to me. Interestingly, to the best of my knowledge, is the first TGY I have drank that has a quite noticeable mouth feel. The mouth feel that come with a sweet TGY that has the floral notes… oh how wonderful a thing it is :)

This tea just goes to show that a small oolong can pack a smooth punch!


ive tried an iron goddess sample before, and really didnt like it – maybe i did it wrong? still got some left – any recommendations on brewing technique?

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Birthday tea #16

Got back from the meetup and popped open a bottle of hard cider I bought for my birthday.
After that, meaning I drank all of it, I decided it was time for something strong being some pu’erh. Thankfully I was given a gift of this lovely Tea Urchin ripe :)

This tea is quite smooth! My best friend really enjoyed drinking steep after step of this, but I found it to be a bit robust for my taste buds. She drink coffee and I do not so part of me thinks it was just a little to deep and dark of a taste for me; however, I drank quite a bit of this so despite my flavor preference the quality had me coming back.

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Birthday tea #3-15

Went to a Filipino BBQ and iced tea event today through the tea meetup group of Columbus. It’s hard not to smile when the events done and I realized that both times I’ve gone to a tea event that my teas are completely gone while others are still half full.

So… I have a Japanese curry and 1989 Oolong from Tea Urchin event August 22nd at my place, but at this event I was convinced to host an introduction to pu’erh. I’ll be putting together some hand outs and a PowerPoint to go along with the different teas I will be sampling out. Nobody has drank pu’erh outside of blends from Teavana here so I have a lot of work ahead of me to keep the integrity of what pu’erh is and should taste like with an audience.

Anyways, I am very excited :)


How was the oolong? I was a good girl and didn’t steal a single serving from either of you!

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