58 Tasting Notes


Thanks teavivre, for the sample

Dry leaf: The leaves are really small, dark brown twisted leaves. The smell is really nice. It has a dark black tea smell, but that is underneath the sweetness that this tea possesses. It has a chocolatey smell but the strongest smell is a certain sweetness. It reminds me of the roses my grandma grows in her garden. It’s a deep rose smell though, more than a floral smell.

Wet leaf: When wet, the rose smell comes out really strong. If I didn’t know better I would think that I was steeping rose buds. The rose combined with chocolate makes this smell like a nice dessert. It has a dark sweetness that gives it a very moisturizing smell.

Taste: The taste is nice. It is a lot lighter than I expected and very sweet. The chocolatey flavor reminded me of a much lighter version of the Fengqing dragon pearl. On top of that is the sweet rose flavor. It has a deep flavor, despite how light it is.

I really enjoyed this tea. It was nice how soothing the tea was and I can’t wait to brew it again.

Terri HarpLady

That sounds really tasty!


Ya it was really good. I’m already trying to scrounge up some money so I can buy more, haha



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First let me just say that this is the first Pu-erh I’ve had the opportunity to taste, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I’ll explain my first impressions.

Dry tea smell: I didn’t know what to expect but when I first opened the packaged I was surprised by the extremely strong smell. It had a distinct fishy/oceany smell to it. Under the initial smell was a very moist scent. It reminded me of a moist forest floor and old decomposing leaves. It wasn’t a bad smell, it was just a very different smell from the teas I’m used too.

Wet smell: The tea leaves smell very much the same wet as they do dry. They have the same fishy smell with the underlying moist leaf. It was a little bit lighter smelling.

Taste: Luckily none of the fishy smell translated to flavor. It had absolutely no bitter or tart flavors. The taste was really damp. It reminded me of a misty forest. It’s a very interesting, refreshing, heavy flavor. I did enjoy it, but it will probably be one of those teas I only drink once in a while. It has pushed me to order a few more Pu-erhs to see if they’re my thing or not


Good initial adventure into puerh! They don’t all taste the same. Some are like earth, some like bread or corn or berries. Some sweet and some like mushrooms or malty. They are an adventure. Tonight I had one that I steeped 30 seconds and then I steeped it 3 minutes just to see the flavor difference. That was fun. Sometimes if the puerh is earthy and a little salty I add a bit of sugar to bring out the caramel notes. I do love puerh!


I was a strange experience, but nice. I liked the moist earthiness that it possessed. It’s nice and relaxing. Do either of you have any recommendations on some good Pu-erhs to try?


I look at the teas tab above, click on it and then under most popular in the list select puerh. A list of puerh’s will come up. Read some of the favorites reviews and see what appeals to you. (this is how I began).


Bonnie, The problem with all the top Pu-erh teas is that most of them are from verdant tea, and being In highschool, I don’t have the income to afford larger amounts of these teas. I’m looking for teas that I can readily keep in stock


I’ll send you a ‘HOW TOO’ PM


Alright, I’m looking forward to it.


I’m sending him some samples, If anyone else has some Puerh samples feel free to chime in and send him a PM! HE’s in High School…remember how we try to help our students!

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drank Laoshan White by Verdant Tea
58 tasting notes

Dry smell: The dry smell is light but thick. It smells like a mix of strong green vegetables. It is a mix of bean and pea smells that could go along with a meal like steak.

Wet Smell: The wet leaf smell is still light but loses the thickness that the dry leaf had. Now it has more of a thick nutty smell mixed with an array of dark green vegetables.

Taste: This tea is very light at first. There is no flavor that just comes out and immediately hits you. It’s almost like it starts off with a warm flavorless crispness. The next flavor that comes out reminds me of edamame. It has the same crisp bean flavor but with a smoothness at the back. When you begin to swallow you notice the nutty and dark green vegetable flavor. Even with the strong finish the aftertaste is very light and pleasant.

This tea would be great after dinner when still have things to do but want to add a little relaxation. It’s a nice light tea overall.


This one I think is best in a Gaiwan and multiple steepings seem to keep drawing you back to that lingering bean flavor.


I was going to brew it in my 3 oz gaiwan, but I tried David’s tumbler recommendation on the website. I did about 7 steepings.

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Dry smell: This tea has a really strong, creamy smell. Its almost like someone mixed the tea with a vanilla coffee creamer. It smells very sweet and smooth on top of the typical oolong smell.

Wet smell: The wet smell also has a creamy, vanilla smell but it is not nearly as strong. It has a nice grassy smell along with a hint of a roasted scent.

Taste: The first steeping is very sweet and creamy. There is no floral flavor as of yet and the creaminess adds a smoothness to the oolong flavor. The second steep still has some of the creamy flavor but the floral, vegetative notes are starting to come out. The third steeping is amazing. There is still a creaminess there but it isn’t overpowering. The floral notes are coming out underneath the vegetative taste but not strong. There is a wonderful balance in flavor with a very smooth swallow and aftertaste.

This is an amazing tea and I’m just about to go order more. ENJOY

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

This sounds quite delicious! I love milk oolongs, definitely will have to try this!

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Dry smell: The dry smell of this tea was very typical of a green tea, I picked up some citrus notes but overall it smelled like your typical green tea.

Wet smell: This is when the tea begins to shine. As soon as water hits the tea it begins to give off this strong, wonderful aroma. It reminded me of a sencha at first but as I smelled further I began to pick up on some spice smells, not unlike cinnamon. After this I hit a smell that was almost like a tropical fruity smell but tart as if it wasn’t ripe.

Liquid: As the tea first entered my mouth the first thing I noticed was it very dry and vegetal. The first tastes are like fresh cut grass and hay. As I began swallowing I picked up the same tropical fruity taste as the smell and it was mixed with the perfect amount of tartness. The aftertaste is a darker, cinnamony citrus taste combined with a great smooth feeling.

Overall this is a very good tea even though I prefer darker teas and I will probably be keeping it stocked up in my cupboard for a long time to come.

175 °F / 79 °C

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Dry smell: When I opened the package I was first hit with the smell of vegetables. It reminds me of fresh picked produce from a farm. Then on further smelling I can detect a nice roasted smell with light floral notes.

Wet smell: The wet smell is a bit more like a wet smokey smell. I can still smell the vegetable smell but it reminds me more of a nice, roasted oolong.

Liquid aroma: The aroma is very deep and rich. I can definitely still smell the smokiness and now the floral notes are coming out.

Liquid taste: The taste is very rich right off the bat. It doesn’t have the bright green oolong flavor, but a darker note. There isn’t much floral flavor which is nice because I don’t like super floral teas. This is a great relaxing afternoon tea and I will definitely be ordering more

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drank Honeybush by Ubi's
58 tasting notes

My grandma had this tea in her cupboard and no longer wanted it, so being the tea fiend I am, I snatched it away. The smell is sooooo sweet and smells exactly like processed honey. I made this tea with less than it recommended because I was afraid of the strength and sweetness. Even with less tea than the recommended amount this tea is overpoweringly sweet. It is like you are drinking hot honey. This may be good mixed with herbal teas as a honey flavored sweetener but there is no way I can drink this plain.

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Dry smell: This has the typically smell of an english breakfast tea, but when I compare the smell to my black tea from enjoying tea, this one smells considerably lighter. The smell is a little bit sweeter than usual and seems like it will make a nice light tea for the morning.

Wet smell: The wet smell is also slightly sweeter smelling than I am used to. It doesn’t have as much of the slightly bitter smell from my enjoyingtea black tea.

Tea color: A nice dark golden color

Tea flavor: This is an excellent, light but flavorful morning tea. It tastes very dainty in the beginning, but as you swallow you get a smooth mellow melting feeling. The swallow and aftertaste is very smooth but has the typical breakfast black taste that I love. Overall this is a very nice tea to start off a relaxing morning.

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I’m new to the high quality tea world and eager to get started tasting and enjoying a whole new world of flavor. I’m a high school senior, 18 years old, and have been an avid tea drinker my whole life. Previously I would drink generic tea bags. Recently I have been getting into Gong Fu Cha and loose leaf teas. Not only do I enjoy the flavors, but the ceremony is a nice way to relax and unwind after a hard days work. I aspire to try many different teas and meet others from the tea community. If anyone has any teas they would be willing to send as samples I would be very thankful to you for helping expand my tea knowledge and pallet.


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