2290 Tasting Notes

Hahaha. All reviews of this tea are from me.

Had it today, steeped strong, with some maple syrup. I’m out of milk, you see, and can’t get to the store until tomorrow. And I needed caffeine.

Today is the second day of class for me. It’s gonna be A Lot. A good Lot, but A Lot.

Is it naptime yet? (No, I’m still on a zoom meeting. It’s been 5 hours.)

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Iced. With milk. Like a chai latte.

6 tsp tea, 2 cups boiling water, steeped 2 min, with 1 tbsp sugar. Added to 1 cup milk and ice to fill my pitcher.


It’s super humid here today, which is helping the smoke smell although there are still smoke particles in the air. But it means my apartment is muggy and hot, even though I have the air purifier in the window to try to get some cooler air inside.

Iced tea is a lifesaver today.

Oh, also, first class for the semester tonight. Should be interesting. Dec/Jan I’ll be working on the proposal for my final project, which should also be interesting. I have a feeling I’ll end up doing more quant stuff than qual stuff, just because of COVID and classes being online in January again as well…

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Oh finally.

Last week I made a really good spiced iced tea and wanted to record it.

6 tsp this tea in 500 ml h2o for 2-3 min. Added 2 tbsp sugar, and then to 1 cup of milk and ice to fill a generous 4 c pitcher.

Delicious. I use lactose free milk which is sweeter, so I might drop it to 1 tbsp sugar.

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This. Steeped short (2 min) and strong (4 tsp per 2 cups) and iced, with orange juice. 4 cups total final volume – add ice and OJ to your preferences!

So good! I think that any vanilla EG style tea would be great iced with OJ. Tastes kind of like an Orange Julius.

If you need it sweeter, add some honey…


Maybe even just a vanilla tea for people like Sil…


Hahahaha I like your modification for Sil but I find this very intriguing.


There was a cafe in Victoria that sold earl grey tea iced with fresh pressed OJ for like $6 a glass. That’s where I got my inspiration! But I actually really like the vanilla with the OJ.

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Considering the Burning Season™ BC often gets, I’m kinda weirded out by the name of this tea.

Also, it smells bacony. Which is something I wouldn’t expect due to the rose, jasmine, and bergamot.

It’s not terrible, definitely drinkable with a touch of maple and some sort of milk or cream. This one does better with a shorter steep time for sure.

But it’s not the smokey tea of my heart. That one is Murchie’s Russian Caravan. Which I’m out of.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec 3 tsp 18 OZ / 532 ML

With three weeks of wildfires raging, I can’t bring myself to reach for and enjoy any of my smokey teas right now. * Shakes fist at fires *


I was thinking the same thing yesterday, as we’re getting smoke from WA fires. It’s gonna be a bit before I can enjoy my smoked teas again.

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drank Crimson Horizon by Butiki Teas
2290 tasting notes

Yum. Thick, malty, delicious tea. Had some this morning with a touch of honey and some milk.

Yum yum yum.

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Oh yeah. Last time I had my computer open I was trying to write a note for this tea.

Well, it’s a tea. It’s a little more astringent than I typically like, but I will drink it. Hopefully Sil doesn’t hate it.

Definitely drank this with milk.

Yay tea.

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drank Lavender Honey Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
2290 tasting notes

I decided I needed to try this after I saw a YouTube video featuring it, and DavidsTea had a free shipping offer…

I mixed 1/2 tsp of this and 1/2 tsp of the matcha Matsu I have in the cupboard. That means it’s not too sweet. Normally I really dislike the flavoured matchas as they have so much sugar, but 1/2 tsp in a latte is super good.

It’s definitely honey flavour, not real honey. And I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s lavender, but it’s floral.

I really like it diluted like this. I bet it would also be great in a lemonade.

I also got the silicon straws as I have the mini and large favourite mugs and they don’t have replacement plastic straws… They’re so long! Way too long for the mini mug and my regular glasses. I need to see if I can just cut them, or if I need to idk, melt them or something to seal the ends.

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I picked this up when I saw it at the store a couple weeks ago. I ended up getting a mix pack of Celestial Seasonings herbal teas as well.

This one is nice because you do just drop it in your cold water. The hibiscus is very present, but I don’t mind it like this. The flavour is fruity. It’s easy. It’s tastier than cold water, plain.

I like one bag in my very large mug (22oz?) but really whatever works, I just keep adding water during the day.

Big downside: the bags are plastic so they’re not compostable.

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
2290 tasting notes

I have so many random packets of different plain matches from DAVIDsTEA. I’ve been having them as a mid-morning latte, to tide me over for lunch. I’m not much of a breakfaster, so a coffee and a tea latte do me fine.

This one is a little more grassy, but as a latte it’s great. Tbh I’d never do matcha as shots or as a sipping tea – they’re just too grassy or marine-y for my tastebuds.

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I mostly drink black tea.

Also: A map of tea places in Vancouver. I’ve been to some of them, but not a lot. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Vancouver, BC, Canada



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