2290 Tasting Notes

Finished up an old sample. Pretty decent. Bit astringent. But enjoyable this evening.

I am still trying to get through old teas and samples. I have a lot still.

Cameron B.

Don’t we all… x.x


Ha. Yeah, it’s kinda scary to think about. I’m trying hard to get through them, but I’m only doing 1 coffee and 1 tea every day…

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drank Chandernagor by Mariage Frères
2290 tasting notes

Mmm… I was going to have another coffee this morning, then decided to have a tea latte instead.

Brewed in milk and water, with a touch of vanilla sugar to sweeten.

This particular tin is old, and so the black base is not as good as I remember it being. But the spice balance for this tea is delicious. Hopefully it’ll help wake me up on this sunny yet chilly day!

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At some point I bought another package of this… so even though I think turmeric tastes of dirt, I like this enough as a latte to keep buying it. Idk.

Anyways, I had it as a latte today. 50/50 with milk, and with a small spoonful of honey (to help the medicine go down?).

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I don’t know when I got this. One of the times I visited my friend in Chicago, I guess? It smells strongly of rice, it’s so cool. The tea is quite tannic, but I think that’s my fault – I got distracted because I’m in zoom class, and I was paying attention to my instructor…

I do like this. Will it or something like it be a standard puerh in my cupboard? Hmm, probably not. I don’t think this would be an “every day” tea for me. But if I come across places that sell sticky rice puerh, I’d consider picking up a tuocha or two for future enjoyment.

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I wasn’t sure about the name, but uhh, my GOSH friends. SO BITTER.

So. Incredibly. Bitter. Different bitter from coffee. Makes my tongue feel weird.

I think I need to switch to a different tea IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for the sample, Dexter! ;)


This… doesn’t sound appealing.


Ha! Definitely not to my taste.

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drank Crimson Horizon by Butiki Teas
2290 tasting notes

I am still desperately trying to drink down my tea collection. I have maybe 2 servings left of this one.

I still adore it. These little balls of strong malty goodness. YUM. I’ll miss it when it’s done, but of course… I have other teas!

I think I’ve mostly narrowed down what I want to stock as far as black teas go.

- a good earl grey (still looking)
- masala chai (Chandernagor from MF, but $$$ so I might need to find a different one)
- orange pekoe/formosa black tea – from mom
- little balled up black tea – mom gives me one called Rungagora
- a lavender tea (Westholme, but the last batch is overwhelming so this might be swapped out)
- a russian caravan (Murchies is my fav still)

I feel like some of these ones are seasonal, and some will move in and out of favour. I haven’t narrowed down the non-caffeinated teas yet, or the puerh. :)

Hope everyone is doing well a year in! insert heart emoji here

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drank Black Lavender by Westholme Tea Co
2290 tasting notes

My mom got me another bag of this, and idk if it’s just still too fresh, or they used too much lavender… but it’s a lot.

A. Lot.

And this is coming from someone who LIKES lavender in their tea.

Anyways. I had it with cream. It was nice. Just. A lot.

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insert wild cackling here

Yeah I still have some.

The vanilla needs a rinse these days but other than that it’s still tasty.

No regrets.


Yay! :)


Perfect accompaniment to a meeting!

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drank Earl Grey Decaf by Twinings
2290 tasting notes

I got a box of this a while back because I finished my vanilla Comoro and, uhh, with the borders closed I can’t exactly visit my friend in Chicago and restock my teas…

It’s ok. I feel bad saying that as I used to drink this tea all the time. It’s not a strong tea, and the bergamot is just there. Idk. Am I just having trouble with earl grey teas these days? I’ve been slowly looking for a new one but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

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drank Far Afield by August Uncommon Tea
2290 tasting notes

I am seriously thinking about buying more of this tea.

But first, I need fewer herbaly bits and bobs.

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I mostly drink black tea.

Also: A map of tea places in Vancouver. I’ve been to some of them, but not a lot. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!


Vancouver, BC, Canada



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