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drank Pineapple Kona Pop by Teavana
160 tasting notes

Fruity and sweet… And more fruity and sweet… And… Not much flavor! I smelled a tiny bit of pineapple but as hard as I tried I could taste it. Unfortunate considering that it was a super rainy night and the hot pineapple seemed like such a good idea at the time.

I used to have this tea iced, and it was tasty, but I can’t really remember if the flavor was any stronger this way. Either way, it isn’t bad, just not something to get your hopes up about!

On a positive note, it is another tea that my husband has sipped on and enjoyed. So it seemed mild flavors and fruity are the way to go for him to like a tea! I hope that I will be able to get him as hooked to tea as I am!

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Steven Cook

I love this one blended with berry kiwi colada from teavana. _

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

Sad, sad story for a wonderful tea. Delicious, sweet, spicy, and smooth. A great mix of vanilla, clove, and a hint of caramel… and yes, of course… sparkles and shinny thingies!!! All of it smelling oh so delicious in my tea cup, sparkling in the moonlight of our new apartment’s kitchen. Until… I reach over to toss out the leaves from steeping the tea and my entire cup (except for about 3 sips that miraculously managed to stay in the cup) spilled all over the counter!!! I was sooo sad. The tea smelled so so so good. The three sips that stubbornly stayed in my tea cup were tasty, yet only a small reminder of what I could have enjoyed!

I have had this tea many times before, in fact, it is one of the one’s I chose to serve at my wedding ceremony (April 5th, 2014 for those who are wandering!). I enjoy the black tea base which is complemented and not completely hidden by the light spiciness and creamy notes. Caramel is predominant in my opinion, but it is smooth and works well with the mix of flavors. I would especially recommend it to someone who enjoys vanilla and caramel notes, and a sweeter tea. Not really for the chai lovers, since the spicy notes don’t stand out too predominantly (though I do love the clove!!!)

This is the end of the sad story. Tomorrow’s breakfast will bring another cup of this tea, I hope to manage not to spill it everywhere this time! It belongs in my tummy after a quick journey in my mouth befriending my taste-buds. :)

Glad to be back on Steepster married and done with my master’s degree!!! Missed everyone!

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Welcome back!


Thanks Sil! :)


Congratulations and welcome back! (Sorry about the tea spillage.)


nice to see you back and congrats for your diploma and wedding


Nina! Lovely to see you again, and congratulations on your degree and your wedding. :)


Congrats all the way around! Welcome back! :)


Welcome back! Sounds like an exciting few months for you :D congrats on everything!


Congratulations, and it’s so nice to see you back!


Nice to see you back! I just returned after a rather long mostly-hiatus, and have been intermittently checking to see who of the people I followed are still active, and was happy to come across your post! :D

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drank English Breakfast by Twinings
160 tasting notes

Hi all!!! I miss you all and wish I had time to keep up! I am currently both working and getting an MBA, so drinking tea is in myschedule, but writing about it is pushed back for later… :(

Just wanted to let you know that as soon as I am on break, I will be back!!!!!! :)

I had this tea in the hotel today while travelling, it was OK, but tasted delicious as I have gone for almost a week without tea and was in withdrawal mode! It was a bit astringent, but that may have been due to over-brewing since the tea was passed to me with the bag already in the cup! Will leave the numerical rating to a second tasting.

Have a good weekend everyone! Off to class…..


Nice to see you on here again! Hope you’re not working too hard. :)


Just wanted to pop in here and say I miss you. Hope your work and MBA is going well!


Aww! I miss you too!!! I can’t wait to graduate and get back to Steepster!!! All is going well, just insanely busy… To add to the craziness of it all, I got engaged!!! I hope I survive all of this insanity! :)


AAAHHHH!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!!


woot woot! grats on the engagement!



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drank Three Wishes Tea by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

This tea confuses me… It says it is black (Admitedly blended with green) but tastes entirely like a green tea with tasty peach flavoring! Not bad, overall a great green pech tea. But not quite finding any black to it!

Dry it smells wonderfully fruity and once brewed, the greenish brown liquor smells like fresh peach! I get green tea leafiness and sweet from the peach. The scent is great and the taste is also wonderful. No bitter and not artificial. Still, bit confused as to where the black tea is…

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On an unusually cold morning in Quito, Ecuador I am reminded of how much I love this tea. Tasty, sweet smooth and delicious. My favorite! Happy weekend everyone!


Happy weekend! It is 46F here, climbing to 56F later. How cold is it there?


41F at 11am Colorado Frontrange 5000 ft. Snow expected in a few hours 1-2 inches. I have some peppermint,chocolate hull and other healthy herbs to keep me warm.


Mmm sounds delicious! I’m so excited to get some of this whenever there’s a reblend!

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

Finally, after a really long and dry hot season, it seems like the rainy season finally made it to Quito, Ecuador! I love the rainy season! It is nice and cold, just enough to feel a bit chilled and make me want to drink even more hot tea! Once again venturing into my untasted, yet highly looked forward to David’sTea collection, I grabbed this one.

I honestly expected this to taste a whole lot like Read my Lips because of the Mint cream going on, but I was actually super surprised! In a great way!

The dry leafs smell minty and creamy. Unlike Read my Lips there is no chocolate in the scent. I don’t smell any spices that claim to be in the blend, but they may be hidden under the creaminess which I love. The little candy canes (way past the season at this point…) are adorable! I love all the little declarations that David’sTea adds!

Once brewed the dark liquor smells minty and smooth. The black tea adds an earthy scent that works really well with the sweet creamy sensation that the scent leaves behind. Unsweetened it is creamy and incredibly fresh feeling. sweetened, it is incredible. The smoothness of the mint mixed in with the spicy creamy sensation makes it hard to sip slowly. The sweeteners helps make the creamy aspect stand out an the mint become a little more of a sensation and after taste. A really well rounded dessert tea!

I have a full 2 oz but am already looking forward to being able to order more!!! I think this may become a must have for me along with Read my Lips! :)


It really is very smooth, I agree. Not too minty either.


I also agree on this one. I personally don’t like very much Read my Lips. Even if they are compared here very often, I find this one so much creamier and the mint feels just right! And I never noticed any spices either…

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drank Oh Canada! by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

Late last night, I was in the mood for tea and a book, something sweet to go with a great book. So, looking in to my drawer, I realized that I still hadn’t gotten around to trying this tea! There was so much hype about how sweet and tasty it was that I knew instantly that this is what I needed to enjoy with my book!

It smells so Much like maple syrup that it makes me want pancakes! Deliciously sweet and rich! The bright colored leaf sprinkles and little caramel cubes make is super fun to watch steep.

Once steeped it smelled so delicous, maple all the way with a hint of wooziness from the rooibos that actually works really well! It is a brownish red appropriate for maple color. With a dash of milk added it tastes like a maple success! Wow… It is sweet and incredibly brassy without anything added! I added a bit of sweetener, just because maple syrup is meant to be sweet! I loved this cup! Sadly I only purchased 2 oz of this and I can imagine it is going to go fast! I hope that I will be able to get my hands on some more of it soon! :)

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This tea I also got when I was in NYC. Back logging everything, as I said before, is going to take a long while… But anyways… I was done buying tea for the trip, or so I thought, until I sniffed at this one. It smelled so spectacularly fruity that I really couldn’t resist. It also was pretty and full of tasty fresh-looking berries. Ok… 2 more ounces isn’t going to do anymore damage to my pocket than was already done.

So the dark tea leaves and the red berries (much redder than they seem in the picture) made for a beautiful tea. The scent was all berry, it reminded my of the blue raspberry jolly rancher flavor in sent. I wasn’t entirely sure that it was going to work with the black tea base.

Once brewed, the burgundy tea smelled a tiny bit like tea and a whole lot like raspberry jello. Not bad, just not something that I would chose on a normal day. Unsweetened it was slightly sweet and very confusing. Very much needed to be sweet to work for me. Sweet it was a happy treat. (Completely unintended rhyme…) The only berry flavor that I love I tea seems to be blueberry, so this is going to drunk up quickly and probably never replaced.

If you are looking for a sweet and fruity berry tea with a super intense flavor, this is what you are looking for. :) Sadly, this isn’t what I am looking for, but happy to give it a try!

Also, since I promised… Here is the link to the video of the last ice skating show! Not me at my best, but it was fun to skate again for the first time in years! http://youtu.be/HV6oUTeduFA


You are very talented!!


Loved 1:05 and 1:43 ish – great job! You go girl! :)


Awesome!!!!! I only wish I was half as talented as you :D Thanks for sharing!


I always like watching this on tv when the winter olympics are on (they never ever show it otherwise). I have no real interest in it other than marvelling at what the human body can evidently do. I like watching gymnastics for the same reason too some times. :) How do you not get super-dizzy? I don’t understand it! O.o Thanks for sharing. :)


Thanks everyone :)


Wow, are you kidding??! You’re amazing!!!

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drank Chocolate Orange by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

This tea scares me… Flavored pu-erh? Sounds risky to me… Pu-erh is an adventure as is! But, I bought it so I must try it!

The scent of the tea leaves is orange chocolate all the way. I did get a little earthiness, but nothing that screamed pu-erh. I must admit that so far it seems pretty tasty.

Once brewed, it is super surprisingly dark. It is so dark that it could easily be confused for a cup of coffee. Here is where it got odd. I definitely smelled the pu-erh, earthy, musty and even a tiny bit fishy. The orange chocolate was still. There, but that peculiar pu-erh smell was there with it.

Now worried, I poured my self a cup…. And wow… The earthiness works amazingly with the chocolate and the orange! It is tasty and relaxing. The pu-erh really works in this blend! It isn’t something that I will need to have in my cupboard permanently, but I am really happy that I have decided to try it! Good way to start my day!


Sometimes, when I want this tea to taste less earthy, I do a quick 30 second rinse and then brew it as normal. It works pretty well!


one of my super favorites!!!


I love this tea. Everything melds so perfectly. I love mine with milk and sugar.

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Hi everyone! (Arms waving wildly and happy dancing!) I am finally back after a long hiatus due to lots of work, skating in an ice skating show for the first time in a long time, general holiday insanity, and trips. So, settled down with my tea and terrified at how behind I have become in tasting notes! I missed everyone! I hope I haven’t missed out on anything exciting!

Now for the tea… I bought this tea during my New York tea with intentions of showing off the nice Christmasy tin during the holidays. Sadly, I was so busy that I only opened it this past week! Oh well… I have heard so much hype and good things about Kusmi, that when I was in New York and saw the store, I had to stop in and get some teas! I was really excited about them, especially this one.

The scent is sweet and spicy with a strong ginger scent. The black tea scent is also there, but the main note is the spice. Once brewed, the scent becomes creamy and spicy, it reminds me of the smell of oatmeal cookies before you bake them.

The flavor is less spicy than I imagined it would be. It is like you can taste the spice flavor but don’t get any of the tingly spice sensation (I hope that makes sense!). The creamy flavor is great, and it is both a flavor and a sensation. I love how the vanilla and almond are strong enough to be evident over the flavor of the spices. It is a great tea for breakfast time, it makes me smile!

As far as I can tell from other people’s reviews, most aren’t as happy with this brew as I am. I guess I am lucky to enjoy it! I would recommend it if you like vanilla almond and don’t mid that the spices aren’t super strong. :)

I am so happy to be back!


good to have you back! :)


:) it’s great to be back!


Welcome back! Can’t wait to read your backlog! :)


Hi! welcome home!! :D


Welcome home!!! Missed our star! I imagine you flying across the ice in beautiful costumes like a fairy princess (hope you didn’t have to be a cartoon character). Can’t wait to get hear details!


Thanks JoonSusanna! It will take a while, but surely it will be worth it! :)
Thanks indigobloom and Bonnie!! This is indeed home! Good tea, good talk and great people! I hope I didn’t miss anything exciting while I was gone! :)

Also, I will eventually get around to posting a video of the show… I’m not skating like back when I actually was training, but I still look ok on the ice :)


oh boy!


hooray you’re back!

I look forward to seeing the video, I love watching ice skating shows. I feel (and look) like a toddler on ice skates – so I’m always amazed at how elegantly people perform in ice skating shows.

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I love tea and have since I was a little girl. Once I could buy my own tea, I began to explore and learn about the extensive and delicious world of tea!

Also, love my French Bulldog (named Sencha…) and my tea oblivious boyfriend. I enjoy ice skating (I am a part time coach), reading, writing, baking, running, and lots of sweets!

My favorite teas tend to be on the sweeter side. Both flavored and plain teas are great to me. Currently going through a flavored tea phase. Enjoying it greatly! : )


Quito, Ecuador

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