This is my first time drinking puerh! Please be gentle.

I got this tea in the mail today, and while my brain was telling me to air it out for at least a week, I had strong tea craving pangs. I immediately dissected the wrapper and chipped off 6g of the brick. It’s not like drinking an unaired shou would hurt, right? I was able to distinguish the woody scent of the pu even before I opened the paper bag.

My bullheaded decision gave me an otherwise pleasant drinking experience. 6g in a 100ml gaiwan, boiling water, flash steeps. Steeps 1-3 really packed a punch. I got a very strong, sweet, woody flavor. Each sip ended on a slightly bitter note. As a new pu drinker, I wasn’t sure what I expected. It tasted exactly what it smelled like; wet wood, moss, and a hint of dirt. This was when I started thinking, this might be a bit too strong for me, I really should have aired this out for a bit. Despite this, Brown Sugar is still very drinkable. In general, the mouthfeel of the tea was particularly pleasant. It certainly is as smooth as the wrapper claims to be, which is what made me determined to press on. Steeps 4-6 brought out the sweeter side of the wood taste. The liquor also got noticeably darker, and I sort of noticed a slightly redder hue I didn’t see in the earlier steeps? Though I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to tea, I just really wanted to record this experience. While this tea is still sitting in my gaiwan, I’m definitely infusing it more to see how it transforms.

Flavors: Camphor, Decayed Wood, Dirt, Molasses, Moss, Smooth, Sweet, Wet Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Poor kid who is fairly new to the tea world. My favorite teas so far are oolongs (any flavor profile) shou and young sheng puerh, and all kinds of greens (especially sencha!). Always looking for new things to taste. I’m especially interested in trying more puerh.
90-100 Absolutely amazing, would always try to get more when I have the chance
80-90 Great! Probably where I’d put daily drinkers under
70-80: Good, nothing spectacular but still would drink
60-70: OK, but probably wouldn’t get more of it/might not be my kind of thing
50-60: Definitely not getting more, wouldn’t recommend to anyone
1-50: Wouldn’t drink even if you held me at gunpoint.
Ratings are based on my experience and whether I liked the tea or not. Obviously I’m no expert but my main intent is to record my tea notes here where I can read them later and share my experiences with other people. I’m a firm believer that if you enjoy the tea, however you drink it, then it’s good tea.



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