52 Tasting Notes


First of all I want to say that this tea is BEAUTIFUL! Both in color and smell. It brews up a gorgeous reddish pink color. It’s so pretty it makes me wish I had a clear mug to admire it in (specifically the clear perfect glass mug from David’s Tea – the one with the tree on it). I am in love with the smell this tea gives off. It’s very lemony which is awesome for me because I absolutely love lemons! I even like to eat them raw by themselves =)

I think the name African Summer really fits this tea. I’m picturing a red sunset over dry African plains…maybe there’s a zebra lingering somewhere in the distance…

I like that this tea is naturally sweet and tarty. The lemon isn’t too overpowering and neither is the hibiscus. They are in perfect harmony with eachother. I can definitely see myself reaching for some of this on a cold winter day when I need a little warmth. It would also be a great go to during cold/flu season. I think I’m going to have to order some more of this!

I’m really very happy with this tea. I can’t wait to try it iced! Mmmm…fabulous African Summer!! So glad I tried this.


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drank Energizing Chai by Zen Tea
52 tasting notes

Thank you Zen Tea for this sample! I followed the instructions on the description here to make this chai on the stove with milk and water. I did enjoy preparing this one. Sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different with tea. It smelt very good cooking. Definitely spicy like chai, but also chocolately. It reminded me of making hot chocolate on the stove. The color is even a nice chocolate brown. Watching all the different bits swiriling about in the simmering water is fun too. It’s like some chocolate chai tea soup!

I’m so anxious waiting for it to cool it looks so creamy and delicious!! When I was a big coffee drinker, I used to order chai lattes a lot, but this completely blows those out of the water just on appearance/smell alone.

It tastes good, but it’s not as strong as I’d hoped it would be. I like my chais to be very spicy and distinctive. This tastes more chocolatey than chai to me. I shouldn’t be too surprised because the description does say mellow, but since I used 2 TBSP per 2 cups of liquid (which boiled down to about 1 1/2 cups) the mellow flavor is a little disappointing. That’s not to say it’s bad, I just want a little more spice.

The chocolate is very plesant though and I do like that this chai has mate in it. Okay whoa, I added a little sugar halfway through the cup and it completely changed the flavor! I’m actually getting more of that spice I was looking for now. If you aren’t enjoying this cup as much as you’d hoped, I recommend adding a little sugar even if you’re like me and don’t usually take any in your tea. Mmmm…there’s that spice I was looking for =)

I’m getting more coconut and vanilla now too..this could be an interesting hot cocoa replacement in the winter. I have just enough to make this tea the usual way so we’ll see how the flavor changes then. For now, this is pretty good.

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drank Earl Grey White by Teavana
52 tasting notes

Since I had such a bad experience with this tea last time I drank it, I decided to cold brew some of it in the fridge overnight to see if that would make any difference in my opinion on it. Bleh….I wish I knew what it was in this tea that tastes so bad to me. Maybe it’s the bergamot? I’m not sure because I don’t really know what it tastes like or if it’s what I’m tasting. I think I may have to swap the rest of this away….

This tea is just not my thing at all!

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I went for another matcha latte this morning and wow, something has really changed since the last time I attempted this!

I think I’m getting how to prepare this stuff a little better now. This time my matcha wasn’t grainey, but thick and smooth instead. I don’t think I was taking enough time whisking in the past and I would end up with a grainey, funky texture and would even have some green globs at the bottom of my cup.

Mmm this time it’s much more enjoyable! I can see what all the fuss is about. Here is a picture of my matcha latte this morning:


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Thank you LiberTEAS for sending me this tea!

Nothing too elaborate to report on the smell of this dry. Smells exactly how it looks, which could be a good thing.

First steep I did one minute : A nice light color that I enjoyed. It smells and tastes light also, but not light in a bad way. Light in a it’s getting late and I’m enjoying a nice light cup of tea to round out the day. Strange because others described this as “musky” or “strong”. It’s probably because I only steeped it for one minute, but sometimes I actually appreciate a nice light cup. You can taste some of the more subtle aspects of the tea this way. I love the vegetal quality of this tea. It’s very refreshing.

Second steep I did two minutes : Wow. This tastes like an entirely different tea! It’s much stronger this time. No lightness to this cup. It’s slightly “sharp” if that makes any sense, but not to the point that this cup isn’t enjoyable. I’m getting more of the smoky aftertaste with this cup than the last one, but I think I enjoyed the first steep better. This cup certainly isn’t bad, and I won’t have any trouble finishing it, but the first cup was so much more delicate and I appreciated that tonight.

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Thank you LiberTEAS for this sample =)

The dry leaf smells very relaxing and inviting which is strange because usually “chai” makes me think “energizing”

My absolute favorite thing about this tea was watching it steep in my Breville One Touch. As soon as the basket lowered, a beautiful rich brown color started spilling out; swirling through the water, turning it all a delicious deep brown color. By the end of the six minute steep time, the whole pot was so dark I could just barely make out the brewing basket! For some reason teas that produce dark colors make me really happy. I’m not sure why…

I like the way this tastes. Like it smelled, it does taste relaxing to me. It makes me want to put on slippers and snuggle up in a blanket. I’m getting a creaminess from this that I didn’t expect at all but I like it. A nice surprise. To be honest I was expecting this tea to be kind of boring but I am plesantly surprised. A nice evening cup. I’m glad I picked this one out tonight =)

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I wanted a nice strong black tea while getting ready for a long work day, so I went through my bag of samples and found this gem from Teavivre that I haven’t yet tried. The sample size was so generous!

This tea smells perfect and tastes wonderful! It is perfect just the way it is you don’t need to add anything to this tea (I generally don’t anyhow). This tea has a natural sweetness to it. In fact I think it’d be a shame to add any sweetner to this. It’s hearty and malty with no harsh tastes to the sip at all.

I think this is the perfect cup of black tea! This stuff is seriously awesome. Love love love it! I’ll be taking the second infusion to work with me and plan to continue infusing this throughout the day =)

Edited to remind myself that I used 2 tsp per 14 oz water.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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My first matcha ever =) I tried it for the first time yesterday and it was a very confusing experience. Since I don’t have any experience with matcha, I’m going to hold off on rating it for now. I’d like to try a few more matchas so I can get a good idea of what qualities I’m looking for.

Matcha is a strange taste and texture. My first sip I thought “Hmmm….I don’t think I like this” but as I drank on the flavor started to grow on me…interesting…green…good? I’m not sure yet.

One thing I do know is that I spent the rest of the night thinking about that cup of tea. Thinking about the flavor and texture. I don’t think I can really comment on the tiramisu flavor because I was too busy focusing on the matcha itself.

This morning I really wanted to try it again and this time I made it as a latte. The frothy milk goes really well and balances the cup out nicely. It “takes the edge off” I guess. Not that I wasn’t interested in the edge…I was actually a little dissappointed that the flavor wasn’t as strong. Perhaps I should use a little extra powder when making a latte? The tiramisu flavor was much more pronounced in this cup – sweet, creamy, delicious!

I ordered my matcha basic grade and with delicate flavor (the pre-selected options) but next time I think I’m going to pay for the distinctive flavor level and see how that goes.

I got my matcha here : http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/tiramisu-matcha.html

Overall it was a very different first experience! It was nothing like what I expected. I have to say I am really really intruiged by the whole thing. I wasn’t sure I really liked matcha upon the first sip, but as I drank on the flavor really started to grow on me. I think my next matcha order will be an unflavored one. I’m definitely going to continue experimenting.

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
52 tasting notes

This has got to be the most fun tea to look at! It’s so pretty. And the way it smells dry is absolutely amazing – I could smell this tea all day long and be satisfied.

While brewing this tea my kitchen smelled heavenly. Like maybe I was making Christmas candy in there or something. I love the dark color it produces. The tea itself smells more minty than chocolatey, but the chocolate is definitely there.

What an interesting taste! The mint is definitely first, but there is a real creaminess that comes directly after that followed by a hint of chocolate. I love the creamy aspect of this tea it really tastes like I added something to it but I haven’t. Minty, silky, milky… Wow! What a smooth flavor. I think I’m in love. Like I have to order more of this right away! I don’t care what trouble I’ll be in when my boyfriend realizes I’ve ordered more tea!

Hands down this is my new favorite! No contest. I am so happy right now =)

Read my lips - if I weren’t speechless!

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The last time I had this tea I remembered not caring for it, but today I decided to make a pitcher of iced tea so I’d have something to take with me to work, and of course I had to sneak a taste of it while it was still hot. I was surprised! I liked it a lot more than I remember the last time I had it! Maybe I just didn’t steep it properly…

I added a little sugar to it while it was still hot because I like to sweeten my iced tea a little bit. Mmmm…this stuff is really good iced! I’ll be enjoying this during a long day of work.

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Hello, my name is Vicky. I’m 23 years young and enjoying life.

When I’m not drinking tea, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and our five adorable rats – Derby, Brinkley, Fintan, Fievel, and our newest edition Hadley.

I’m a dog groomer and have been for five years. My job is a lot of things, but it most certainly isn’t boring!

My other interests include : the universe and science in general (especially physics), music of all different genres, Detroit Lions football, buddhism, documentaries, travelling, and learning about myself.

“We rarely pause to acknowledge the impermanent quality of the body. We remember being children and we know our bodies have changed, but it rarely occurs to us that there is not one cell remaining in our body from childhood. The physical matter of the child’s body is gone; only a memory remains. Every cell has been replaced by new cells. But the mind creates the delusion that this is the same body.”


Cleveland, OH

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