This is the Canadian version which is made with Ceylon and Indian Teas. I bought this one at Walmart for $8 Canadian.

Looking at the dry leaf, you will notice that it looks like it has been all ground up. Hopefully, the lighter colour are tips and not twigs etc. A quick tip: if you roll the bowl of leaf around a bit, you can get an idea of how much dust there is in the tea. There is little aroma in the dry leaf. The brewed leaf has juat a little tea aroma.

The brewed cup is just as unexciting. I tested two David’s breakfast teas yesterday and this one and they were all like this.

My advice is to find a good quality Ceylon.

Strangely, I have a package of Twinings English Breakfast in Teabags that has been sitting around for two years and it is better than this as well. A nice clear reddish brew that I have drunk without milk and sugar. Note that the Brits get a different blend in their home country as well.

I decided to brew this morning as well in a more concentrated form, because I had watched Twinings brew it this way. I measured out a teaspoon (3 grams) and 200 mL of water for 3 minutes. The tea was more brisk this morning. There was almost a metallic taste on the tip of my tongue. My tongue now feels furry and a numb.

Dry Leaf:

Brewed Leaf:

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