139 Tasting Notes

drank Coconut Assam by Zhi Tea
139 tasting notes

This tea really surprised me with the delicate coconut flavour. I had enjoyed plain assam before so I knew that it had the potential to be good, but I wasn’t expecting to really enjoy this tea on my first try. I did put a little bit too much leaf, leading to slight bitterness, but overall this will be one of my new go-to teas for the morning or during that afternoon slump. The body is really smooth and the coconut adds a nice kick of tropical sweetness. Smells very pleasantly too!

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drank Mao Feng Green Tea by Teapigs
139 tasting notes

I got this tea on my lunch break at work today since it was on sale and I’ve been eyeing the Teapigs teas for a while now. I actually quite enjoyed it! The last green tea I got (from Two Leaves and a Bud) was quite disappointing, so I was really excited when I tried this one and it tasted really nice. The favour profile is quite light: a little bit grassy but fresh and not too overpowering. It’s overall quite smooth and leaves a delicate green tea aftertaste. I would say that it is very comparable to Emperor’s Cloud and and Mist from Teavana, which I also really enjoy. Looks like I’ve identified my personal favourite green tea “profile”!

My mom recently fell in love with Teavana’s Peach Tranquility. She has been going to Starbucks to get it for some time now but recently decided she liked it enough to stock her own supply of the tea. Unfortunately, Starbucks doesn’t sell this tea in tins for whatever reason (even though they do for some of their other teas). You can’t buy it in any grocery store either, so my mom was disappointed that she would have to go to Teavana to get some. There is not an easily accessible Teavana around here, hence her disappointment at thinking she wouldn’t be able to get her own stock of the tea. Fortunately I happened to be in the area of a Teavana store last weekend and got her a nice stash of it. She was then miffed at the fact that I got her the tea in loose leaf – she wanted it bagged because she drinks it at work and it’s more convenient. She does have tea bags for loose leaf tea at home, so I thought of just pre-bagging like 5 or whatever bags of tea and putting it in a ziplock. Viola – bagged loose leaf tea! I felt like a genius; then I thought, why don’t I do this? I have a stainless steel strainer that I bring with me to work, which is a bit of a hassle to clean, but it doesn’t create any waste. Oh well, at least I saved the day for my mom. :)

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Hello, Steepster, long time no see! I took up going to the gym and studying for the LSAT more seriously recently, so I haven’t been around my computer lately (which I think is a good thing overall – I used to spend too much time sitting at my computer at home!). I also have been drinking mostly just Lady Earl Gray at work so I wouldn’t have had anything interesting to say anyway!

I did, however, try this tea at work last week. I had a little sample tin from a gift my coworker gave me so I took it to work and brewed it after lunch. It smelled quite nice, a little bit spicy and cinnamon-y. After about 3-4 minutes the colour of the tea was still very light and the aroma still mild, so I left the tea in for a little longer. When I took a sip, my head almost exploded.

This tea is seriously SPICY. Like my-mouth-and-throat-are-burining-and-I-can’t-breathe spicy! I obviously waaay over-steeped it, but I didn’t even leave it in for that long! I leave most teas in for longer than the recommended time because they end up being a bit too weak for my preference if I don’t. I was pretty shocked at my result this time, to say the least. I gave it a couple more sips, but I simply couldn’t drink this tea. I am not a fan of most chai teas, and this one is definitely not one I’ll ever try again. Down the sink it went.

I gave the sample to my mom, who in contrast with me loves most chais. Even she said that she found it super spicy and was really surprised at how strong it was, despite its light colour. I think that was another thing that threw me off – the colour remained quite light even if I left it in a bit longer. My mom had the same thought and left it in for like 10 minutes, as she reported to me. She said she drank it though, so that’s more than I accomplished, haha. Well at least she can have fun with it. I am staying away.

Oolong Owl

wow, the ingredients list doesn’t seem odd for a chai, they must of went crazy town on the peppercorns.


Maybe it was the chili peppers. It definitely felt hot (not in the temperature sense)!


This tea isn’t for me either. When I drink green teas, I usually want straight teas or maybe jasmine flavoruing.

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drank Holy Tulsi by Herbal Republic
139 tasting notes

I’m really liking this herbal tea. I’m surprised I haven’t reviewed it until now, I’ve had this tea from Tea Sparrow for a couple months now. I think I got in in the December box actually, but I’ve been drinking it here and there. More often recently because I’ve taken a real liking to it. My throat has been hurting recently even though I am not sick, and I’ve been turning to this tea for help. Apparently it’s full of antioxidants and good stuff for you health. But the taste is really soothing. It has a couple of my favourites (lemongrass and spearmint) but the combination of those two with the tulsi (sweet basil) makes it really smooth and pleasant. It really does smell like sweet basil by the way. I’ve never heard of tulsi before I drank this tea, but I can confirm that it’s nickname is true to its nature. I’ve decided that this is going to be one of my staple teas, and will be restocking.

I would give this a rating of 85, but I am typing currently on my iPad and can’t seem to select the little dragging thing. I’ve always found that weird, by the way; why can’t we just input a number as text? Seems like it’s too fancy for no reason. Oh well.


That is SO annoying on the iPad. You instead need to press where you want the slider to go to, so if you want around 80, press there instead of trying to grab the slider to slide it there.


Ah, thanks so much! I will remember for next time. :)

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
139 tasting notes

Hello Steepster, long time no see! I’ve been really busy at work lately, and had to work overtime quite a few times this past week. So this is the first time I’m actually sitting down at my desktop to do some catching up on my various websites.

I received a gift card to DAVIDsTEA over the holidays, and last weekend I decided to go cash it in for something I haven’t tried before. And that’s how I ended up walking out of the store with a bag of this matcha and their handheld matcha frother (which is essentially just a milk frother with a stand-up holder; link, in case you are wondering about this marvelous contraption: https://www.davidstea.com/ca_en/handheld-matcha-frother)

The milk frother was only $12 surprisingly, and I’m quite happy with how it performs. I just use it to mix up the matcha while I warm up some milk, then dump it in the cup, froth the milk up and viola! Homemade matcha latte with foam. To be honest, almost milk is not the greatest at making foam, but I’ve had some successful attempts. Other times were mostly just bubbles that went away in a minute.

The matcha itself is pretty average. I mean, DAVIDs had three different ones to choose from. They all smelled pretty much the same to me, but this one reminded me of the one I used to get at Starbucks the most so I just decided to go with something more familiar to start with. I mean, it tastes good when I make the latte so no complaints there. I don’t think my matcha palette is evolved enough to be able to criticize any more anyway.

For the milk I first tried regular almost milk, which was pretty ok but lacked some sweetness that I like in my matcha lattes. So I tried switching to vanilla almond milk and that did the trick! I usually use a bit more matcha than is recommended on the instructions (1 tsp instead of .5 tsp) because I find the latte to be very weak with just half a teaspoon. I guess I’m used to making my teas strong? I’ve been enjoying these for the past few days. I’m glad they are quite easy to make, or else I’m afraid I couldn’t be bothered, coming home tired from work and all.

My tea trade thread has been updated, by the way! Maryelle, you shall be receiving your teas shortly. :)


Roswell Strange

Do you mean regular almond milk? I’m loving the potential Freudian slip though ;)


HAHA that’s amazing! My poor almost-milk… nice catch though! I think I will keep it. XD

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Another tea from my swap with Emilie!

I haven’t tried a jasmine green tea with another flavour blended in previously, and I must say that blueberry works very well in this mix! Although the jasmine is the dominant one, the blueberry is a subtle aroma and background aftertaste that I quite enjoy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their new year celebrations! I sure did mine. It consisted of opening my bottle of champagne at 8pm, drinking a few glasses of Mimosa while watching TV and falling asleep on the couch at 11. Then I get waken up at midnight by my boyfriend and I go to bed. It was just wonderful, considering I was pretty tired from being up at 7am for work.

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes for 2016.

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First time using this random tea template! I am glad someone made this, as currently I am drinking tea that I only know ingredients of, not the name or vendor. So here we go.

My mom kindly got me a tea gift set that came with a very cute plain white teapot that reminded us both of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. The tea, however, is not looking too great. So far I have tried 3 of the 4 that were included in mini glass jars (which I will keep for tea storage, they are perfect!), and only liked one.

The one I am drinking right now is just labelled as “Green tea with tropical fruits and flower petals”. It’s alright, but the flowery aroma is a bit strong for my liking, and it’s hard to taste the fruitiness or green tea base. That being said, it’s a huge improvement from the tea I tried this morning: black tea with flower petals. I kid you not, this tea is so flowery I thought I was literally drinking a cup full of roses. While it smells very nice, it’s not something I look for in a tea. This experience prompted me to create my own tea giveaway thread, since I don’t see myself going back to these teas anytime soon! If you want to try them (or other teas I have listed), go to my tea trades thread:


There were two other teas in the set, one of which I haven’t tried yet. One was a black tea with coconut that was pretty good. I can see myself finishing that one in time. The last one seems pretty straightforward: jasmine green tea. While I know what this should taste like, the flowery trend of this gift set has me a bit wary. Hopefully the jasmine will not be too strong!

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This might have been a slightly older tea, as it has a very muted aroma and flavour profile, but the remnants of which are still pleasant. It’s hard to taste all the fruity flavours that are included in the blend, but a faint blend of them all remains. I think I would have liked this tea a lot of it was fresh, but at this point it’s just hard to tell.

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drank Puerh Earl Grey by Red Leaf Tea
139 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure what to think of this tea, to be honest. Although it did have the bergamonty EG aroma to it, it was loaded with a strange astringency or bitterness that made me grimace. Since this is a puerh tea, I thankfully knew enough to go easy on the first steeping of it, and left it only for about a minute. The tea turned dark very quickly, and I don’t think I even left it in for that long. The strange bitter aroma unfortunately trasferred to the tea, and I just couldn’t finish the cup. I felt like the tea was battling itself with two different flavour profiles: the EG part that I knew and liked and the bitter, ashy puerh part that I couldn’t stomach.

Not my cup of tea I guess.

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A tea from the lovely Emilie from our swap.

This one is just heavenly. I think that all jasmine green teas can range from a score of just decent to very good, as there isn’t much that can go wrong. However, I have drank some of the lower-end ones that are “decent,” and what a difference it is from very good ones like this one!

The flavour is so bold and full, the base green tea dancing in harmony with the flowery jasmine in a beautiful combination of flavours. The only downside of this tea is that it leaves a bit of a dry aftertaste on my tongue, but well worth the wonderful tea!

Also drinking this one in my new Teavana double-walled glass mug that I got for Christmas from my mom. :) I loove it, I’ve been wanting these mugs for a while now, but never really was able to get around to getting them.


Merry Christmas to everybody!

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I joined Steepster Nov. 2/’15. I am an aspiring law student, currently studying for the LSAT. Meanwhile, I drink a lot of tea, work as a legal assistant and watch Netflix in my down time.

Ever since joining Steepster, I have tried a whole bunch new tea, met awesome people, and learned quite a lot! I am still expanding my tea horizons, currently working on exploring the oolong and puerh territories. Oolong has been a pleasant journey so far, while puerh is more rocky and uncertain. I shall keep trekking on!

My favourite teas are blacks and greens, both flavoured and unflavoured, and I have a few staples that I drink all the time.

I love to try teas that I would otherwise not have access to, and therefore I am always looking for people to trade samples with. Send me a message if you are interested!

My Wishlist is teas that I would like to restock (as a note to myself). My ratings are mostly arbitrary. Generally, anything above 90 I will likely restock. 70-80 I enjoyed, but will not go out of my way to get again. Anything below 70 was not that great, and the lower the mark the less I enjoyed it.


Vancouver, Canada

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