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I had this one this morning as I was finishing up my essay for finals today. I have to say I didn’t taste the vanilla anywhere. I definitely found the mint and the lavender. It took a little while but after a few sips it grew on me. It’s a very calming yet energizing tea! Thank you Shelley_Lorraine for this sample.
I stopped by the little bakery again and couldn’t resist but buy these.
Salted caramel and coconut lime.
I will be away this weekend at the lake with no Internet I will have a lot to log when I get back :)
I stopped to pick up a few drinks and I think I maybhave found my new favorite drinks.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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I am IN LOVE! I love love love love love this tea. It amazing just black, its amazing with a little of sugar and its amazing with sugar and cream. Everything about this tea I love.
The cinnamon, the nutmeg, even though there isnt much pumpkin flavor in there i still taste it and love it. The color is beautiful too!
I HIGHLY recommend this! I am already on my 3rd steep and its still going strong.
One I will definitely have to buy and keep in my cupboard. Thank you Shelley_Lorraine for this delicious sip!

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I stopped at a little French bakery after my finals review this morning and picked up some delicious macarons! I’ve NEVER tried them and have been wanting too forever just never knew where to get them and me being a baker have ALWAYS wanted to bake them. So finally I splurged!
The flavors I picked up: Pistachio, Raspberry, Lemon and Lavander.
So why not have the Pistachio one with this cup of tea!! Paired perfectly! The tea had the nuttiness of the pistachio and the macaron had the sweetness of the pistachio ice cream part. I love pistachio Ice cream and this tea did not let me down. Definitely a good idea to pair it with green tea. I loved it and thank you Shelley_ Lorraine for another amazing mystery swap choice!


I have always wanted to bake them too! I’m too nervous I’ll screw them up! They are soooo good though :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

It’s hard to mess them up. The only thing that can go wrong is that they don’t look too cute ha ha and spread instead of rise. I’m going to try baking them next week:)

Jackie O

I tried to make them and they spread instead of rising, if anyone finds a good recipe let me know!!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I will definitely log my experience with my go at it

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Took this one to class with me this morning for my finals review sessions. This is another one of those teas that is so simple but a staple tea. One to go to if your indecisive. Loved it black and also loved it with a little honey. Got me through the morning and I love it. Thank you Shelley_Lorraine for this mystery sample. I will definitely keep this one as a morning go to:)


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Not a fan of figs so I didn’t expect to like this one… And sadly I was right. Not a fan. Sorry:/

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This aroma was quite stong with the mint but to the taste not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I like this mystery swap tea from Moraiwe. But by the smell I was expecting it to be stronger. Another successful taste from Moraiwe. Thank you!


A good tea to go with my studying for finals!!


This is one of those where you can definitely use more leaf for something extra minty. I use up to a full tbsp depending on how crazy I want it. :D (Also use boiling water, even if it is green tea!)

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Another tea that came to me from my mystery swap with Moraiwe. In the package it smelled interesting and caught my “senses” so I decided to brew it up. As it brewed it started to smelled like fresh cracked pepper. I’m not too sure of what I think yet if this tea it will take a few other testings. There is a berry After taste that i was not expecting at all. It’s definitely different and I’m glad I got to experience it. Once again thank you moraiwe for opening up my pallet:)

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Got this from my mystery swap with Moraiwe. Breakfast in bed for me this morning with some brioche toast with Nutella and some catching up on Greys anatomy from last week. Perfection in a cup. The aroma was very sweet. To the taste you can taste the caramel and smell the toffee. In the second steep I will add a little sugar and milk. Latte style. Thank you for this tea!


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My first Ti Kuan Yin! When just dry it smelled inviting. I have to say I am very satisfied with this tea. At first when the 5 minute steep was up I had to check and make sure I actually had leaves in it… The color was very light but I guess from reading reviews that is normal ☺. Phew glad it wasnt just me. The aroma was that of a green tea and a hint of mint. I added a tad bit of honey and just loved it. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tea with me Moraiwe.

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Was looking for a caffeine free tea and thought why now?! Might as well try to keep my skin healthy while drinking healthy. The tart you usually get from hibiscus was not quite present. It had a hint of sweetness and a hint of the berry. While I’m not a huge fan of rooibos tea, this one was not as strong as most:) thank you for the nice brew before bed:)

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Hi! I am a 20 year-old from Salinas, California. I attended school in Monterey and played softball for my JC. I recently moved to San Luis Obispo, CA where I got a job as a full time baker and I LOVE my job! I have always loved to bake and cook since I was young and actually started my own cupcake business in highschool to help pay for my senior year as well as pay my way through college. Once I moved my cupcake business was put on hold, but I still love what I’m doing now. I love to work with children and hope to transfer soon to a college for child development or family psychology. I would also love to go to culinary school! I have a lot of things I want to do and am determined to do them! I am a huge tea enthusiast. I love to read about tea. Learn about tea. Make tea. Drink tea. Taste new flavors.

I am also very big on reading and always enjoy a good read. If you ever have any reccomendation never be afraid send it my way!

I am really excited to be a part of this tea community and can’t wait to trade tips, teas, recipes and treats!

PM me with any of the above and I can’t wait to meet you all!


(Salinas, Ca ) San Luis Obispo, CA

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