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I’ve brewed this with too much leaf a few times before actually measuring about 8 g for 16 oz. There’s a fine balance between too much leaf or not enough to get the vanilla bourbon to shine through. I do like a strong cup of tea, and even a bit of harshness to an Assam (awesome), but too much leaf here tips the balance and becomes too heavy and metallic.
So with the right amount of leaf this is an adequate cup, the second steep barely drinkable it is so much weaker than the first. While this is certainly an interesting combination, I like Upton’s Almond delight better for a flavored tea. This one is a bit to fussy to brew correctly to get a good cup.

Flavors: Bitter, Caramel, Metallic, Vanilla

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I couldn’t find a tea with & or and, so I went for a sipdown of Simpson & Vail instead. At least its a sipdown, though I’m sure my next S&V order will have this tea in it.
This is still a strong brisk tea with a nice bite to it. Brews up quickly and would make a good travel tea, maybe with a bit of Yunnan to soften it up a bit. It balances the bitterness on a knife edge, I know it’s a sharp taste that will pucker my mouth, and yet I want another sip. At least all the bitter, metallic taste is up front, the finish is malty and nutty.

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drank Choco Chaga Detox by DAVIDsTEA
187 tasting notes

Sipdown. This smells like chocolate, but is just too weak to be truly enjoyable. I liked the few cups I had, but won’t be purchasing again. It was worth a try, not something I need to drink again.

Flavors: Chocolate, Malt

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There was enough to brew two cups in this sample from Shae, and the first attempt to brew some bourbon with tea leaves wasn’t that memorable. This morning was a different story, maybe I had a bit more leaf to water ratio. The first steep seemed a bit weak at first, but as it cooled, some interesting boozy vanilla notes and a woody taste come through. It had a pleasant aftertaste, but not a smoky note as you would expect with Lapsang.

The second steep has much less vanilla, and more caramel bourbon with a booze bite. Still an enjoyable cup, and I’m puzzled as to why I didn’t like the first cup from the sample. I’m not sure I need to search out more of this tea, but I did enjoy the taste. Thanks Shae!

Flavors: Caramel, Vanilla, Wood

Lexie Aleah

I was eyeing this one the other day when I noticed it at Target. I should probably look on the website for a sample size before I commit to a whole tin of it though. It sounds really good!


At Target? No kidding? (I’m going to have to run by ours this weekend!)


I second that! Going to Target tomorrow!

Lexie Aleah

Hopefully, your Target has it in stock. Mine only had about 2-3 tins left.

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drank Vanilla Black by Maya Tea
187 tasting notes

Oh my, two tasting notes in one day? The busyness of summer must really be over.

I got this vanilla tea to compare to my favorite comfort tea from SFherb, and I didn’t check the ingredients closely, this has jasmine in it!

I thought I might need a side by side taste test, or that I wouldn’t like the jasmine, but I didn’t need to worry. SFherb vanilla is a single note, and Maya tea vanilla is a whole vanilla wafer or sugar cookie. The floral note waits until the end and is very subtle, unless I had read the package I wouldn’t be able to tell the jasmine was there. I really want to like this tea, it starts so well, but there is a soapy, astringent aftertaste that lingers after the vanilla cookie goodness. Once I noticed the aftertaste, it kinda lost its luster and I need a cup of SFherb vanilla to rinse my mouth out.

If you like jasmine and vanilla let me know and I’ll send you a sample.

Flavors: Floral, Sweet, Vanilla

Lexie Aleah

There was really lovely jasmine and vanilla green tea that a local tea shop in my area used to sell at the market but they unfortunately shut down. Have you tried blending this one with another black tea?


That’s a good idea, maybe an Assam (awesome tea) or a Yunnan with soften the edges here.

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drank Raspberry Black by Maya Tea
187 tasting notes

I’m probably expecting too much from this tea to be robust and raspberry. It certainly is fruity and light, with a natural raspberry taste. Its quite an enjoyable cup worth three steeps. I’m just expecting a bit more from the base.
This one is going back in the cupboard until it hits 90 for the first time next summer when I’ll try a cold steep. Today is the first day of meteorological fall and I’m ready for cinnamon and ginger, not fruity summer light tea.

Flavors: Raspberry

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Another tea from Shae, I’ve gotten way behind on my tasting notes, it’s been a busy summer!
This is yummy, yeasty, chocolate malt, and very smooth. The first steep had a bready, caramel aftertaste. The second steep brought in a dark chocolate note. The third steep is weaker, but the malty, chocolate taste is still there. I certainly don’t need any more tea this year, but I’ll keep this in mind for a next order. Thanks for sharing, Shae!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Dark Chocolate, Malt, Yeasty


You had me at yeasty.


I steeped it 5 times! It’s definitely on my purchase list :)

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drank Jin Jun Mei by Verdant Tea
187 tasting notes

From Shae, thanks for sharing!
Yum, this is chocolate malt in a cup, and very smooth. I started with 4 grams in 6 oz of water and am on steep number three right now. A nice bread, yeasty taste to this too. Way too easy to sip this down, its gone before you know it. I would certainly consider this one for purchase, but its been a long while since I’ve made a Verdant order.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Chocolate, Malt, Yeasty


I really liked this one too. One of my favorites, I think, from my last order.

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This one is from Shae, thanks for sharing!
A cold front is bringing showers, clouds and cooler temperatures, pretty soon it will be fall tea drinking weather. This tea reminds me of a big red robe, with more toasty bread or hay notes. There is a harshness underneath that is smoothed over by the sweetness of the toasty hay, with a slight nutty aftertaste. Overall not bad, but I expect a bit of chocolate from a laoshan black so I’m wondering if it’s the autumn or the way it was processed. It’s an enjoyable cup, though if I had a whole bag I’d be tempted to blend it with something savory or sweeter to get a more interesting flavor profile. Glad I got to try it.

Flavors: Astringent, Hay, Nutty, Toasty

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There is a sweetness about this tea that makes it go down nice and smooth, easy drinking and you don’t even realize there is nothing more left in your cup. It’s not that strong of a licorice taste, but I like licorice so I don’t mind the taste. The tulsi comes through, with a tart vegetal note, and I’m not sure what else I’m tasting here. If I buy more of this I would mix it with chamomile for a sleepytime blend, or maybe try it iced. The instructions say drink this hot, but I’ve never been good at following the rules. I do see another Maya Tea order in my near future as their podcast Steeping Around makes the tea all sound delicious and they include the history of each tea so I am learning things as well. Apparently I won’t be good at sticking to a tea budget this year either, lol.

Flavors: Licorice, Tulsi

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I started drinking more tea about 10 years ago when I found that even my half -caf coffee was making me jittery and then sleepy after the caffeine wore off. While I started out with mostly Teavana, but soon expanded my tea cupboard to include lapsang souchon, pu-erh, Assam, and other strong black teas. I do enjoy oolongs, green, and other teas, as well as a nice tisane for an evening cuppa.
I’m not fond of jasmine or bergamont teas, though I’ll try anything once.
I am an avid traveler, hiker, soccer player/watcher.
I love trying new tea in new places, if you see something in my cupboard you want to try, hit me up for a swap!


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