Drank this tea with Ashmanra’s “oldest white tea” Monthly prompt in mind! TBH, this could also fall under the category of finicky tea, ever since cracking this open I’ve had a hell of a time figuring out the right parameters.

The first time i tried this tea it was very watery, the flavors were a ghost of what i had hoped for. I figured it was because of some storage issue, the bag had been sealed and bandied about for years, so i decided to give it some time to breathe in a bamboo box i was given specifically for sheng pu. fast forward a month to now, and the tea is doing better. slightly. theres more of a tobacco note than I had perviously picked up on. the minerality also adds a bit of depth, and i get some roasted sweet potato and dried out Trader Joe’s bouquet. Almost like hay. A little disappointed at this tea, maybe it’s the fault of my storage technique. I’ll have to check back once it has had even more time to rest.

Flavors: Mineral, Tobacco, Yams

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