424 Tasting Notes

drank Peppy Peach by Beleave Teas
424 tasting notes

The smell of the leaf was definitely peachy. As I was smelling the dry leaf I kept thinking – and I mean this as a compliment – that it reminded me of the smell of peach Jolly Ranchers. I don’t mean that the tea smelled like anything fake or candy-like, because I think peach Jolly Ranchers smell delicious. Both they and this tea were smack you in the face peachy, and that’s a great thing. It’s the kind of scent that makes me want to sit there and smell the leaf for a while, but I made myself make the tea. First world problems!

Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/07/beleave-teas-peppy-peach/

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drank Brown Sugar by Tea Leaf Co
424 tasting notes

I had been warned that I would be blown away when I opened the bag, so I purposefully did not unseal it until I was ready to brew it. Delicious aroma – mostly brown sugar, a little maple. I think I could have been happy just smelling it all day but I know you want to know about the flavor too.

The color of the leaf was dark, almost like a black tea so I knew that it would be very oxidized (my favorite). I love seeing safflowers in leaf; they add such a pretty touch. I honestly don’t know what they do flavor wise but remember, we eat with our eyes first and my eyes were really feasting on this. I picked the cup and saucer for the shoot based on the safflower color.

The color of the brewed tea was remarkable. It was a golden orange color that reminded me of sunsets over the ocean.
Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/07/tea-leaf-co-brown-sugar/


sounds lovely!

Tea Leaf Co

So cool you celebrated Canada’s day with a cuppa maple tea! Proud moment for Tea Leaf Co. Happy 4th of July to you and all our US Steepster friends.

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drank Cup Cake by Tea Temptations
424 tasting notes

When the tea was really hot it tasted sort of thin, but as it cooled it became more full bodied and absolutely decadent. I taste marshmallow – I guess that is the crème brûlée. It also has a lovely caramel vanilla flavor. It’s like drinking a dessert that would have had hundreds of calories in it. This isn’t a chocolate cupcake, it is a vanilla cupcake – maybe a vanilla cupcake with caramel icing! The finish is long lasting, sweet and decidedly caramel. I don’t taste almond at all so it must just be in there supporting the other flavors.
Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/07/tea-temptations-cup-cake/


woohoo sounds good


That sounds amazing! Going on the wishlist! :D

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The mouthfeel on this brew was incredible – I have a Steepster friend who calls it “pudding mouth” and I don’t think it was until today that I fully understood what she meant. It’s not that the tea was thick because it wasn’t really thicker than any other tea, but it had a wonderful mouth-coating quality that made it seem extremely decadent. If you are a texture person, you will love this tea.

The flavor definitely conveys the description on Kat’s site, which says the tea is the “perfect blend to drink on a chill night in a hobbit hole.” While I was drinking it I found that I had a cozy feeling just because of the tea’s flavors. A bit of toffee, a bit of spice, wonderfully balanced with the black base. I was transported to a place where it was cold outside but I was cozy and warm inside, maybe watching snow fall outside a window. Comfort in a cup.
Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/06/solstice-brews-hobbit-hearthwarmer/


Perfect description of this tea. I’m a fan of Solstice Brews. Kat is amazing!

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The instructions said to brew the tea for three to five minutes, so I went for four. The flavor was lighter than I expected. Tasty and tropical, but I wasn’t smacked in the face by the flavor. It also had the tiniest bit of astringency on the finish but it wasn’t unpleasant.

It was very nice but not remarkable. Hot it was a tea that I could definitely finish but might or might not reorder it.

And then I iced it.

Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/06/specialtea-teas-organic-caribbean-cooler/


I totally make family members taste when a tea surprises me. My husband, always cooperative, is actually becoming a more discerning tea drinker, which is fun. :)

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drank Citron Vert by Dammann Freres
424 tasting notes

I love this tea. The lime is balanced perfectly with the base and I have an awesome lime aftertaste in my mouth.

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I brewed the tea at 175° for three minutes. I liked that the resulting tea was tinted pink. I don’t know why but I like my tea to have a little color, and white teas usually don’t have much. It was probably the hibiscus turning it pink. Sometimes I think that hibiscus adds too much tartness to blends, but in this case there was a tartness that I felt in the back of my palate, but it tasted more like a fresh raspberry sort of tart rather than just a hibiscus “tart for the sake of being tart” note.
Full review and tea porn: https://tealover.net/2015/06/do-you-tea-raspberry-rejuvenation/


Love! I haven’t tried the ones I rec’d yet. I should review the Spicy Coconut one just for you :p


Pretty! The color goes especially well with your cup and saucer :)

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drank Turkish Delight by Tin Roof Teas
424 tasting notes

Tin Roof’s Turkish Delight tea looks beautiful. Long twisty black leaves, whole pistachios, sliced almonds, cardamom pods, pink peppercorns. The dry leaf smells lightly spiced and exotic.
Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/06/tin-roof-teas-turkish-delight/


Oh awesome. I’ve been curious about Tin Roof Teas. Nice!


I put the last couple of teaspoons of this in your box.


That sounds good!


Love that you picked up some actual Turkish Delight to try alongside the tea! I love that stuff, especially coconut and pistachio.


I actually bought lichee on the same trip, for the same reason. I have never had it!


I might have to order some of this :)

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The dry leaf smells strongly of caramel, and there are little squares of toffee mixed in. Naturally I had to eat one right away. Wouldn’t you? It was hard, which was nice so it didn’t get stuck to the surrounding leaves. The flavor was ooey gooey caramel, buttery and with a hint of coffee.
Brewed the coffee flavor fades away. The caramel is balanced really well with the base. I think I like this better than Kusmi’s Caramel, which has been my favorite until now. There is a slight buttery flavor but nothing that is too forward. It’s really just a big caramel hug in a cup, and I can’t get enough of it. This is one of those hidden gems and you should definitely check it out.
Regency themed photos and full review: http://tinyurl.com/oshsvn7

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drank Special Dark by Mandala Tea
424 tasting notes

I always hate those long, drawn out posts that go on and on about the different steeps, so I’m going to make this fairly abbreviated and let the pictures speak for themselves.

I gave the pu an initial rinse and dumped it. Then the first steep was 30 seconds. This steep was super dark, a little bitter, notes of leather and tobacco. I decided to dump this one too and go with a shorter steep (15 seconds) this time. The second steep was delicious. Strong dark tea flavor, hints of leather but very pleasant and WHOA is it possible that I already have a tea buzz?

Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/06/special-dark-ripe-puer-2006-mandala-tea/


Yes it is….

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Mom of two practically grown girls, extremely happily married to a man who is amused by my obsession with tea, and company owner who works from home. Life is good.

Likes/dislikes: I love black teas, especially strong/malty ones. I am ok with flavored teas if the base is strong. I like some whites. I really don’t like any tea that tastes “green” – if I wanted to drink something that tastes like green beans, I would cook some green beans. I am not big on green teas or genmaichas. I am learning to like puerhs.

If we are trading, I have a STRONG aversion to coconut, banana and licorice. I love citrus, vanilla and spice. Not a fan of florals.

Check out my blog!


Kentucky, drowning in tea.

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