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How have I not rated this before?! I love this one! It is so perfectly sweet and delicious. Mixes well with soy for a great evening caffeine free treat. I actually forgot about this tea until tonight! going to The website to order more now!

Edit: I want to rate this closer to a 90, But my phone won’t agree with me!

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To reward myself for trying to move away from “dessert” teas lately, I switched it up and got to go back to a nice, sweet dessert while lesson planning! I’ve reviewed this tea before and it’s just as good the second time! This time, I heated up some vanilla soy to steep with my water, though, so it’s like a little blueberry cream latte. Perfect for this mild January morning!

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I don’t particularly like white tea OR champagne, but I love this tea!

The raspberry flavor is prominent, but not overwhelming. No bitterness or astringency that I’m picking up. I bet this tea would be DELICIOUS iced! But since it’s too cold for that, I’ll stick to it hot today. Still yummy :)

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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drank Peach by Adagio Teas
59 tasting notes

Sunday Sipdown #3

Super stoked! I think I’ve cracked the case of Adagio black teas! Thanks everyone for your advice…

I put less tea leaves than I normally put in this cup, then only steeped it for 1:30, and THEN put just a TAD of rock sugar in it to try to cancel out some of the bitterness and Gasp it is officially drinkable!

Excited now to go back and drink my 24 teas I got over the last year that I couldn’t stomach when they were super bitter! Yay!

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Sunday Sipdown #2

Okay, when I first started drinking tea, Adagio was my GO TO spot. Everything tasted AMAZING to me.

Now, everything tastes bitter and gross. I’ve deduced it’s one of three factors:
1. Before, I didn’t use quite boiling water, as I mostly microwaved the water
2. I’m steeping too long or with too much tea leaves?
3. I’ve just gotten used to better quality tea.

So, this cup, I tried steeping shorter time (1min 30 instead of 3 minutes). Still bitter. Dumped that cup out and did a 1 minute steep with the same leaves. Still bitter, now just watery. I’m going to try again after this watered down cup with less leaves and not so hot water.




The black Adagio bases are so finnicky, I think less than boiling water is the way to go.


Adagio Apple tea is one of my favorites.
I like steeping for 3 minutes in boiling water, then serving it with milk and sugar. It’s delicious that way. I have no idea what your problem with it being bitter is. Maybe use filtered water? I find tap water imparts some un-happy flavors to tea.

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Sunday Sipdown #1

Thanks to whoever sent this to me as a sample! It was so long ago I couldn’t even begin to make guesses!

I am trying (and actually succeeding!) to move away from adding soy milk to every tea that I drink and only drinking dessert teas, so I like to push myself with non-dessert teas that do NOT warent soy.

Anyway, for that reason, I started with this nice, light green. Though I am rather inexperienced in green tea, I think this one has nice, smooth base to it. The “caribbean” flavoring is okay, but I wish it could be stronger. I did add just over 3tsp to a 16oz travel mug, so I don’t think it’s brewed weak; I just think the flavoring is subtle.

Half of me wishes it was more “in your face” flavoring, but the other half thinks it’s fine just the way it is. Guess you’ll just have to decide for yourself!

This is one I’ll enjoy, but probably not re-order.
170 °F / 76 °C 1 min, 45 sec

The name alone sounds amazing!

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This is less chocolate and more spice than I was hoping for. It’s not bad, but I was expected a richer, deeper chocolate flavor and instead keep getting spice tap danced across my tongue. If you’re looking for a chocolate mate, I’d suggest 52 Teas brand, instead!

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Thank you to Nicole for this sample!

I was beginning to feel like my palate was broken today because none of my teas were tasting how I imagined they should (or how the previous reviews made me think they should taste), but this one is good!

I don’t know why I assumed this would have bergamot, but a quick scan of the ingredients and I find I am wrong! Despite my longing for that flavor, I still am enjoying this tea!

It has a deep tea taste, but is still light and citrusy at the same time. Has a hint of a flowery note in the smell when I take a sip, but I’m not picking any of it up in the taste.

I’ve never understood what people meant when they said “astringent” in a tasting note, but this tea makes me feel like this would be an accurate description for this tea for some reason. Hmm.

Still getting the same super sweet aftertaste, but I’m thinking that might have to do with the soy I’m using now, rather than the teas. Not pleasant.

Pretty good!

EDIT: After reading other reviews, I feel I should add to this… Can’t taste the strawberry, but another reviewer also said don’t add milk to this and like I said I (mistakenly) added soy to this, so maybe that’s why I’m getting the weird aftertaste. I can’t break myself of this stupid soy habit! I need to stop it! With blacks I mostly want to smooth it out and make it able to drink quicker. I guess I could use ice instead! Ha!


In my experience, soy is generally fine in lemon or citrus-based teas. Regular milk might curdle, but soy just adds a creamy flavour and cools down the tea. I apparently have the same problem, in that I add soy milk to almost all my teas. :) Even grapefruit teas and LEMON teas.

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Saturday Sipdown!

This is another one I got in an old swap, which I think might contribute to its taste (it’s been sitting in with a bunch of other swap baggies).

I can’t pick out a ton of individual flavors, but overall it’s a decent cup. A bit overly sweet, leaving a strong after taste. Can’t taste too much TEA flavors.

Decent. No rating because I probably didn’t take as good of care of the sample as I could have, which could have contributed to the taste.

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drank Monkey Fart by 52teas
59 tasting notes

Been wanting to try this one for awhile as I LOVE banana, but I usually drink tea when I’m in need of caffeine, and as this does not have any, so I haven’t pulled this out of my sample box yet. (Also, I’m not sure from whom I got this tea…. Baggy and blue marker for the name? Thanks whoever you were!)

At first, the banana wasn’t as prominent as other reviewers have said, which disappoints me because I want the crazy laffy taffy banana flavor! It could be because this tea isn’t brand new in my sample box so I really don’t know how old it is…

The longer I let it cool, the more the banana flavor comes out, though! I hope when it gets to the perfect temperature, the banana comes out of the cup and slaps me in the face!

P.s. My dog apparently wanted to add this to the review: “\p-0o”

6 min, 0 sec

The part about your dog XD

Madeline Alyce

Haha yea, they ran across the couch and over my laptop! I’m so afraid they’re going to knock a key out one of these days! This is my work laptop!!!!! I already had to exchange my power cord because of “damage” aka puppy chewing….

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