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What I like most about this tea is the subtle smoothness of the coconut. It is sweet and fragrant and delicious (if you like coconut). The addition of the cornflower and safflower makes for a nice visual, though they add nothing to the overall taste. A simple delight, nicely done.

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I love jazz. I love Monk. I did not however love this tea. I felt like the smell was overpowering and the taste was weak and vaguely artificial-tasting.

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I find the blend to be sweet and fruity enough to be enjoyed by day, yet relaxing enough (thanks to the chamomile and lack of caffeine content) to be sipped at night. As we progress into the summer months, this tea will make an excellent iced tea delight.
I find the aroma of this blend to be highly intoxicating! Reminds me of a real creamsicle!

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I found a review for this tea on the Tea Review blog and so I thought I would give it a go. I have steeped it a few times now to see if I could get it “right”. Their website says to steep 1-2 tsp for 2-3 minutes. I found that 1tsp steeped 2minutes gave me the “best” steep. And by “best”, I mean not so bitter or overwhemlingly lime-y as to have ruined the entire cup. Also, I can smell the coconut but I can only taste the lime.
Now I have a 40z bag of tea that I REALLY don’t want.

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Now I like a nice strong brew, so this tea suits me perfectly. Every time I brewed a cup of this tea, I couldn’t believe how quickly I would finish it. This is a smooth, full-bodied tea with a touch of malty sweetness. Great anytime of the day, but especially in the morning when caffeine is most essential.

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Wow What a fun tea this is! I had never heard of Blink Bonnie prior to discover LeafSpa Organic teas. For every tea lover, you must try this visually-stunning hand-crafted designer tea. This green tea consists of green, white and cinnamon colored leaves hand-twisted into 2-inch spears. Definitely a tea to be steeped in a glass container to watch it unfurl. Presents with an earthy tone. A most exquisite and elegant tea. Great job LeafSpa!

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There’s nothing I love more than a truly experimental blend. So when I caught wind of Climber’s High, I rushed to order it. Experimental is perhaps the best “category” for this tea which contains black, green AND white tea, PLUS pu’erh, PLUS yerba mate AND a host of various herbs, roots and spices.

This tea certainly packs an energetic punch, thanks to the caffeine from the green, black and pu’erh teas, and the from the mateine from the yerba mate, and the also the warming and stimulating effects of the ginseng root, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom and chocolate.

The aroma of the dry tea conjures up a spicy chocolate forest – which is lost when brewed, as many blends (without artificial flavors) are apt to do.

The tea itself is a bit too cut & torn for my liking. Out of 18 ingredients I could only identify four of them. Even the brightly colored safflower petals were all but absent.

There is a strong and bakey quality to this tea. However, the sheer amount of ingredients seems to flatten out the taste. It lacks the excitement of a journey that having such a long list of ingredients might imply. The dry finish was reminiscent of many pu’erhs I have tried. Of all the teas, herbs and spices in this blend, the most pronounced is yerba mate, but I wouldn’t say that it dominated the blend.

To bend an old axiom: Too many leaves spoil the blend.

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I gotta pass this along to my best friend. She loves going on hikes:)

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The tea itself is a premium blend of black tea from India that brews up a colorful dark reddish hue. The taste of the tea is a touch bakey, and ends with a nice clean finish.

What powers the excitement and joy of this tea is the memorable fragrance of sweet apples, and balanced by a warm spiciness. It reminds me of Hot Tamales candies, Cinnamon Red Hot candies and Candied Apples. Smell being more potent than taste…

Although there were no brewing guidelines, I brewed a few cups at a full-boil, and steeped them for about 4-minutes. I have also found that I like the tea better with a touch of honey to bring out the sweeter details of the blend.

What I love about this tea is that every time I drink this tea, I take a sip down memory lane.

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Little Yellow Teapot

Sounds yummy! Have added to my shopping list.

Lelia's Tea Ware

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and my favorite mug!

Lelia's Tea Ware

This morning I tried a new tea, Brewley’s of Ireland …wait for it….Irish Breakfast!
I liked it a lot, full bodied and not too astringent.

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