Same steeping parameters and this was a sample. I would NOT buy…but a nice tea if looking for even more health benefits and if you want a “juicy” tea. It was somewhat juicy, but not as much as the Wholeberry [this one got a little too tart] I reviewed. Because of the Cinnamon Bark and the Peppermint Leaves, the juiciness was diluted slightly; I tasted cinnamon with a cooling effect, the peppermint. This was a tasty tea. I must admit, the duration steeping time barely effected the taste; the cinnamon only got a hint stronger but nothing intolerable; the peppermint however, got a little stronger too almost to the point of throwing out, but it was tolerable as well. You could not really taste the green tea because of the other flavors.

I did however, appreciated the packaging. Nice pyramid-style sachets which were wrapped for freshness.

Boiling 8 min or more

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