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I was concerned with this one due to the Turmeric. Nothing against Turmeric personally as I do eat it and sprinkle in oatmeal, unable to taste it there, but with tea it’s been pretty miss when it’s added into the blends. My experience with Palais de Thes has also been mixed – some teas are great, some meh, some awful.

Surprisingly this one was very good actually, and is something I’d reorder for more supply. Not sure how detoxing really is, but the taste is good.

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Back log of Day 15 of Advent Calendar – boy, I’m behind on these.

Light on the tea base, but the cocoa and chocolate is spot on for a chocolate cake type tea. Really does make me think of chocolate cake crumbs once the main meal is done. Not bad at all just wish the tea presence was heavier.

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Another back-log

I drank tea in December - I just didn’t really log it apparently.

I am not sure from the bag sampler if this was supposed to be a black blend or an herbal blend. It got confusing

It’s not bad, though. Light colored, citrusy. Grapefruit with a small smudge of lemon. Bright but nothing memorable for me.

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drank Gingerbread by Adagio Teas
306 tasting notes

Short and not sweet, brief, backlogging note for this one for my own poor memory.

Another nope from Adagio’s Advent. It’s no wonder I lost interest in the advent calendars this year.

Surprisingly a bit bitter – definitely strong. Not for me, though.

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Catching up with more Christmas tasting back-logs

Bergamot is intense in this one, flowery with the cornflowers. Flowers come through first after the strong black - it is too perfumy for me. Not getting the coconut and creme. Hard pass on this one.

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More back-logging, oh dear, Christmas cheer has come and gone but I was slow to get these copied over.

For once I get strong apple and spices in the background of a tea that proudly declares itself as containing “apples”. Or the company does, whatever, you know what I mean.

It’s not bad. Also not memorable really. Heavy on the spice. Sugar and spice do not always make everything nice, but this is drinkable for the holidays.

Sadly, it doesn’t make me think of romantic anything.

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drank Christmas by Adagio Teas
306 tasting notes

A massive backlog – found notes.

Drank this Christmas day for Christmas from Day 23 of Adagio Advent Calendar.

Disliked. A black tea with clove coming through overly strong. A late bah humbug.

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drank Christmas by Adagio Teas
306 tasting notes

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I have a weird “moon” thing – got into moon artwork, jewerly, and names in my twenties. I naturally gravitate toward any “cool moon” names with teas. Strangely most are disappointments – I need to find some staple moon teas that I adore!

This one is good, drinkable, and floral. Not a top favorite but will definitely be able to finish it off. Blueberries come through as Violet and there’s almost that small undertone I associate with Chai that is made without milk and as a straight tea - almost a colored pencil underlayering.

I do like it. Don’t get a pepper, unless that’s what is causing the other tastes.

I need to also find a Full moon, Wolf Moon, and New Moon Blend I adore -- sadly this is harder to do than my strange, dorky heart requires.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 4 OZ / 118 ML

You could use the Adagio create-your-own-blend feature and make them yourself! That might be fun!


You’re not wrong, maybe I’ll try that someday! :)

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Second cup of this. Glad I wrote a sticky note on it to stick to three minutes and needs a little sugar to balance. Perfect – I usually steep teas longer but three is the spot for this one. The blueberry is coming through strong this time and nice after my afternoon walk with cheesy horror music playlist on Spotify. Was craving something fruity and sweet.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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I have a drink obsession in general – daily lattes and coffees, and of course teas of many varieties. I mainly drink hot tea in Florida, but still enjoy the occasional southern sweet iced.

My preference is black tea, although I’m open to trial and error with others. I like the old fashioned English style tea cups, tea parties, food pair-ups, mini desserts and pies, cubes of sugar, small collection of Rose Red tea pets, you get the idea. I will always have an old fashioned tea kettle on the stove, but have recently purchased an electric tea kettle that I absolutely adore. I’m lazy by nature, so I have switched to stuffing tea bags for the loose teas to save on clean-up and disposal with other strainers.

I love smokey teas, non-bitter, not overly astringent, strong tea background mixed with flavored teas, no artificial sweetener tastes, balanced florals IF there must be a floral. I used to love spice, but it has to be done right. A former chai fan – now it reminds me of colored pencils. Cinnamon sounds good but so many teas have it artificial or odd tasting. Same goes for chocolate, some things have to be done just right to work.

Primary Tea Companies currently in 2022 – Harney and Sons, August Uncommon, Simpson & Vail, Fusion, Tea Spot, English Tea Store for odds and ends, The Tea Table

Most missed tea place and tea: Plum Brandy Cheesecake by Butiki

Very picky with anything Roobios, and Darjeeling/Oolong are hit or miss depending on the blend and my taste buds. Mint works in a mood but I’m not a big fan. Gravitate toward good name blends and fall themes when doing yet more sampler orders.

I like adding a cube of sugar to almost all teas, not usually milks. I don’t like stevia or any artificial sweetener taste. I adore honey, but to me it doesn’t suit tea unless I have a sore throat as both the tea and the honey change their flavor profile quite a bit if I mix them.


Lakeland, Florida, United States

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