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Still a good dessert tea but I have many from this company and don’t think still that this will be a keeper. Made a two cup pot tonight and sipped while watching True Crime and munching on a yummy fish dinner. It’s sweet and doesn’t need sugar if you prefer without – which I don’t – the almond is there but not cloying

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This tea is so moody! Sometimes I like but sometimes the bitter tendencies creep up on me. My recent sampling of this tin was not as enjoyable as it sometimes is. It is so inconsistent how this turns out! I refer to blame “user error” which is common sense.


Gosh, I am torn! It sounds good but I also think it might be too much citrus for me. I wonder how it would be as sweet iced tea?

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So far my favorite of the Fairy Tale box. Most are decaf or fruity but this one is black tea with a certain spice and perfect subtle cinnamon bite that blends together well. The box is reasonable, the tea plenty, and you cannot beat all these fairy tale cover arts and themes. Now if I only could find my missing Rumpelstiltskin :( I obviously did not put him back in the box where he belonged last time and he must be buried in the tea cabinet somewhere.

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drank Terrormisu by BrutaliTeas
306 tasting notes

Nice chocolatey, nutty goodness with more sipping of this one. Indulged with a mystery book in a bath after a tiring day. Does make me remember I forgot my order of chocolate though

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Second brew of a 3 cup pot was more yummy than the first sampler. Perhaps the name or the smell, reminds me of morning coffee a bit. Will likely be a keeper staple after out of the small size.

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Another NO-keeper for me – I usually love Brutaliteas but doing a clear out of this one and The Tart of Ruin. There’s just something unpleasant and borderline bitter with both of them for me.

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Unfortunately still not a big fan. Added some more water and watched the steeping. Not horrible too flirty with bitter and tartness for me.

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Such a good tea – enjoying sips of the bags for when in the mood for a fruity but also tea blend with the rooibos. Harney so far has done pretty good with all of these new Disney tin blends.

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Almost done with this one – we enjoyed a large pot the other night while watching some TV. Still as good as the first time. Will definitely be a re-order in my future.

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Even better to finish this out – sweet and full bodied, a great tea. Will order more when I have a chance.

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I have a drink obsession in general – daily lattes and coffees, and of course teas of many varieties. I mainly drink hot tea in Florida, but still enjoy the occasional southern sweet iced.

My preference is black tea, although I’m open to trial and error with others. I like the old fashioned English style tea cups, tea parties, food pair-ups, mini desserts and pies, cubes of sugar, small collection of Rose Red tea pets, you get the idea. I will always have an old fashioned tea kettle on the stove, but have recently purchased an electric tea kettle that I absolutely adore. I’m lazy by nature, so I have switched to stuffing tea bags for the loose teas to save on clean-up and disposal with other strainers.

I love smokey teas, non-bitter, not overly astringent, strong tea background mixed with flavored teas, no artificial sweetener tastes, balanced florals IF there must be a floral. I used to love spice, but it has to be done right. A former chai fan – now it reminds me of colored pencils. Cinnamon sounds good but so many teas have it artificial or odd tasting. Same goes for chocolate, some things have to be done just right to work.

Primary Tea Companies currently in 2022 – Harney and Sons, August Uncommon, Simpson & Vail, Fusion, Tea Spot, English Tea Store for odds and ends, The Tea Table

Most missed tea place and tea: Plum Brandy Cheesecake by Butiki

Very picky with anything Roobios, and Darjeeling/Oolong are hit or miss depending on the blend and my taste buds. Mint works in a mood but I’m not a big fan. Gravitate toward good name blends and fall themes when doing yet more sampler orders.

I like adding a cube of sugar to almost all teas, not usually milks. I don’t like stevia or any artificial sweetener taste. I adore honey, but to me it doesn’t suit tea unless I have a sore throat as both the tea and the honey change their flavor profile quite a bit if I mix them.


Lakeland, Florida, United States

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