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You do have to take care with the steep of this one as it’s pretty strong – and it still has that drying end touch in the throat, I don’t like high astringency type. This is all herbal and the fruit notes are great, but there is something about the mixture that can be overbearing. This time I brewed less than 1 scoop in a large mug for 4 minutes. Herbal generally encourages longer steep but not with this one, something in it is simply too drying.

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Well, no idea why I rated so high the first time.

Since then, have had twice more. It is strongly in-your-face floral. Experimenting with different Earl Grey’s is fun and I’m a fan of S&V. The tea is simply pretty with the flower petals. It’s definitely strong, but I find that I don’t want a strong floral note in my Earl Grey and would prefer it to be a subtle friend to the main Grey blend instead, so don’t think I will be ordering more of this.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Boston by Harney & Sons
301 tasting notes

It had been awhile since I dipped into this lovely tin. I forgot how good it was and ended up having two 2-cup pots. The second time I got distracted and steeped 7 minutes rather than five and think it made it ever better. It’s brisk, non-bitter, vibrant but not overpowering. A nice staple breakfast type tea to me that would be good for breakfast and early afternoon. The small bite of cranberries is fading a bit as the tea is getting older, but blends well with picturing a cool morning seeing a fog drift in over Boston. Still remains a keeper, even if I haven’t drank it recently.

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Not bad, but different. I’m trying to find more decaf options. There’s a bit of chocolate and certainly the Roobios. Will have to do more sips – almost a bit of caramel to me. I did expect a few more strong flavour notes to come through.

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Not their strongest tea but I enjoy it. I have this one, their Special Blend Black which is very good, and a Special Orange Cranberry. Special all over the place :D

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drank Honeyed Orange by 52teas
301 tasting notes

Tried this one today – I love sweetened orange tea so this one was enjoyable.

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Still good after being old by now. Sipped today trying to make room but this one is still a keeper. Very warming and nice all year round.

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It’s amusing, this has been in my tea cupboard for like 2 years because I bought a full time and never cared for it. Decided to try again today before reusing the caniser - I steeped at 4 minutes and actually like it now a decent amount. It reminds me a little of a lapsang souchong with a touch of cigar smoke instead of traditional campfire smoke. Still not a favorite, but decided to finish it out now instead of toss it.

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Been awhile since I had this, and as good as the first sip! I don’t like many from this company for some reason but this is in the top three for me. The name alone is worthy since I’m such as a big bookworm.

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I have a drink obsession in general – daily lattes and coffees, and of course teas of many varieties. I mainly drink hot tea in Florida, but still enjoy the occasional southern sweet iced.

My preference is black tea, although I’m open to trial and error with others. I like the old fashioned English style tea cups, tea parties, food pair-ups, mini desserts and pies, cubes of sugar, small collection of Rose Red tea pets, you get the idea. I will always have an old fashioned tea kettle on the stove, but have recently purchased an electric tea kettle that I absolutely adore. I’m lazy by nature, so I have switched to stuffing tea bags for the loose teas to save on clean-up and disposal with other strainers.

I love smokey teas, non-bitter, not overly astringent, strong tea background mixed with flavored teas, no artificial sweetener tastes, balanced florals IF there must be a floral. I used to love spice, but it has to be done right. A former chai fan – now it reminds me of colored pencils. Cinnamon sounds good but so many teas have it artificial or odd tasting. Same goes for chocolate, some things have to be done just right to work.

Primary Tea Companies currently in 2022 – Harney and Sons, August Uncommon, Simpson & Vail, Fusion, Tea Spot, English Tea Store for odds and ends, The Tea Table

Most missed tea place and tea: Plum Brandy Cheesecake by Butiki

Very picky with anything Roobios, and Darjeeling/Oolong are hit or miss depending on the blend and my taste buds. Mint works in a mood but I’m not a big fan. Gravitate toward good name blends and fall themes when doing yet more sampler orders.

I like adding a cube of sugar to almost all teas, not usually milks. I don’t like stevia or any artificial sweetener taste. I adore honey, but to me it doesn’t suit tea unless I have a sore throat as both the tea and the honey change their flavor profile quite a bit if I mix them.


Lakeland, Florida, United States

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