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Not supposed to be on Steepster. Not supposed to be even thinking about teas until next payday. Even though I have bunches of new tea swag. Payday is forever away. But I miss steepster, and I don’t feel good. Besides, I was saving this sample for a sick day, and I am sick. Shouldn’t hold a girl who isn’t feeling well to a deal she made with de debil when she could still breathe through her nose. And there isn’t any tea in this tea anyhow, so it’s not really a tea review.

This stuff deserves it’s own infomercial complete with outrageous claims and wide-eyed fake co-host surprise. I usually hate things that are good for me. This tastes amazing. (I added some honey because my throat is horrible, then found out that it is a great compliment to the flavor, as others have noted.) It is the impossible dream, real medicine that doesn’t taste like it already got sick once. But that’s not all… ! It’s even all organic! This is THE “sickly-seasonal herbal concoction”. I am stocking up for the winter once the income, energy, spirit and diet have cleared up from the consumerist winter seasonal holiday nightmare-event.


You can’t be all that sick…you said this too well! You’re surely on the mend!

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I’ve been drinking this tea daily while at work, and it has really been good to me. Not only has it been consistently tasty, but it has been very forgiving when I am less attentive than it deserves. Mornings at work I need all the smiles I can eke out of my otherwise bleary face.


Mine is under the tree. Sigh. It will be liberated soon!

Londo Mollari

Harsh! :( Well, at least you know you are getting good presents. I am never sure until I open gifts from the S.O. if they are going to be anywhere near what I want. He is wonderful, but not much for shopping.


Heehee! I ordered it all myself! :) He is extraordinarily busy, and since he is going to ask me what tea I want anyway, I saved him a step and ordered it! It isn’t wrapped yet, though! One tin may have been opened, and may have been sampled, but we won’t say for sure, at least not on a public forum, yes? :)

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Hello, as you may have guessed, I am not really Londo Mollari. Apologies for the deception. I am Melissa.

In addition to my teas, I am a bit of a foodie, have an undying love for red wine and am lucky enough to have all the restaurants of DC and several VA wineries within a lazy reach of home. I have an ever-expanding orchid obsession and I have been known to talk to them. It helps.

To be honest, Tea went from being an interest to a bit of an obsession fairly recently for me – since I quit smoking. Tasting things is amazing, who knew?! Though a nice cuppa now replaces a much worse addiction, I spend FAR more money on this than I ever did on cigarettes.

I have loved tea ever since I was small, probably too small, visiting on the farm in Nebraska and drinking all my grandmother’s sun tea. I still prefer now what I liked then, watching tea slowly stain eddies of water, tasting nature.


Washington, DC Area

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