190 Tasting Notes

drank Green Spiral by Utopian Tea
190 tasting notes

What an interesting green tea, it’s like none i’ve ever had. The liquor is thicker than usual, and the color is darker as well. It doesn’t taste vegetal,or grassy at all, but instead has an earthy aspect, that reminds me of some black teas maybe? I can’t place the taste, but it is really full and very flavorful. Unfortunately, I have very little of this tea left!

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absolutely delicious tea. it is mild, but it is very refreshing. This tea is smooth, slightly floral, slightly sweet in the back of my palate and even a tiny bit vegetal,too. This is a great tea to sip on on rainy mornings like today when it is hard to get started.

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very light tea, vegetal tones mixed with some nice citrus flavors. sadly, i’m almost out of this tea :(

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drank Dong Ding by Naivetea
190 tasting notes

The tea turns out to be a beautiful,striking golden yellow liquor. The first flavors in the tea I taste is a lightly roast quality. I also taste some nice sweet, toasted notes, which remind me a lot of a genmaicha’s sweet/ toasted notes. The combination of both of these flavors is very pleasing to my palate.The tea is light and smooth in my mouth, and is not excessively heavy at all in my mouth. The tea rolls into my mouth and smoothly around my palate, which I like.

for the rest of this review, as well as pictures and a video; check the link :) http://bit.ly/hqt369

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love this tea! will do a more thorough review soon :)

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Holy Vanilla! This tea is so potent, and smells like you just stuck your nose into a vanilla bean. The smell alone, makes me want to taste the tea immediately! (i am a vanilla fiend!). Sadly, I was kind of disappointed with this tea, it was vanilla-y on the nose, while the tea was hot, but the vanilla seemed to go away and dissolve as the tea cooled off. The taste of the tea was a mild black tea, not anything to write home about, but I was sipping on it at night after an exam, so the tea helped me relax, but I think i wouldn’t drink the tea if I wanted a boost in the morning/afternoon. The tea reminded me of how vanilla as a flavor is a bit subdued and kind of on the mellow side,which is exactly how this tea strikes me. I would have liked the vanilla to be more present in the tea flavor, and maybe a stronger black tea too.


If you are ever in the mood put in a splash of milk and a wee bit of sugar for a very creamy vanilla tea. :)


Oh! I’m going to try that :) Sounds very delicious!

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I am really behind on logging my teas, but that’s what finals week will do to ya! So, I reviewed this tea on my blog, but man, this is a delicious tea!

The dry leaf of this tea smells amazing. It smells like butterscotch candy, caramel and fresh birthday cake. That smell made me want to taste this tea immediately! The tea liquor was darker than I was expecting, it was a darker golden color, and smelled sweet and roasted with some very prominent burnt sugar overtones.The taste of this tea is much milder than I was expecting, especially with such a powerful caramel overtones in both the dry leaf and the tea liquid. The caramel flavor is strongest upon first sip,when the tea is first entering my mouth, and while I can still smell the caramel streaming up from the cup.

Read the rest of my review plus pictures over at my blog! http://bit.ly/foeM5u

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After steeping and straining the tea into my cup,, the liquid smells of straw, and earth. The brew itself is very dark, which reminded me of a puerh tea. But the liquor color was more brown and less reddish brown, which is common in puerh teas.The cocoa nibs that are found in the dry tea, have melted into the tea liquor, creating a very chocolate-y aroma paired with the straw/earth aroma.

Check out my blog for a more in depth review! http://wp.me/sQxcK-595

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec

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You really have to see it in person to admire it, but this tea is just beautiful to look at. There are beautiful reddish-orange flower petals mixed with the silvery and white tea needles work well together. The smell of the dry leaf is more candy like than pomegranate, but either way, it smelled sweet, and reminded me of lollipops.

For a more in depth review and a Time Lapse Steep Video check out my blog! http://wp.me/pQxcK-8f

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drank Wen Shan Bao Zhong by Naivetea
190 tasting notes

The first thing that I noticed is that the leaves are much larger than the small hand rolled balls of oolong teas that are popular.The dry leaves are a beautiful deep green color with hints of lighter green. The shape of the tea was twisted and long in length. The dry leaves smell a bit nutty and roasted,and the tea really smells like it has been toasted.

Check out my blog for a more in depth review…complete w/ a time lapse steep vid! Check it out :) http://bit.ly/bne2C2

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Hi! i’m melissa, and I’m a tea enthusiast , artist,photographer,crocheter, outdoors lover, tech geek, reader and musician.






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