190 Tasting Notes

The dry leaves are pretty, and have some dark green, brown and silver tips visible.The dry leaf has a sweet floral scent, that pairs with a vegetal, more nutty scent that reminds me of peanut butter. The steeped tea smells lightly like nectarines and lemons, but overall has that traditional black tea scent. Upon first sip, this tea is crisp, and delicious.

check out a more in depth review at my tea blog: http://bit.ly/aRmqaR

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First things first: This tea is hand rolled with a slight arch to make it look like eyebrows! How Bizzare and intriguing! The dry leaves do look like very tiny eyebrows…maybe for a mouse, or a chipmunk.The dry leaves smell very sweet and grassy. After steeping,the first thing I noticed was that all the leaves almost completely expanded and unfurled! The unfurled leaves are the tea liquor was a medium amber color and smelled almost cinnamon-like, with hints of fruitiness and a darker scent, that reminded me of fresh-baked cinnamon chocolate chip cookies.

to read a more in-depth review..check out my tea blog! - http://bit.ly/aWTWB0

Peggie Bennett

I have a chun mee tee on my tea shelf that I haven’t tried yet (not this company). I am glad to read this, now I might move it up in the “what is not yet opened?” list. It sounds perfect for cooler fall weather!

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drank Act Normal by Shui Tea
190 tasting notes

On first smell, this tea embodies a very rich earthiness,both in the dry leaves and in the liquors aroma. First sip..? This tea is bold! I can taste some sweetness,peppery notes and some citrus-y flavors (which may be the tannins of the tea coming out). I really like the boldness of the tea…

to read a more thorough review check my tea blog: http://bit.ly/dD2HXN


HAHA! I haven’t laughed that hard at a tea name in ages…


You should check out some of the other ones he has…i love the quirky tea names!
examples from shui tea: sweet revenge, sugar daddy, good in bed, confused tourist…. :)


The name made me chuckle, too. I’ll have to check these out.

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First and foremost, the rolled oolong is beautifully rolled, bright green leaves. They smell slightly floral and have a very heavy fresh scent as well. The color of the liquor is a golden yellow-green color. The best part of the tea is the flavor. This tea is pretty light, but its subtle flavors are fantastic. The first thing that hits me is the fresh, buttery mouth feel, which just paints the tea all over your palate.

to see a more in depth review, check my tea blog! http://bit.ly/92RO2F

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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This is a lighter Assam tea, but does pack that caffeine! I took this with me to my Ancient Philosophy class this morning, and the Captain made my morning. The tea is very much in the vein of a breakfast tea, shown in its lighter flavor profile. It is lightly malty, and creamy. I added some milk this morning to cool the tea off before sipping, and that just made it creamier!

For a more in dpeth review of this tea… check my blog! http://bit.ly/db9MJe

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Glad I’m not the only one who thought this one was a bit lighter.

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I really like this tea! it is a beautiful medium/dark green color in the dried leaves. The dry tea also smells very lightly floral, and is not overpowering. I admire this about the tea, because personally, I do not usually enjoy Jasmine Teas, for they can either be too Floral, or taste fake and flavored. This tea is neither of those things. It smells lightly floral and sweet.

read a more expansive review on my blog!! http://bit.ly/aIINsN

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Mocha Nut Mate by Adagio Teas
190 tasting notes

this is delicious. this tea is my first time ever having mate, but after sipping it on my commute to school, it certainly won’t be the last. I am convinced to buy more after this sample runs out!

Meghann M

Glad to hear this is good:) I just picked up a sample today!


yay! i can’t wait to hear what you think about it. I am pleasantly surprised ( as usual with adagio!) .

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I sampled this at the store yesterday and it was rather good. I found it was wonderfully roasted, a bit earthy, and the chocolate wasn’t sweet it was more light unsweetened dark chocolate. Yum!

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This chai alone is pretty spicy, but tastes as if you brewed it on the stove for an hour,which is a plus since it is instant! What I do to combat the spiciness, is add equal parts hot cocoa and chai mix to steamed milk. The cocoa/chai mix is a really tasty treat, and the cocoa combats the spiciness of the chai a bit.

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reading for class and sipping this delicious cup of tea :)

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