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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
332 tasting notes

Made this one for the first time the other night. I was skeptical but it actually turned out really good! It tasted like buttered popcorn, with some sweetness and a lighter apple flavor.
I haven’t decided on a rating yet but I really enjoyed drinking this while I was working on some school work.

Flavors: Apple, Butter, Caramel, Popcorn, Sweet

14 OZ / 414 ML

I was browsing your profile the other day wondering where you went. Welcome back.


welcome back! :D

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drank Rooibos & Peppermint by NUTE
332 tasting notes

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Not a fan of this one. I’m getting notes of apple, raspberry, and strawberry with a strange peppery taste from the tulsi. It’s like they tried to make a capri-sun inspired tea with a savory element. Bleh (Hope this isn’t in next year’s advent calendar)

Flavors: Apple, Fruity, Pepper, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tulsi

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more 16 OZ / 473 ML

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So I was and still am figuring out the Lupicia Group order details with Tea-Sipper. I was steeping this and didn’t hear the timer go off. It’s very over-steeped so much so that even the Coconut Milk eggnog didn’t help it. This was the last of it so now it’s a sipdown.
If there’s ever an ok time to oversteep your tea this much it’s definitely when your in the process of ordering more teas to try! Haha This tea is quite good when it’s steeped properly (: Unfortunately I haven’t seen it on the Harney & Sons website for quite awhile even though I bought it only last year. It’d be a shame if they discontinued it.


I am running through a test of all the Keemuns from Teavivre! I bet this one was good. I am working my up to the finer ones all the way from the bottom, so it will be a few days before I hit a Mao Feng.

Lexie Aleah

Ooh! Let me know how it is. I’d never had a Mao Feng before I tried the Harney & Sons one.


Whoops, sorry about that. I was drinking Harney’s Chocolate Chai yesterday. :D
Ashmanra – I was going to do the exact same keemun Teavivre test too one of these weeks! One keemun a day thanks to that awesome Teavivre sale on samples.

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(Sipdown! yay!) Brief note on this one.
This is a very good tea that represents tiramisu pretty well.
The only critique I have are that it doesn’t give me that boozy coffee flavor which is what makes me think of tiramisu. There is just the right amount of coffee flavor for me in this, and with a little milk added I can taste the tangy mascarpone coming through. For those of you who don’t know what mascarpone is, it’s really similar to cream cheese but of a higher quality. I really like how the oolong blends with these flavors. I didn’t like it at all when I first tried it because again I mainly associate tiramisu with a very strong alcoholic coffee like flavor. After about two cups I decided I quite liked this one.

Flavors: Cheesecake, Cocoa, Coffee

185 °F / 85 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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Split a pot of this tea with a family member who really enjoys it. (I know! I know! it’s not a winter tea whatsoever except for the Rhubarb aspect of it.) I have always really wanted to like this tea as much as everyone else seems to but I always just get a very soapy tasting artificial strawberry flavor.

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2019 Sipdown Count:5
College Freshman
Lover of Animals and Books~

I’ll try any tea at least once.

Favorite Flavors:
- Eucalyptus

I drink tea for many reasons: For pleasure, health benefits, mindfulness, to help with anxiety, hydration because I have always struggled with drinking plain water.

Love: All Green teas,Sweetness, Chamomile,Eucalyptus,
Medicinal teas,Floral,Bergamot,Creaminess, Roasted, Stevia, Grassy, Vegetal, Matcha,Seaweed notes, Green Rooibos, Licorice Root, Jasmine.

Picky about:hibiscus,peppermint.

Can’t Stand:Lemongrass(I’ve tolerated it on a few occasions mainly in black teas.) I’m really sensitive to it. I don’t drink teas with figs in them either.

0-23 Rating Means I couldn’t finish the cup


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