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Tickled tonight to find 3 different English Tea Shops holiday collections- organic! And at TJ Maxx for 4.99 a box. Each with 4 different teas in them and three of each . I choose to do with one first because it was caffeine free and it’s late at night. The instructions say 2-3 minutes brew time. I wish I would have used another bag to overleaf it or steeped it longer. Next time I will try one of those methods. It’s a very light peppermint flavor. Yummy but light. Peppermint is the only flavor I’m picking up in this one. It’s still yummy.

Flavors: Peppermint

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I’ve seen others put in custom blends- so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I mixed Adagio’s Cream (black tea) with Tea Gschwendner’s Caramel. These were samples from The Cookie Lady and Marzipan- thanks ladies! I thought Caramel Cream sounded good. It’s already been a long hard day and it’s just the afternoon. So, I’m sitting down to rest some with my cup of tea! My sister was put into the hospital yesterday with chest pains and they are doing testing. We homeschool and have had a full day. I’ve done 4 loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen. I have overdone it and I’m now hurting. A cup of tea to the rescue! (And essential oils for pain!). Enjoying the caramel and cream flavors. I am getting both flavors but the caramel is the strongest. I would have liked a creamy cup- had one from the tea spot that was really creamy. Kinda sits on the tongue with a bit of aftertaste that has a bitter bite to it. Perhaps I oversteeped it? Directions on one was 3minutes and other was 2 minutes. I should have gone for the less time but I did it in the middle at 2 1/2 minutes. I would try this blend again.

Flavors: Caramel, Cream


Prayers out for your sister. Hope all is well.

Kyla Covington Abercrombie

Thank you. She was released from the hospital tonight. They dud a heart Cath. Echo and lung test. I don’t thing they really found anything. Perhaps it was stress. She’s to follow up with a dr. Thanks again for the concern.


Yikes! Sounds like you’re having a time of it. Hope all’s well with your sister. Remarkable how tea and sympathy (aka, comfort and community) never go out of style. Here’s hoping a warm cup can warm your heart.

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This came in my select box. I’m not a fan. Most of the flavors I got in this was smokey- like tobacco, earthy. It’s a mix of China and India black teas – it was to much like coffee for me. Not a coffee fan at all. I’m out of milk so I did something different- I added a splash of organic chocolate milk! Never done that before but oh my! Brought a whole new level to it. I really enjoyed the cup after adding it. I’m going to say I would recommend this tea- if you are a black tea fan and like that “heaviness” with an earthy, woodsy, smoke taste then you may like it! Without the chocolate milk added I wouldn’t have been able to drink it. That’s the good thing about the steepster select boxes- it’s not a big investment and you get to discover different flavors.

Flavors: Coffee, Earth, Heavy, Smoke, Wood


what was your parameters? i find it quite good at 200F 3min 3g or 1tsp. 8oz
Not bitter or coffee like to me.


Damn Fine Teas will be at the Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival that I’m going to this weekend. I was looking forward to tasting their Oktoberfest and other blends. I’ll see what they have to say about add chocolate milk.

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I purchased this in Teavana’s signature blends collection so it was already combined. Earlier today I tried David’s organic blueberry jam – it tasted like a blueberry muffin in a cup. I remembered I had this one and thought I’d make it to carry on the blueberry theme. It has a tart kick right at the beginning. Tart then strong pineapple and a hint of blueberry. The pineapple has a much stronger taste than the blueberries. I liked this much better after it cooled off some. I’m thinking this would be really good iced. If has a sweeter finish. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it again but I’ll drink this up.

Flavors: Blueberry, Pineapple, Sweet, Tart

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This came as a sample from Marzipan. I’m thinking she has good taste in teas! Second sample from her and both were yummy! This taste like a blueberry muffin in liquid form! I’m digging it! But it’s wanting to make me get up and bake!! It’s breakfast in a cup! It has a nice rich blueberry taste. It’s not overpowering or weak. I don’t think it’s one I would search out to buy but if I needed to add a little something to an order for a discount- I’d throw this one in! Added bonus it’s Organic! I’m enjoying just holding the cup and breathing in blueberries! Yum! No bitterness. Exactly what you would think a blueberry tea would taste like. (Without an artificial aftertaste – this is the first David’s tea I’ve tasted. Sometimes with Teavana I get an artificial aftertaste)

Flavors: Blueberry

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Weird. I did a tasting note and it’s gone. Oh well. Ok. this is the worst tea I’ve had. I did actually pour this one out. It smelled and tasted like melted crayons. (Childhood experience- don’t ask me how I know what melted crayon taste like. Lol) I tried rock sugar. I tried honey. I couldn’t get past the melted wax I’m assuming that was coming from the chocolate in it. Not a fan at all. I actually had to run hot water in my Breville to get the smell out.

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This was a sample sent to me from Marzipan. It’s a black tea which I don’t have much experience with. I couldn’t put my finger on the flavor. I looked it up on the River Tea site and it says Mango and bergamot but they aren’t listed in the ingredients. Says rose blossom, cornflower blossoms and sunflower blossoms. This is in my top 3 favorite teas!! I made several pots with this sample and was very sad to see this end. My son and I both enjoyed this one all day long. It was sweet, had a well rounded taste. The flavors went well together. The site says it’s a summer tea- but I could drink this all the time! I do see how this is a lighter mouthfeel than a spicy chai but it was perfectly balanced in the flavors for us. Thank you so much for the sample Marzipan!! I never knew my life was missing this one!!!! Only problem now is that it’s gone!! (I did use my local honey to sweetened this one)

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I won’t rate this one. But it’s the worst tea I’ve had. I wanted a mint tea last night and thought I’d try this one. It honestly tasted and smelled like melted crayons in my cup. I ended up pouring this out. Gross. I made it per the blenders instructions.

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This is my new favorite herbal tea! Perfect tea for a relaxing evening. I’m finding I really like mint teas and this is paired perfectly with the chamomile. I added a touch of honey just to sweeten it up a bit. The package states 5-10 minutes steeping. I like a stronger cup so I did it for the full 10 minutes. Not bitter, not overpowering. I truly enjoyed this cup!

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This came in my first Steepster select box. I haven’t tried many black teas because of the caffeine. I woke up with a terrible headache today and wanted something with caffeine. It smells divine! I brewed just like the package suggested in my Breville one touch. I did add creme and sugar to this one. It has a heavier mouthfeel similar to coffee. This certainly goes in my top 5 favorites so far!! It has a hint of a spicy fruit in it. But not a fruity tea. I taste clove and possibly nutmeg- fall flavors. This taste like Autumn!

Flavors: Clove, Fruity, Nutmeg, Spicy

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Last year while out of town I found teavana and fell in love. I love hot spicy teas. This year I returned and purchased even more. I also received the Breville One Touch for my birthday. I’m open to expanding past Teavana. I signed up for the monthly box. I’d really like to find an organic flavorful tea company! Looking forward to sipping away!
Update: spicy chai’s are still my favorite. But I’ve found I also like mint, green, jasmine, oolong.
I have also discovered I don’t like floral. The old lady smell is enough to make me not even try it brewed.
And undecided about herbals. Guess I haven’t tried enough of those yet.

Still on my discovery journey of teas.



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