1165 Tasting Notes

Sample sipdown! I definitely oversteeped this all three times I made it (distracted, not timing, etc.), so the woodiness of the rooibos came through stronger than it probably otherwise would have. Luckily I like rooibos! I think the blackberry and apple flavors are pretty solid here. The apple probably gets a boost from the chamomile, which is a nice combo. Would I have chosen this one myself? Probably not, because I’m not big on blackberries, but I’d happily drink it again!

Flavors: Apple, Blackberry, Woody

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Sipdown! If I had to guess, this probably came from a Tea Thoughts (spring?) countdown box. I didn’t mark it though, so really I’m just going off fuzzy memory. I assume it would have been a spring box because of the sakura. This is a good oolong for warm weather. It’s light without being thin, gently sweet, and has a hint of tartness. It is slightly drying on the back end, which I could take or leave with this flavor profile, but it doesn’t diminish the enjoyment.

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I woke up feeling boiling hot today. Turns out to have been a migraine, but it put me in the mood for fruity tea. This particular blend was a gift from a friend’s trip to France. It’s surprisingly robust for a French tea. I’ve come to expect French teas to be subtly flavored, but this one has a very clear peach flavor with a minty finish. The peach is sweet but not overly so, with maybe the faintest hint of tartness? I turned the last third of the mug into a tea soda. This blend lends itself beautifully to that. This would probably be great cold brewed too.


Hope the tea helped end the migrane. Mint seems like a cooling feeling to combat overheating.


Thanks! It is, I like mint, fruity blends, and bug-bitten oolongs for hot days.

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drank Mango Green Tea by Cusa Tea
1165 tasting notes

Sipdown! Admittedly, I wasn’t paying super close attention to this one today. One perk of powdered teas is that they are very portable and easy to add to bottled water, so I tend to use them for travel. Today I used it at the ballpark, which only allows outside beverages in if they are sealed plastic bottles of water. So after we made it past security, I cracked open the water, added the tea powder, and shook until blended. Historically, I remember Cusa teas not always dissolving perfectly under these circumstances, but today it did. But between the heat and the game, I wasn’t giving this my full attention. Which is fine. It’s mildly fruity and sweet, it’s caffeinated, it’s inoffensive. Sometimes that’s all you need.

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drank Vanilla Parfait by DAVIDsTEA
1165 tasting notes

Also not a true sipdown because I have more bags, but this one is finished. I appreciate that I haven’t gotten sick of this blend yet. I think a lot of that has to do with the straightforward creamy vanilla profile. Simple, classic, ideal for a health blend.

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drank Jasmine Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
1165 tasting notes

Not a true sipdown because I have another bag, but this one is done. I like this! I had better notes jotted down somewhere, but from memory: I like the floral jasmine here, I recall the underlying oolong being smooth and creamy, and it resteeps well Western-style as well as being good for grandpa-style brewing.

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Backlog to mark a sipdown from last week. This was definitely a good-to-the-last-drop blend. Come to think of it, I’m not sure whether I’ve seen a lot of other lemon/hojicha combos, which is surprising because it works really well.

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Sipdown of a tea closest to sipdown for ashmanra’s sipdown challenge. Apparently I meant to gong fu the last of this – and given how little leaf was left, doing so was my first thought – but I made it on a work day and wanted a larger-volume brewing method. I still find this closer to a tie guan yin than the strong minerality I usually associate with dong ding. Which was actually a pleasant surprise, since I had forgotten that about this particular tea and wasn’t super looking forward to it.

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drank Vanilla Parfait by DAVIDsTEA
1165 tasting notes

Still drinking this one quite a bit! Lately I’ve been having it with fresh mint and almond milk. I was not sure whether the mint would work, but it actually works really well!

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drank Salted Caramel Chai by Wissotzky Tea
1165 tasting notes

I think this is part of the newer line of chais that may end up replacing my precious rose chai. For my first try, I made it with a three minute steep and generous (for me) quantity of almond milk. (As with the rose chai, I made sure to eat first because the base for both of these is an Indian Assam and those have a tendency to hurt my stomach.) I found it surprisingly rich – sweet and flavorful without being overpowering. I don’t like things to be too sweet and grew up drinking 1% milk though, so YMMV! I suspect this will be downright indulgent with oat milk. It’s pretty creamy even with the almond milk, which makes me think that some of the creaminess is coming from the blend itself – almond milk is just relatively thin for what I’m picking up. There’s also caramel sweetness, some maltiness from the base, a whiff of salt, and maybe vanilla? Not sure about that last one, I might be imagining it. I just love the rose so much that it’s hard for me to find anything dessert-y to be an adequate substitute/replacement, but this is definitely a worthy addition to the Passover tea lineup.

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