735 Tasting Notes


Sipdown of this blend that came to me courtesy of Cameron B., and meets Mastress Alita’s September sipdown challenge for “a tea from a tea swap/traveling tea box.”

This reminds me of an almond rooibos that I bought in NOLA a few years ago, which was so undrinkably bad that I had to get rid of it. The almond flavoring here is reminiscent of that. BUT. This one is actually ok because of the cinnamon and coconut. I’m still not a fan of this particular almond flavor because it’s a bit cloying and somehow artificial tasting, but the other flavors temper it to the point of enjoyability – especially with a splash of oat milk.

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drank White Ginger Pear by Tea Forte
735 tasting notes

This one is super old, but it’s finally a sipdown! I can no longer remember what it tasted like fresh, but now it tastes mostly like pear candy. The ginger is faintly perceptible, if at all. Not bad, just a little sweeter than I was hoping for at the moment.

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Honestly I was shocked that I even still had this – I stopped shopping at TJ’s early on in the pandemic so this has got to be at least three years old. I’ve switched over to Harney’s Pumpkin Spice Rooibos (which I’m pretty sure is the same tea that TJ’s sells). So when I went to go make my first PSL of the season, I wasn’t expecting to have a bonus sipdown opportunity.

This was one of the first blends that got me into tea to begin with, and I still enjoy it greatly. It’s a very mellow pumpkin spice blend while still having a very identifiable flavor profile. It takes oat milk very well, and I enjoy that I can have it any time because it’s a rooibos. Thankfully I still have a tin of the Harney loose leaf.


It’s the same as Harney’s? I love the TJ one but didn’t love the Harney one, weird!


I can’t prove it’s the same but I’m pretty sure it’s the same! Weirdly, the Harney loose leaf and sachet versions taste different to me, though they almost certainly are not. My best guess is that it’s a question of the amount of leaf used – I have a habit of overleafing.

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drank Chamomille by Dammann Frères
735 tasting notes

Catching up on tasting notes, so there are about to be a few, bear with me!

We went away for a few days recently! It was the first time we’ve gone anywhere or done anything special since a year before the pandemic, so we decided to be indulgent and stay at a really nice hotel. We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant and I was a little reluctant to order tea because the quality of restaurant tea is always a crapshoot, even at high-end places. But I was genuinely pleased and impressed when they brought this out! Even in the sachet, it’s whole-flower chamomile of clearly high quality. It was absolutely delicious, a beautiful complement to dessert, and a great way to ease into the night. 

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drank Sencha Peach by T2
735 tasting notes

Catching up on my sipdown notes. This tea is really old so I won’t rate it.

I’m generally not a huge fan of T2 but I don’t mind this one! The peach flavoring is really pleasant, peachy and gently sweet and slightly tart – like an actual peach rather than the candy-like peach taste some teas have. It also complements the grassy sencha base nicely. I’m sure the sencha itself was more flavorful years ago when I bought this but by now it’s pretty one-note.

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drank Gokujo Hojicha by Ippodo
735 tasting notes

Another sipdown, though admittedly not really because I already have another bag ready to go. I absolutely love this tea, one of my favorite hojichas. It’s roasty, delicious hot or cold, and great for evenings because of the low caffeine content. It takes sweeteners and flavorings well and makes for a delicious latte, too. This is an absolute workhorse of a tea.

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drank Honeycrisp Apple by DAVIDsTEA
735 tasting notes

Catching up on some sipdown notes! I was drinking this while working so I didn’t pay close attention to the name of the blend and had assumed it was some kind of apple “plus” – a chai, or a PSL-type blend, or something creamy, etc. But the whole time I’m drinking it, I’m thinking “ huh they really missed with this one, it just tastes like apple and nothing else.” Which, duh, is what it’s supposed to taste like! So, touché. It tastes like a sweet, juicy apple. Mission accomplished.

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drank Gingerbread Cookie by DAVIDsTEA
735 tasting notes

This bag has got to be like a decade old, so it’s a good thing I can finally claim it for a sipdown, and one that counts for Mastress Alita’s sipdown challenge because it’s a mate! Shockingly, it’s still really flavorful, with really spot-on flavor. It made my heart beat really fast and hard though, so I ended up only drinking about 2/3 of the cup.

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Today’s sipdown! Unfortunately, even though it smells nice, the vanilla flavor isn’t particularly robust. I ended up just adding oat milk and turning this into a woodsy rooibos latte. I enjoyed a peppermint tea earlier today and can smell the roasty hojicha that’s brewing now, so I don’t think this is an issue of my sense of smell/taste being off (always my first thought nowadays). The flavoring is just… meh.

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I grabbed this teabag out of the TTB before sending it on, so calling this a sipdown when I’ve only got the one bag and have had it for so short a period of time feels like a stretch, but I’m doing it anyway. This tea tastes so much like clover sprouts that it’s almost disorienting. Like drinking salad. But it’s pleasant! I like that it’s different and a little spring-y fresh without being particularly sweet.

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