16 Tasting Notes

drank 2007 White2Tea Repave by white2tea
16 tasting notes

I continue my sample tasting with the repave.

My sample seemed a bit small. Took a somewhat smaller than usual-sized chunk which is nearly half the sample.

Nevertheless, the taste camemthrough stronger than with the ‘often’. The other difference is that there is no bitterness/atringency. Otherwise, the taste is fairly similar to the ‘often’ with the same transition from heave smoke to smoothness. Overall it probably the better tea of the two and the higher price is offset by the greater strength. I enjoyed it.

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drank 2007 Classic Mushroom by white2tea
16 tasting notes

I had a sample of this tea. Brewed a chunk of it that seemed more or less the correct size.

Like the ‘often’, there’s a strong smokey aroma/flavour but underneath there is another note that failed to please me. Not sure how to describe it. I steeped it out but was left with rather mixed feelings.

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Bought a couple of (semi) aged puers from W2T and decided to start with this one.

The first time I brewed it I mistakenly thought it would be compressed very tightly and went to town with my pick, resulting in a lot of dust and broken leaves. The second try I just plucked off some leaves by hand.

The first two steeps, there’s quite a bit of bitterness/astringency (which I don’t mind) and a fairly strong smokey aroma and flavour. These disappear quickly and left is a smooth tea. I read people describe development over steeps but it gives me more the impression of the tea having given its best in the first few steeps.

Nevertheless, it is enjoyable enough if not very memorable and for the price it’s definitely good.

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This is a very tasty roasted oolong tea. I had a pack last year which I enjoyed very much and picked up a new pack when I passed London.

It is not as buttery as I remember it from last year but still very smooth and easily drinkable. I didn’t count the number of steeps I got out of this but I finished two thermoses of hot water before I went for the long steeps. The cooled down, infused overnight tea tasted really good as well.

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I am drinking the 2016 version of this tea. Assuming that age matters more than year of production and I can review it here.

The taste of the tea has changed since I bought it. Earlier there was a more aggressive edge to it that has now mellowed off. It glides in very smoothly now. I don’t mind a stronger taste myself but the joy of this tea, as Hojo likes it, is in the aftertaste which is really powerful and long-lasting.

I don’t have other white teas to compare with (though last year I sampled all Hojo’s offerings) so take my recommendation for what it’s worth but I really enjoy this tea.

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drank 2016 Sister Brother by white2tea
16 tasting notes

Tried these nearly three month after I got it. I used different gaiwans and just eyeballed the amount of leaf so it definitely fails as a comparative tasting.

I get a smoked bacon smell/taste on both but more so on brother than on sister. Brother also had some sournessthat wasn’t entirely pleasing; sister was more rounded. I’ll revisit at some later time because I think they’re too young yet.

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