A beautiful tea. I love Bulang; there’s something about the peppery acidity that makes me happy. The leaf is loosely compressed and has a sharp grassy scent. The undertones include some light florals and sweet aromatic wood. I warmed up my shibo and threw it in. I gave the shibo a shake and lifted the lid to intense raisin tones with apricot. The scents are sweet and heavy. I can take in some dark wood underneath a massive amount of peach. This was going to be a good tea. I washed the leaves and gave em a steep. The taste has a sweet character with some light bitterness, at first. The peppery kuwei rises up from the vegetal and floral qualities to nip at the tongue. The next steep yields some roasted vegetable tones with a consistent rising peppercorn. The astringency appears at about steep three with a drying squeaky clean tone. The dryness is tart and cleansing. The brew then turns into a unique drink with bright tones; I can pick up daises, lemon, and hay. The aftertaste is potent and lasting with a tart sweetness; alike a lemon bar. The qi hits mid session and it hits hard. A nice vibrating sensation the creates a tingling pulse up the spine. By the end of the session, I can feel my hairs rise. This is a goosebumpin’ tea! I really enjoy this one, and I can’t wait to get some more of it!

Flavors: Drying, Floral, Flowers, Hay, Peach, Pepper, Peppercorn, Sweet, Tart, Vegetal

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 tsp 3 OZ / 100 ML

I really like e this one a bunch.

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I really like e this one a bunch.

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Young and experienced Tea consumer. I’m continuously learning and developing knowledge about tea. If I have learned anything at all from the world of tea it is that I do not know anything about the world of tea. I enjoy good tea, and I try to acquire the best of the best. I usually brew gongfu but I’ve been known from time to time to resort back to western brewing.

I have an Instagram (haveteawilltravel), and I am proud of my photographs. I use my pictures in my reviews,and I hope that they aid in portraying the beauty of tea and teaware.


Tea Rating System:
I rate my teas based on the category they fall into (Puer, Red, Oolong, Darjeeing, Flushes, Yancha… etc.)
This means that I will rate a Oolong based on how it stands up as a quality Oolong. I try not to compare teas, rather I work to evaluate them on their craftsmanship, harvest, processing, and qi.

I am most strict with Shou and Sheng Puerh, only because of the vast expanse of various experiences, such as; region, vintage, production, processing, etc.


Middle of nowhere, New York

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