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I’m surprised people do not like this tea, it’s been really great tea for me. It’s good as straight, good as milk tea. It has very sweet scent of apple pie. Although I must say it can be tricky to brew it right. I went through couple of trials to bring the full taste out.


this one smells amazing!


(i almost bought it this past weekend)

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drank Clouds and Mist by The Tea Spot
15 tasting notes

Thanks to Amanda who gave me an opportunity to try this tea.
I am not familiar with this tea brand (tea spot?) but felt like drinking green tea so grabbed it. I brewed it for three minutes and it is somewhat interesting flavor… there is bit of bitterness at the end but it is surprisingly good. As described this tea felt vegetal and smoky. Overall I liked it!

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It is very good tea. You can smell very subtle, fragrant floral scent when you brew it. Recommended brewing time was 7 min and not bitter at all. Flavor is somewhat weak though but I think I should have put less water.

I liked this tea however considering price… it should be good! (It is definitely pricier one.)

7 min, 0 sec

hummm white darjeeling from MF !

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Thanks to Shadowfall for letting me try this tea.
Scorpio is my zodiac. Scorpio is known to be “passionate & jealous”
Combined these two factors, I was so curious about this tea. Would it be really bitter? Would it be really sour? Just when I think of scorpio, it’s definitely not something sweet or smooth :)
When I brewed it, I smelled smooth, somewhat sweet scent of rooibos. I was surprised that they chose to use rooibos as base, but then, more surprised that it was vanilla flavored — When I drank it it was very smooth vanilla rooibos tea. Really? Scorpio & Vanilla? Just..unexpected combination.
Don’t get me wrong, I liked this tea. Just name did not work for me :)


I almost thought t try this tea myself (also Scorpio), but I’m not too fond of rooibos. I like some rooibos blends ok, but I had a vanilla rooibos before that was possibly the worst thing ever! I would have done this blend with a black tea and possibly some kind of spice and chocolate flavor. Something strong but unique. Maybe their reasoning for vanilla was that scorpio needs a tea that will calm the fire? oh well :)

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drank Carrot Cake by DAVIDsTEA
15 tasting notes

Again, thanks to awkward soul for letting me try this tea.
I had good experience with long life oolong from david’s tea so I guess I was expecting a bit much from this tea. It kinda tasted similar to long life oolong tea to me, but just with less flavor. I couldn’t really feel “carrot cake” from this tea, but maybe it’s because I haven’t had carrot cake for so long? lol
It is decent tea, but just nothing for me to wow! about :)

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Thanks to Awkward Soul for letting me try this tea.
I got this tea from meetup yesterday. (OC steepster meetup) I received so much tea from meeka and awkward soul! :) I tried couple of them already and trying to write a tasting note.
When I first saw this tea, I was like… “corn…O.O?” I have never seen any tea blend that uses corn so it caught my eyes. Following up, blending seemed like they put a lot of different things together. I brewed it, and could smell some tarty fruity scent. Couldn’t feel the corn after it was brewed lol When I drank it, it tasted somewhere between white & green (as you can expect from blending)
Honestly, I wasn’t really impressed by it. I could feel some bitterness from white tea, and mix of white & green wasn’t working for me. :/ Nothing impressive.

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drank Tiramisu Matcha by Matcha Outlet
15 tasting notes

This was a swap from Rachel. It’s been awhile but I have not had a chance to drink this matcha. Finally today, I sat down to try this matcha.

First of all, I do not know how to properly brew matcha.. I don’t really know how much water or oz to put so I just put 1tsp of matcha and put a bit of water, and when color looked fine… just drank it. I was expecting somewhat of bitterness, however it did not taste bitter at all. However, I couldn’t really tell the taste of tiramisu – except creamy flavor at the end. Maybe that was it..?

I guess I’m still at experimental stage of matcha. :)

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Thanks to cteresa for sending me this!
I love mariage freres tea, however never tried their teabags.
The muslin teabags looked so cute!

When I opened it, I smelled something very fruity.
I couldn’t wait to try it so I brewed in a pot. Maybe I added too much water?
When I brewed it, I couldn’t smell much fruits anymore.

In terms of taste – it was very mild, easy to drink.
No bitterness, just very mild green tea taste.

Overall, I liked it! I just wish I brewed it better.
Interestingly though, after I finished a pot and smelled a pot, it smelled just like the tea leaves. I don’t know why I couldn’t sense the scent when I was drinking.

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Thanks to queenoftarts for this tea! I got this tea since I love good jasmine tea, and it is my mother’s favorite tea. When I tried it, it feels just like jasmine. Small pearls of rolled jasmine leaves looked pretty. Nice, mild floral scent you can find in jasmine was definitely there with mild, refreshing and clean taste. I liked it! I brewed in just my usual pot but I think I wanna try using gaiwan next time and see how it goes :)

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I love tea! :)

I love good flavored tea, mostly floral or fruity or sweet/dessert flavored tea works for me. My favorite brand so far are mariage freres, ronnefeldt, teagschwendner, TWG (not twinings), lupicia, silverpot so I guess Japanese or European brand works for me. I find most of american brand are mellow and weak in flavors.

However, recently, my interested moved from flavored tea to classic/chinese tea. I like good oolong tea (I hate bad oolong tea!!) such as si ji chun or ti kuan yin. I love good milky oolong too! Jin Jun Mei or dong fang meiren are another good one however it’s hard to find good quality ones. (maybe I’m being picky)

If you have any good tea to swap, feel free to pm me! I have lots of tea that are not listed in my cupboard as well. I love swapping so that I can get to try new tea :D

P.S. I love collecting tea wares (mostly teacups, but open to t-cozy and other tea accessories) Feel free to pm me if you have something you want to swap! :)



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