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I wasn’t really sure what this tea would taste like since I have never had prickly pear but wow oh wow I drank this down like it was going out of style! This tea has a nice sweetness and maybe just a bit of tartness to it. It was only my second time cold brewing and it was great! I really enjoy the cold brewing method since most of the time I am hot and do not want something hot to drink. You can smell the sweetness in the tea as soon as you open up the package, it is nice and fruity. I like the fact that the flavor is bold and you can taste the prickly pear( or at least what I think it is) it is yummy!


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So I decided to try this tea this weekend even though it was rainy and cloudy here in the NW. I wanted to make it easy by using my MR. Iced tea maker and of course I sat and tried and tried to figure out what size my pitcher is but I couldn’t. This package makes up a gallon of tea…. which I figured is more than what pitcher is oh well!

When I opened the package it smelled just like root beer… yummy I love a good root beer. I put a filter in my strainer for the Mr. ice tea pot and then dumped the whole package in because I figured I would rather have it strong than not. I patiently waited for it be done brewing.. so not patient!

After it had cooled I took a sip and yup that is strong!!!! It smelled like tea with hints of root beer. The taste at first it hits me root beer but has strong tea notes at the end. It is kind of strange because it is like drinking flat root beer at first… not to sure if I would repurchase this but it is a fun experience! I still will drink the entire pitcher.. but it is not my favorite.

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Sooo I decided to get this from Rachel and 52 teas at iheartteas when she brought this back. I made it, using my Mr. Ice tea coffee maker and wow did that work out great!
I have to say that the tea smells much more floral than I thought it would. The taste was a light floral with hints of fruityness, I think I can taste the green tea base( I don’t drink much green tea) and overall I liked this tea. I would like to try it hot sometime! It was very refreshing cold. The color was a great pale amber! Yumm!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

A bit surprising isn’t it!


yes it is but I have to say most of the time Frank surprises me with his teas!

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drank Marco Polo by Mariage Frères
78 tasting notes

Well first off I have to thank cteresa for sending me this tea in the hoppitea exchange. This tea is delicious…it smells of strawberries when you first open it up and a hint of creaminess. After the brew I was not sure I loved the smell… it was almost to sweet but I figured I had to try it. The tea was pretty amber color a bit lighter than I thought it would be for a black tea.

I took the suggestions on here about a bit of sweeter and cream and wow what a wonderful sip. It really tastes like strawberry shortcake! The end taste is a hint of tartness and juiciness this is just divine. I can really see myself drinking this a lot at home! Thanks so much cteresa!

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so glad you liked it! It is a really compex flavour IMO -strawberries yeah, for sure, but just do not know what else they put on it!

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drank Pancake Breakfast by 52teas
78 tasting notes

Ok so first post in a while so sorry… just started back to school and have been trying to figure out when I will get to post so this post is a few days late but better late than never!

This tea is so good! It smells like maple syrup and a hint of black tea yum! After the steep it is a great amber color and smells more like tea with the sweetness of maple syrup and a hint of butter! First sip, yum, I taste the black tea, the buttery-ness, and then the finishing notes is the nice sweet maple syrup. I really really enjoy this tea in the morning it makes me feel as if I get my sweetness that I want in the morning with my tea! Love that, I really don’t know how Frank does the butter flavor but it is definitely there and I love that about this tea. So glad I got it!

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drank ConfeTea by White August
78 tasting notes

I love the sprinkles :)! They are so much fun, it just brought a smile to my face! When I smelled this tea it had a nice vanilla smell mixed with black tea and a hint of peppermint to me, yummmy!

After the steep most of the sprinkles are melted and the smell is more black tea with a hint of vanilla. The liquor is such a pretty dark amber color. First sip, too hot too hot.. how I wish I had patience!

Let it cool just a bit and yum this is a good tea, I can taste the black tea first it is pretty mellow and smooth, next your get the sweet vanilla and it lingers on the tongue very subtle. This is a great dessert tea! After it cooled a bit more it starts to taste more like a sweetened sun tea from the south. Really good and just nice and refreshing!

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Mmmm, this one sounds like a must have!

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drank Semi Sweet by White August
78 tasting notes

So another relaxing tea for me tonight. I was really excited to try this because first it has chocolate in it and second it has bananas… which I love. I open up the package and I don’t really smell much.. hmmm I stick me nose further in the bag and there is a bit of a banana smell and a bit of rooibos but both are subtle.

After the steep it is the gorgeous color that red rooibos tends to be, red! I can smell the bananas and rooibos much stronger now, I have such hopes for this tea if it tastes as it smells.

First sip not to much flavor but I need it to cool a bit, so I wait. Next sip very subtle banana and a hint of rooibos with a touch of creaminess (maybe the chocolate). Good but the flavors are not in your face which I tend to like.

After letting it cool a bit more the flavors come out more, the banana is a cross between banana runts and banana bread, I don’t really chocolate taste :( but more of a mouth feel, and the rooibos is just in the background. A nice tea but it was just that, nice.

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drank Old Flame by White August
78 tasting notes

All right second tea from White August, this smells just like the description, vanilla and rooibos. It smells like a sweet woodsy forest! I love the name of this tea, there is something to be said about creative names!

After the steep the liquor was such a beautiful deep red color, I love it! The smell is still the same but a bit stronger on the rooibos. First sip, hmmmm….

Need to try another sip… still not much, it is not a very strong flavor at all, truth be told I would say it almost just tastes like slightly sweetened water. The smell is pretty vanilla and I was expecting that to be the flavor, or at least be able to taste the rooibos (even though I don’t really like strong rooibos flavor at least it would be something).

Even after it cools it still does not have much flavor, but at the same time it is still comforting just drinking something warm that smells pretty darn good, but I just wish that it had a bit more taste!

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drank Coconut Lounge by White August
78 tasting notes

MMMMM another great coconut tea! I ordered a bunch of different teas from White August and I love their create your own sample packet which is is what I did. This tea smells just like the creamy meat of a coconut. It is very refreshing and just by smelling it I felt more relaxed but energized!

I steeped it and it was a light pale golden color, very pretty and summery! First sip tastes just like it smells, the smooth creamy white meat of coconut. It is not like the toasted coconut you would get at a store it is more smooth and mellow. I love it! After it cools a bit I can taste just a hint of the yerbe mate… it adds just a hint of vegatian to the coconut. I did not notice the cinamon at all!

This is a really good tea and I could see drinking this on a hot summer day iced or in the dead of winter when you are longing for just a hint of sunshine and warmth! I am impressed with this tea and can’t wait to try more of the teas I received from White August.

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drank Cantaloupe Bai Mu Dan by 52teas
78 tasting notes

Well I thought that this would be a great tea to cool off after a workout, I thought iced would be perfect with the flavor. This tea upon first sniff smells like alfalfa… hmmm not to sure about this! Once again the smell reminds me of home since I grew up on a farm where we grew alfalfa, but not sure I want to drink it!

I brewed this up and it was a very very pale light green liquor. The tea still smelled like alfalfa but now wet… not to appetitizing to me. First sip it is a very mellow tea, I mmostly taste the white tea which I do like but with just a bit of melon but the more towards the unripened melon. Not to sure about this.

After drinking the glass I decided that this tea was refreshing but not really sure I would buy it again. I really liked Frank’s Watermelon tea and was hoping that I would get that same juiceness but I didn’t get that from this tea.. maybe I need to mess around with time I steep.

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Let me know if you can make it rock. I, too, am uncertain about this and my pouch sits on the shelf waiting for me to give it another go.

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I have been wanting to drink tea for about a year now. I love the idea of tea but I go through times when I don’t drink any…. I know that it is good for me but sometimes I just don’t make it. I think that finding a place like this will help me remember to drink happiness! I have really only tried Teavanna teas and have a whole cupboard full of them. I recently just bought a few teas from other companies and are waiting impatiently for them! :)

I tend to like fruity teas or spicy, sweet teas. I like them to have lots and lots of flavor. I am looking the ultimate chocolate tea and the ultimate coconut tea. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This forum looks like such a friendly and warm place, I can’t wait to learn more and more about tea as well as enjoy all of the different kinds.



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