DAVIDS TEA in Toronto, ON
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My first ever trip to Davids Tea. As a tea noob, I didn’t really know what to expect from DT. So I walk in and the first thing I noticed is the small space. It gets pretty cramped if there’s more than 10 people inside. After a pretty long wait, I was up and the guy was pretty awesome; dancing to a song on the radio while getting my tea, LOL. Had some good first impressions on this DT in STC. So I went again 2 days later, but they ran out of bags. Despite this, they generously cut out a makeshift handbag for me. Overall, amazing service here if you’re patient enough to wait for it!



Reason for the Name:
I always find new interests, and before long I want to know all about them. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon tea, and now I find myself on Steepster 24/7! You can say I have this drive in me to always learn new things. You can say I’m ever curious.

Tea Rating System: I’m working on establishing a consistent system that I can use. I suppose I can rely on instinct for now.


Toronto, ON

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