444 Tasting Notes

drank Cabaret by August Uncommon Tea
444 tasting notes

This is a tea from AJRimmer. I’m always excited to try an AU blend, they’re always interesting at the very least.

For some reason this one tastes like chocolate and banana to me. I don’t know if it’s because I let it get cold or what but how strange! I’ll certainly have to try this again and see if I get a more expected result

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drank Irish Stout by Adagio Teas
444 tasting notes

Tea swap sample from vallhallow! I added some oat milk and it brought out the chocolate and cream very nicely! This seems like a good “first thing in the morning” tea for me. I think I may actually have some of this stashed somewhere that I haven’t broken into yet, so thanks for the inspiration to go find it!

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As others have said, this a pretty nice strawberry chocolate tea. Sadly, not much hazelnut and no pancakes at all.

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drank Spiced Apple Chai by Adagio Teas
444 tasting notes

AJRimmer Advent Tea #5
This is a nice spicy chai. I expected a little more of a baked apple flavor here, maybe with a bit of sweetness, but sadly there’s not much apple to be found. Nex time, I’m going to try this out with some sugar or honey and see if that enhances the flavor!

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AJRimmer Advent Tea #4

I had this one yesterday and I don’t remember a ton about besides that it captured the pecan flavor pretty well. I remember enjoying this!

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AJRimmer Advent tea #3
Unfortunately, this one was a bit of a miss. I mostly got toasted ricey genmaicha, and a little bit of cream but I can’t say I tasted any orange flavor. The genmaicha was nice, but unfortunately not the only thing this tea is supposed to be. I might try the rest of this iced and see if that brings out the creamsicle orange flavor any

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Tea #2 from the AJRimmer advent!
I love anything even remotely Earl Grey and this was a nice delicate cream Earl Grey so I was a fan! Sadly it’s all gone now


If you like strawberry, their Gratitude Blend is so good!!


It’s a strawberry Earl Grey. Should have mentioned that. :)


Omg I definitely need that!


Yes, I’m so glad Shae introduced me to this blend! I had to acquire more for myself after I finished the bit she sent me.

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I’ve lived in Hawaii, Mississippi, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, California, and Oklahoma. I’m just waiting to see where we end up next!

My preferences are towards black and oolong teas but I love trying new and/or weird teas! I’m finally learning to enjoy green tea.

We recently moved to about 6500 feet above sea level and I’m still trying to get the hang of the lower boiling point! Any tips would be appreciated :)

I really love swapping, so if anything in my cupboard catches your eye, please let me know!



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