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I always feel bad giving teas a bad review, especially if it’s the first review, but this tea just did not work for me.

Dry, it smelled like this gum I used to get all the time in my childhood. It was fruit flavored, came in a metal tin, and for some reason was band-aid themed. I was feeling very nostalgic and hoping the flavor would deliver the way the smell did.

Hot, I got a vague strawberry flavor followed by bitterness and tartness that couldn’t be saved by sweetener. I then cold-brewed some of it, thinking I just overstepped it. It was better, closer to the flavor I expected, but still not great. I could pick out a bit of candy watermelon this time but again it had a weird tartness behind it that almost tasted soured. I added some sugar and that made it better but still not to the point where I wanted to drink a whole pitcher of it.

I really wanted to like this one and I’m bummed it didn’t work out. I’m open to other suggestions for any kind of strawberry and/or watermelon candy tea!


I think I remember that bandaid gum!

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I really like blueberry teas and I think this may be the only one I have right now so I’m making it last! I made this today with a little bit of oat milk and it was sweet blueberry, with a little bit of cinnamon and cream. I don’t get a pancake or bread flavor which is disappointing but I really like the blueberry cinnamon combo. I’m surprised to see that hibiscus is on the ingredients list since I’m usually sensitive to the taste of it in hot teas. I don’t really pick up hibiscus or any tartness at all.

Overall, I enjoy this one and may get it again but I feel like my heart could easily be stolen by another blueberry tea coming along

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I tried this one as a latte today and so far that’s been my favorite way of drinking this. It’s generally tasty but something throws me off. There’s a flavor that I haven’t tasted with any kind of spiced or EG tea before. It’s kind of…peppery? Astringent? I’m not sure, but I also got the flavor a little bit with Lady Grey’s Garden, though not as strong. Between that throwing me off, and not getting as much bergamot/EG flavor as I would like, I have to say that I prefer Lady Grey’s Garden over this one. I’m interested in trying other Deb EGs and seeing if that flavor shows up in those as well!

I still have a little bit of this left and I think I will definitely finish it off as a latte next time!

Cameron B.

For some reason her Earls all taste very earthy to me, not sure if it’s the bergamot or lavender she uses or what. It’s a shame, as I usually love Earl Grey…

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drank Peachy Berry by Plum Deluxe
392 tasting notes

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I’ve lived in Hawaii, Mississippi, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, California, and Oklahoma. I’m just waiting to see where we end up next!

My preferences are towards black and oolong teas but I love trying new and/or weird teas! I’m finally learning to enjoy green tea.

We recently moved to about 6500 feet above sea level and I’m still trying to get the hang of the lower boiling point! Any tips would be appreciated :)

I really love swapping, so if anything in my cupboard catches your eye, please let me know! I’m currently updating the cupboard and adding it to my fancy new spreadsheet so it’s looking a little bare at the moment



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