230 Tasting Notes

drank Pom Tango by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

I thought I would LOVE this tea. Don’t get me wrong, I like it alright. However, at the end of the sip, in the back of your mouth there is just a taste and sensation that is not my favorite. It is okay, the fruit flavor is nice. But that end of the sip feeling…blech!

Did anyone else get that feeling?


I didn’t love it either… I’m going to try it cold though. I’m glad I didn’t buy a ton!


I haven’t tried it…did you buy alot of it or was it a sample? I kinda got that feeling with DayDreamer…it has a slight artificialness towards the end of it. I downed two cups though, lol.

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drank Jubilee by Fortnum & Mason
230 tasting notes

Not feeling so good this morning…I drank this on the way to work as it is slightly sweet and honeyed. See previous notes for HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS TEA!

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I’m not sure what I did wrong. I am not getting any caramel notes just a kinda blah black tea. I had to dump it out! Too much leaf? not enough leaf? I don’t know. Not rating this one because I am not sure what happened here….


How much did you use and for how long? Frank suggested to try using more next time for Cinnamon Roll HB to see if that’ll bring out more of the sweetness of the brown sugar and cream cheese.

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drank Fruit Medley by Adagio Teas
230 tasting notes

I drank this tea last night as my caffeine free herbal. Hibiscus is the dominant flavor here – but I am on of the few here on steepster that are okay with that flavor. I like this alright – but likely will not re-purchase. I am still looking for the perfect fruit based herbal infusion for the evenings.

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I used this tea as my first try at gung-fu brewing in my new gong-fu teapot.

I did 4 steeps. In each steep I got different flavors, flavor profiles .Overall it was a slight sweet flavor with slightly vegetal notes. I was so focused on trying the tea and the process of gung-fu brewing that I forgot to take notes at every steep!! (oops) I got really into the pattern, the close control over temp/time, and the process.

Luckily, I have enough tea from my Liberteas Sample Box packet that I can try this again gung-fu or my conventional manner when I get a chance.

Overall an enjoyable sweet, honeyed taste.

Also, I discovered I LOVE the process of gung-few brewing. Now, even though I JUST got the teapot I want a gaiwan! Oh, tea as a hobby, you will be the reason for no $$$ in my bank account!

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drank Cucumber Kiwi Honeybush by 52teas
230 tasting notes

I really love cucumber tea. HOWEVER, this is just not my thing. I have tried it several times and can’t get into it. I am sending the rest of my packet on in a swap….I hope someone else likes it!

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drank Peach Tranquility by Teavana
230 tasting notes

Another tea I purchased with the 25% off friends and family…and another Teavana tea that I just do not enjoy. Unfortunately, everything I buy from them seems to be on my “ugh” list.

It smells great. I smelled it in store, as they wafted it across the desk at me with the giant lid of their tea-wall containers. Juicy pear, sweetness, a ting of floral were all things I detected in the scent. (At Teavana they LOVE to WAFT the scent at you with such force its amazing!)

As the tea steeped it smelled great as did the dry leaves.

Sadly, the flavor does not meet the expectations. I taste candied peaches with such a fuzzy mouthfeel that it just makes me purse my lips.

I know other tasters have liked this one. I will be making a swap list for the discussion board later this week and this will be in it…anyone want it?


That’s really too bad. For me, it’s kind of once bitten twice shy with Teavana. The two teas of theirs that I tried were a major disappointment. I hope you will find a loving home for your tea!

Josie Jade

I’m right there with you, I always want so badly to like Teavana’s teas, but there’s just not many that I love.


I had to add sweetener to mine, it tastes a lot better. I also did a tasting note mixing this one with the strawberry rose champagne, it makes the strawberry rose slightly ore drinkable.


I don’t love many of their teas, but one I do love is Spiced Mandarin Oolong.


I also loved spice mandarin oolong.


I bought four teas from them and they seem to be lacking. I read online that their teas contain pesticides (even though they say they don’t). Ick!

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I brought this to work on my thermos for my late morning – afternoon tea.
This note is somewhat of a combined effort from the last few times I have drank this.

This tea is wonderful. First off, I LOVE Jasmine. I have yet to try a Jasmine tea that I dislike. I love the earthy-sweet smell of Jasmine. I love the lightly tingy taste of Jasmine.

This tea is a GREAT example of Jasmine. Also, a BLACK tea in PEARL form WITH Jasmine just makes me skweee! I love everything about it. To picking the pearls out of the container to steep, the smell, to the lightly flavored taste. I have drank Jasmine pearls before (green) before and they were always Much smaller. These are more like marble sized whereas the others were more like mini ball bearings.

Also, my purchase of this tea was my first (personal) example of the delightful customer service at Davids. The store only had approx 2.3 oz left. Rather then make me buy the required amount to get the free tin – because they did not have enough to make it to that amount they just gave me the tin! Very nice, and not expected.

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I purchased this tea a few weeks back when Teavana had their 25% off friends and family coupon.

To begin, this tea tastes like a tisane. I can’t really make out ANY oolong flavors in the blend. I thought this might be the case from looking at the dry leaf – it is clear that this is mostly fruit chunks / non-tea bits and very LITTLE dry tea leaf.

The odd thing about this tea is that I like the way it tastes alright – its not my favorite but it is enjoyable ONLY if it is in a travel tumbler and I cannot smell it. The tumbler turned into iced tea as I got distracted at work this morning so I opened the lid. When I could SMELL the aroma I really was not interested. The aroma is VERY STRONG FRUITY and artificial smelling.

WITh the lid closed on the tumbler this was a drinkable fruity beverage. I don’t MIND this tea, but it certainly is not my favorite.

Does anyone want to trade for this?


Did this one taste really floral to you too? I had it as a blend the other day and the rose was sooo powerful!


I found the rose taste was very strong too.


I am not sure if its rose – i smelled again and it is such a strong rose + strawberry + artificial. I WANT to like it but….I can’t!


Adding rock sugar helps a bit but it is still very artificial tasting.


Awww, and I was gonna go try this one sometime soon, ‘cause it sounded promising. Oh well. I’ll pick a different one.


Teataku: if you want to try this one I will send you some! PM me your addy.

Josie Jade

Glad I didn’t pick up any of this one!

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drank Georgia Peaches by Just Add Honey
230 tasting notes

BACKLOG! I drank this yesterday.

This came in my LiberTEAS tasting box.

This is a really light tasty blend. The black tea is a lighter variety and I can taste the Ceylon and Darjeeling. The flavor is more like eating a peach and less like a peach pie. I find sometimes with fruit teas the flavors tend go to into the realm of pie / candy.

This is a light blend that was pleasant to drink over the course of an afternoon. The peach flavor is very subtle. This was a nice cuppa tea but not something I would stock regularly.

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I like all kinds of tea and am open to new things. I am learning about all kinds of new tea and am working on pushing my palate with new tastes.

I live in Framingham, MA with my daughter, husband, a cranky orange cat and an oversized chihuahua.

I am open to tea swaps from around the world and tea meetups if anyone is in the Greater Boston/ New England area.


Framingham, MA

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